Beginner’s Betting Guide to Increase Winning Bets – 2024 Guide

Sports has grown beyond just a source of recreation or physical activities for entertainment. In its over 100 forms, sports is responsible for a considerable part of the world’s economy and is a significant contributor to many countries’ GDP.

Imagine England without the English Premier League or Jamaicans without athletics. Such examples are a testament to the relevance of the sports culture in the world today. More importantly, associations and federations involved in sports have monetized the industry through deals, sponsorship, transfer markets, and betting.

Sports betting is a way of making sports lovers and casual players beneficiaries of the very fluid and lucrative sports market. Betting on sporting events involves staking a wager on the outcome of one or more matches.

Usually, a player’s gain or payout depends on the amount staked and the odds a particular betting market carries. However, sports generally consists of a lot of uncertainties.

If a bettor has this knowledge, then they have taken the first right step to win. The question now is, how do successful pundits win at sports betting? Do players need to be prophets before they can get that colossal cash-out? Here are a few tips to internalize before making any more bets:

Successful bettors bet outside their emotions

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To be honest, emotions are challenging to do away with in betting, especially when the player is a beginner or an avid sports lover.

How then does one draw the line between the outcome one logically thinks will occur and the outcome one would like to occur? Perhaps, the player is always a game away from that payout because there is one team on their bet slips that they constantly wish to win.

Emotions should have no place on one’s bet slip as they are just a state of feeling that one cannot bank on. Below are two ways expert pundits bet outside their emotions.

They bet on events that they have no association with

These days, there are several sporting events that players can wager on. It can be auto racing, online casinos, greyhound racing, the Grammys, reality shows, or any other event one can imagine.

Betting on such events makes the use of facts expedient.

The second way is by betting on virtual games. These events have random outcomes as the system uses random value generators and sequences to create results that don’t have any calculated processing or determination. Some people find this random nature absurd, though.

Fortunately, the human brain can process information and data to produce results the same way it can also create “random” data. So, in such a case, one would not be playing the odds but aligning oneself with it.

They do extensive research

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Now that we have been able to separate emotions from sports betting, players also carry out in-depth research before placing a bet. Beginners will be shocked to know just how often history repeats itself. This narrative suggests that the data obtainable from past sporting events has effects on future outcomes.

For instance, if one is betting on a football match, one can base their analysis on the losing or winning streak of the teams, head-to-head statistics, who is playing away, and the team that needs the win the most.

Fortunately, players can get all these details from the comfort of their mobile phones. There are a lot of websites and weekly articles that provide a comprehensive analysis of these games.

The previous results influence players, coaches, and their approach for subsequent rounds. Aside from trophies and the glory, sports players play to break records, maintain statistics, and develop reputations. All of these psychological influences are how researches will give one an edge in predicting sports matches successfully.

On the other hand, the study should also be about tracking one’s progress and mistakes. Each player needs to figure out their betting strengths and weaknesses. They should know the sports that favor them and the combinations that increase their chances of winning.

They embrace special offers

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According to Most betting platforms give new players special offers and free bets. The offers come in different forms and help in making stakes without the risk of losing anything.

Players are advised to study and use them to their benefit.

It is essential to select the best platforms to place bets as there are lots of them online. Players should note each bookie’s odds boost, bonuses, and promotions. Bettors can get loads of such free bets and bonuses online.

They can also play the odds

An essential and underlying fact in sports betting is that the bookmakers need players to lose for them to make more gain. It sounds unfortunate, but it is the truth.

So, the bookmakers also do their research to derive the odds. They decide on which team is the underdog and which is the favorite. The favored team usually has lower odds compared to the underdog.

This means bettors must study and know the betting markets they are involved in. They can also use the bookmaker’s odds to create an implied probability. This probability follows the bookmakers’ decimal odds in the form of a percentage.

For instance; if the odds of winning are 4.0, then the implied percentage becomes ¼ or 0.25 or 25%, which is the probability of that outcome.

Players then compare this implied probability with their derived chances or likelihood. If the implied probability exceeds theirs, then it is a good value bet. If not, they might need to rethink.

They opt for select matches and betting markets

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One common mistake in sports betting is spreading the winning probability on numerous events. Players have to narrow their bets so that it will be easy to study the teams and outcomes for better forecasts.

They can also decide to study certain markets like GG/NG (goal-goal or no goal-goal), HT/FT (half-time/full-time), and the highest-scoring half. Players can stumble on betting markets that are easy to predict and start making more informed, market-specific forecasts with high accuracy.

Developing such specialized knowledge gives bettors an edge in subsequent bets. Beginners need to understand the initial losses as avenues to understand the sports for improved forecasts later.

These tips only increase your chances of winning. There are no guarantees and the ball remains totally in your court. And feel free to read up on five factors that determine one’s success as a punter.