The Importance of Brain Teaser Games (2024)

Playing video games is not always bad for children, as long as it is within reasonable limits and portions, there are many benefits for the brain. When we play games, one of which is brain training games, it can train brain growth and development and can also regulate emotional control.

It has always been undeniable that playing games has always been considered bad and has a negative impact on children, how could this activity not seem like a waste of time and only have an addictive or addictive impact on children?

However, as is known, playing games has many benefits if you do it in moderation. Some experts say that parts of the brain need concentration when playing video games, where when the brain is fully concentrated, the body will stimulate the substance dopamine which functions to strengthen memory and thinking.

We will continue to discuss several other benefits below:


Brain Teaser Games Technology


Playing games or video games is a good way to introduce children to technology from an early age, but you also need to remember to always supervise your children and make sure the games are age-appropriate.


Playing games can also increase self-confidence, if children are playing games with the concept of solving problems, children will have a greater sense of responsibility to make decisions without help from other people.

Brain and Mentality

Skills are not always obtained from learning, playing games can also sharpen the brain to be more skilled, such as training hands, eyes, and motor sensors, playing logic to solve complex problems, reading instructions and making a series of plans, being able to think quickly and easily in analyzing, improving thinking strategies and anticipating problems, as well as strengthening memory and concentration.

New Knowledge

Some video games also always provide questions or questions that must be answered, indirectly this is information that can be learned and can be studied without having to read it from a book.


Creativity with brain teaser games


To think quickly and precisely, video games can also hone creativity in children. Brain training games also require players to look for answers and solutions to frequently asked questions

Some exciting brain-sharpening games that you can try include:

1. Brain Out

The Brain Out game requires us to think creatively in solving problems. There are several commands in this game that players are not allowed to follow, because these commands actually make players make mistakes because they are trapped in the wrong answer.

In this game, there are hundreds of levels that you can play for free.

2. Roll The Ball

Roll The Ball is a game made by Bitmango, and has been downloaded by 900 thousand users on Playstore. This game requires players to roll the ball down, but before that, you have to be able to connect the pipes to form a downward path so that the ball can roll down.

3. Tile Connect

Tile connect requires the player to combine several images in a box with several images that are paired together, when the player can destroy all the boxes with the same image, the player can win the game

4. Unblock Me

At number 5 there is Unblock Me, this game is no less exciting than the previous one, namely players have to be extra focused in playing this game and also play logically in solving it.

Some players may think that this game is easy, but as the levels increase, this game will become more challenging. The mechanism of this game is that you only need to make the red box come out of the frame.

5. 2048

The next brain teaser game is 2048, even though all the displays are in the form of numbers, you are not asked to count, instead, you have to play and combine the same numbers to get a high score.

The way to play is quite simple, namely by shifting the numbers until 2 numbers next to each other have the same value so they can be combined, but what makes this game difficult is that with every shift in the numbers, there will always be a new number that appears, don’t let the numbers fill all the boxes. so you can get a higher score.

These are brain teaser games and their benefits, apart from the brain teaser games mentioned above, many other games are no less exciting, such as slot online games, strategy, puzzles, and many more, but again for each individual, games also have a positive impact.

It’s negative if you play it for too long and forget your obligations, so make sure you and your child can control it with sufficient portions.

Srdjan Ilic
Srdjan Ilic

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