5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Prune or Remove Trees Yourself – 2024 Guide

As a beautiful time comes around, everyone likes to get outside of the house. Many people enjoy spending time in nature. During warm days there is nothing better than sitting in the yard or going on a field trip. Something that might occur as a problem is a few trees standing your way. We know that removing them may look attractive. In the end, they are ruining the landscape and limiting the available space. Especially if they are in your yard, it might look logical to you to remove them and end that story. But you should have this on your mind: although this work doesn’t look as hard, believe us, it is.

If you want to remove or prune a tree, you need an experienced professional. We are not saying people do not tend to do it by themselves, because it is a common situation. But if you want to keep safe people around you and yourself, you should forget this. Many times, accidents happen because of something banal like this. People who are in tree removing work have plenty of knowledge in this field. They know the trees, as well as the tools they are using. And they have done it many times before, unlike you. A professional will know where the tree is going to fall. Also, they are familiar with what equipment they should use for a certain type of tree. If you are still not convinced, here are some more reasons why you should skip removing trees by yourself.

1. You can’t control where the tree is going to fall

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Let’s review the facts. The easier part of this process is striking a tree with an ax or using a chainsaw. While you’re doing it, things are still mostly under control. And it might look so easy like nothing can go wrong. But just a few seconds later, the tree is free and it starts to fall. And that is when things start to be a little messed up. Because let’s be real: you can’t control the gravity. If you’re not experienced in this work, you don’t know how the tree is going to act. It can fall anywhere and hurt someone. It can crush a car or an object nearby. Removing the trees is not something you want to play with. It is not safe and many things can go wrong.

2. The equipment you use can be dangerous

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If you want to prune or remove a tree, you need the right tool. These are all sharp and dangerous objects that need to be handled adequately. Otherwise, you might hurt yourself, your friends, or a child. We know that you may be secure in what you’re doing, but we still don’t recommend it. People who do these jobs need to be dressed and protected in the right way. That’s why hiring a professional is the best choice. You won’t have to think about all of this stuff and losing your time. They will do it precisely, safely, and in no time. If you’re looking for someone good, we recommend checking out  alexandriatrees.com. They provide various tree services, so you can relax and leave this work to someone experienced and professional.

3. It can take hours of your valuable time

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When you’re doing anything that isn’t a practiced skill, it takes more time than usual. And when you’re trying to remove or prune a gigantic tree, it takes three times longer. Something that may look like half an hour for you can become a few hours. The biggest problem with this is losing concentration and start being nervous. When you’re not focused, you start making mistakes. And these mistakes can cost you health or even life. Especially if you tend to get irritated easily or lose the will to finish what you’ve started. Tree removing work is not something that can be done very fast, so you might want to skip it. Also, when someone skilled does this, it will be done much quicker. So why not give it over to someone who can do it better?

4. It can cost less to hire someone

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Let’s say you decided to do it the right way. You are ready to pay for the equipment and wardrobe that is going to protect you. When you calculate everything, including your time, you will probably realize something. It will cost you less to hire someone than to do it yourself. Yes, this might come as a surprise, but it is true. If you’re going to use the tool every once in a while, then it won’t pay off in the long run. And something that looks like a good idea now can end up being a bad one. After you think everything through, you’ll realize that it’s better to hire someone to remove your trees.

5. What are you going to do with the waste?

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Be aware that in the end, you’ll need to organize everything. If you’re removing trees from your backyard, those trees are going to stay there until you do something about it. And if you had a problem while they were standing, you’re probably going to have even bigger when they’re laying there. What you’ll need to do is to cut them into smaller pieces, which will take skill and time. And this might turn out to be too much work that you didn’t want. When you hire a tree care company, they also provide a woodchipper. So the trees are gone, as well as the mess they would leave.


If you think that removing or pruning a tree yourself is a good idea, you might want to think twice. There are so many obstacles you can meet during the process. You can hurt yourself, or someone you love. There is also a chance to break something and suffer the consequences. It can also take a lot of your valuable time. Because of all of this, you should consider hiring a professional to remove the trees instead of you. Everything will be done in the best possible way, and it will also cost you less. What is most important, you can relax and enjoy your day with no worries.