Why Should You Incorporate Succulents in Your Lawn – 2024 Guide

Looking for ways for your lawn to stand out from the rest? Consider using succulents to spruce up your lawn to give it a little personalized character. In this article, I will outline the three primary reasons why you should consider adding succulents to your lawn. After reading this article you are convinced that you need to add succulents to your lawn, check out Succulent Market. They have a great selection of succulents that will make the perfect addition to any lawn.

1. Succulents Are Drought Tolerant

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The first reason why you should consider adding succulents to your lawn is because of their drought-tolerant features. When outdoors, succulents only need to be watered around once a month. Ironically, unlike other plants, succulents thrive off a little stress and neglect. This means that your succulent will actually be healthier and more colorful if you allow it to undergo a dry period before watering.

This means that, depending on the weather, you can water your succulents for around once a month. Recently drought in many parts of the world have become a significant problem.

Many types of ornamental plants require a substantial amount of water in order to grow. By using succulents, you can become more environmentally conscious and help combat drought, while improving the aesthetic of your lawn. More importantly, you will rarely ever have to care for your succulent, and the best part is that even with this lack of care you will be rewarded with a healthy vibrant succulent.

2. Succulents are Beautiful

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Another reason why you should consider adding succulents to your lawn is because of their beauty. Succulents come in all different types of shapes and colors. These unique colors and shapes are what make succulents popular. These unique shapes and colors can be used to landscape your lawn in a way that is entirely unique and personally fit to your liking. In addition, succulents are versatile plants that are able to easily match well with the aesthetic of other plants.

3. Planting Succulents Is Fun

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The final reason why you should add succulents to your lawn is that gardening is fun and therapeutic. Many people use gardening as a way to relieve stress. Gardening allows you to be out in nature and to feel closer to the earth. By adding succulents to your lawn, you can take the time to go outside, clear your head, and be closer to mother nature. During a time when we spend more time than ever inside, right now is the perfect time to add succulents to your lawn.

By gardening with succulents, you can add something new, beautiful, and fresh to your garden, while relieving stress and having a great time. Gardening with succulents is also incredibly fun because after planting your succulents you can watch them slowly grow over time. So not only will you be having fun and relieving stress when planting succulents, but also you will be benefiting the environment by saving water.

4. Plant Your Succulents Correctly

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Now that you have the reasons on why you should add succulents to your lawn, it is important to plant your succulents correctly, so that you can be sure that your succulents thrive. When planting succulents in your lawn it is important to remember three things. Light, water, and soil. To begin with, it is critically important that you use the correct variety of succulents when adding succulents to your lawn. Since your succulents will most likely be in direct sunlight for the majority of the day it is best to buy sun-loving succulents. Some popular sun-loving succulents include Echeveria, Crassula, Aeonium, and Aloe. It is important to remember when planting these sun-loving succulents outside to acclimate these succulents to direct sunlight.

This can be done by using a shade or growers’ cloth to cover the succulents for half the day. Slowly begin removing the shade cloth progressively throughout the day to acclimate the succulent to direct sunlight. For example, cover the succulent with shade cloth for half the day, then a quarter day, before fully removing the shade cloth from the succulent.

During the process of slowly removing the shade cloth monitor your succulent to make sure that you are not removing the shade cloth too quickly. If the shade cloth is removed too fast, then this will cause the succulent to burn and die. You can account for a succulent being burn by monitoring the tips of the succulent. If the tips of the succulent are turning red or brown this means that your succulent is burning.

The second thing to account for when adding succulents to your lawn is water. It is important to only water your succulents when the soil is completely dry. Once the soil is dry drench the soil surrounding the succulent. It is important to water the soil so that it is moist, but you do not want to waterlog the soil as this will cause the succulent to rot.

The final thing to account for when adding succulents to your lawn is soil. Succulents prefer incredibly well-draining soil, so that water does not accumulate and causes the succulent to rot. You can find a well-draining succulent potting mix online and from many retailers.

Despite all of the positive aspects of adding succulents to your lawn, it is important to remember that succulents cannot be exposed to temperatures below thirty degrees Fahrenheit. With that being said, succulents will make a great addition to any lawn. By adding succulents to your lawn, you will be able to personalize the aesthetic of your lawn, clear your head, and help the environment. With all these positive aspects of adding succulents to your lawn, it seems like a no brainer to jump on the succulent trend and add succulents to your lawn.

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