7 Quick Tips to Keep Your Phone from Overheating – 2024 Guide 

The reasons your phone has been rising its temperature lately can be numerous. Namely, overheating phones always draw negative attention and raise the question if everything is functioning properly. There are multiple examples of brand-new phones warming up to the extent that it becomes almost unbearable to hold one in your hand. To put things short, almost everyone has experienced the situation when their phone pretends to be a hot potato, but not everyone knew little tips and tricks that could prevent this situation from happening.

Firstly, you would want to check if your phone is merely getting warmer, or its temperature reaches troublesome levels. Namely, if you have just watched a whole season of your favorite tv show streamed online then an increase in warmth is nothing to worry about since you have put your phone to some serious work and it comes normal that it is a little bit tired. The same goes for when you play mobile games for a serious amount of time and your phone starts sweating your hands. Namely, new games ask for higher power usage and more dedication from the processor, therefore heating is a byproduct of massive energy consumption. On the other hand, if your phone gets hot for no obvious reasons, the chances that something is seriously wrong with your phone are high.

Taking care of your phone may resemble watching over your PC’s wellbeing. Therefore, deleting some unused stuff from your device may prove beneficial for both temperature levels and general operating speed. Since nowadays phones are not used just for fun or as successful spare time annihilators, using multiple features provided by “smart devices” may prove essential when it comes to certain both home and business “to-dos”. Hense, tidiness, and proper care are some of the most valuable assets when it comes to the prevention of excessive phone overheating.

Let’s get through possible troublesome settings and see what can cause your phone to overheat, other than binge-watching streamed content and extreme game playing. The tips you are about to get are easily applicable and should help you with the issue of your phone accumulating too much heat.

Put a Stop to Your Downloading Material

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You may want to check if your phone is downloading certain files that take a serious amount of time to be saved to your device, whether for the size or any else reason. Namely, your phone may be over exhausted and needs to chill, therefore, stop all the ongoing downloads and wait for it to cool off before using it again.

Move it from other Electric Consumers

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Phones do not like to be in the company of other phones or even to be surrounded by other devices working in a similar pattern. Therefore, move your phone away if it gets warmed up in situations like this.

Maintain your Apps

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Keeping your apps up to date doesn’t only mean that your phone will stop producing so much warmth, but it could even improve its speed. Namely, improved versions of your apps tend to spend less energy and provide optimal results, therefore it’s a win-win situation for you and your phone.

Remove your Phone case

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This tip relates to the situations when your phone has already reached a significant level of warmth. Namely, having a phone case does not cause your phone to heat up, but removing the cover may aid in the process of cooling off. The material of your phone case also affects the cooling rate of your device. Hence, try using phone masks made of lighter materials or the ones that could not warm up that easily. If you have something in mind and do not know where to look try Telefoonhoesje since they offer various phone case models suitable for different needs.

Do the Factory Reset

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This particular step is one of the most unattractive ways of dealing with phone temperature but often does the trick. Namely, you return your phone to the factory adjustment so if the problem was of software origin, it would probably be annihilated, along with everything else from your phone. Therefore, double-check your phone for everything that needs to be saved before you press the reset button. Only when you are 100% positive that you have backed-up all your data, proceed to the factory reset.

Never Expose your Phone to Sunlight

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Prevention is the best cure for any diseases, therefore, prevent yourself from exposing your mobile device to the direct sunlight. This is one of the most common ways a phone reaches high temperatures. We all know slippery slopes like this tend to happen from time to time, but preventing situations like these from occurring may prove vital for saving your phone’s life. Namely, leaving your phone exposed to the sun may cause severe damage to your phone’s battery. Since contemporary models have their batteries built-in, replacing them with a new one can be an unnecessary expenditure and it is not cheap, either.

Turn off any Apps Working in the Background

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Apps working in the background are still consuming a healthy share of your battery percentage, consequently building up your phone’s temperature. Although you are not using it all the time, this type of apps remains constantly active therefore exhausting your phone. Restricting what they are allowed to do and taking authorization for certain processes away from them should limit the drainage of battery and lessen the heat levels.

Those are the postulates of how to keep your phone safe from overheating. Regular maintenance should be enough to put a stop on temperature rising, but if that does not do the trick, feel free to try all of the aforementioned pieces of advice to stop your phone from malfunctioning. In times like these, where the usage of mobile devices is essential, leaving things to chance represents a form of luxury not everyone can afford. Therefore, do as much as you can to secure the wellbeing of your phone and minimalize the probability of something going the wrong direction by your fault. Otherwise, you could feel an awkward sense of conscience when pointing out to the manufacturer and putting all the guilt to them.