About LED Screens For Retail Stores – 2024 Guide

Today we are going to talk about LED screens for retail stores. If you own a store, we hope you have one of these as they are an essential part of a good business. During the holidays, when there’s a rush hour for people running to buy one, having an advertisement as this could make all the difference for your revenue. You can’t catch customers by only existing at a specific location; you need to attract them like flies. If one of your competitors has a flashy sign, he’s more likely to take away some of your customers, and thus your revenue would suffer. Having a flash sign is something every store needs to have today, don’t argue with us on that. People are like small children; they love flashy things, so be sure to give it to them.

If your business is going slow these days, you could start the fire once again by choosing this solution. A commercial that doesn’t need to be changed every season. You can save money by choosing to put an LED screen in your store. With all that time wasted on changing advertisers that come with seasons, you are losing not only time but also money. What you have here in front of you is a choice that every retail store owner needs to make. It has been proven that having a good LED screen could lead to the positive promotion of your store and brand, which in return brings you more money.

What puts them above compared to standard advertisers is that you can change the information of what you are advertising at any and all moments. The best part is that it’s not all that hard. A single touch can do this, as they are fully computerized but easy to use. According to OnQ Digital, if you choose their products, you’ll encounter never seen before digital signage solutions; that are something else when you look at this market.

How Does the Retail Industry Benefit from LED Display Screens?

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This is an easy one. It benefits from it in so many ways that we probably won’t be able to cover all the aspects. For starters, it offers a beautiful way of advertising, which is a fantastic way to have plenty of new customers. With an advertiser as this one, you won’t have to worry about your customers knowing about what’s on sale, what kind of promotion is currently on. All of this would be served in their faces in a very polite but entertaining way. The best part is that a LED screen doesn’t need to be put where your store is. You can put it out blocks away and display a map on it, which would aid the customers in finding your store.

On the other hand, you can put it inside the store and use it to direct people inside various items, which would serve to boost the sales and to increase the revenue. Furthermore, you can use the tech behind the LED screen to schedule the advertisements so that they would switch, which means you do not have to update it every day. But, if you want to do this, you can. It’s possible to share different commercials during different parts of the day, looking at changes such as people coming from work, or teenagers from schools. All of this can be done by using a LED screen, and you need to understand that as an owner of a retail store, this is a must-have in today’s society.

Different Types of Displays

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There are many types of displays available for you to pick for your store. Just some that you can find on the market include LCD Thermometer Display, LCD Digital Display, LED Transparent, LED Freestanding Digital Poster, LED Flexible, LED Outdoor Large Format Displays, LED Indoor Video Wall, LCD Outdoor, Freestanding Digital Kiosks, LCD Hanging Double Sided Displays, LCD Touchscreen Kiosks, LCD Indoor Freestanding, Digital Kiosks, LCD Video Walls, LCD Digital Menu Boards, and LCD Displays. Any of these could do the job for your retail store. You only need to select the one that best suits your environment. If you choose something that’s out of the ordinary, but it satisfies your location, you can see customers coming to your store you could not have expected. Whatever you choose, the increase in revenue should be evident. It is the purpose of LED screens like the ones from Bibi LED, and they dully deliver in their duty. If you do not take our word for it, take a look at statistics that are coming from Business 2 Community and Digital Signage Today sources.

According to these two sources, 64% of retails stores or businesses in general who turned to LED screens saw an increase in the sale of their products that were advertised on them. Looking at the entire line of products, they saw a 12% increase in the level of a whole store. 59% saw a general increase in the level of transactions, and 56% went ahead and increased their profits, which is the end game regarding these advertisers.

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The best part, and precisely what we want to tell you and what you want to hear from us, is that 54%of customers came to the store due to LED signs. Compared to only 29% who came through word of mouth, the number is astonishing. Only 11% went because of some other types of external advertisers, while only 6% came due to TV, radio, or yellow pages, which truly puts into perspective the value of LED screens.

We won’t go any further as by now, it is evident that there is a direct correlation between LED displays and an increase in sales. If you are getting our point, you shouldn’t waste any time and get one of these for your store right away. There are many places where you can do this, and one was mentioned in or article, so scroll back up and find what your store desperately needs.

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