9 Things You Need to Know About Tilt Panel Garage Doors

Have you recently decided to upgrade your garage door? Since it’s not something the average person repairs or replaces often, the wide variety on the market can be quite surprising.

Many homeowners are opting for the tilt panel garage doors that are making an appearance all over Australian neighbourhoods. This more than likely has a lot to do with their unique, streamlined look, a wide range of features and smart device integration options.

Tilt Panel Garage Doors—All You Need to Know

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It’s not uncommon to think that one door is much like the next. After all, they serve one common purpose. That can make choosing the right garage door challenging.

With that in mind, our experts have compiled a list of the top factors that set a tilt panel garage door apart from others. Here’s what you need to know when you’re shopping for your new installation.

1. What Exactly are Tilt Panel Garage Doors?

Essentially, a tilt panel is designed with a single panel that fits into an internal steel frame. To open, the panel lifts in one swift movement which tilts the door to rest above the garage opening.

A series of hinges and pivoting arms are counterbalanced by either a single or double pair of springs.

Typically, tilt panel doors are made from aluminium or formed steel because both of these options are lighter than the usual types of timber used for traditional doors.

Usually, these structures are capable of carrying up to 175kg which includes the frame. Stronger, counterweight styles make it possible for some advanced doors to carry a larger weight of 250kg. This matters when you’re opting for a heavier material for the door.

2. Require Considerably Less Space

Unlike some other types of doors, tilt panel garage doors require very little space or headroom. When opened, they can rest relatively close to the ceiling of your garage. This means you don’t need extensive driveway space to swing the door open.

3. Ease of Use

We’ve all experienced a sticky garage door or one that seems to take forever to open or close. This can be quite annoying, especially when you’re in a hurry!

Fortunately, tilt garage doors are easy to operate and quick to open. There’s also no need to struggle with lifting or lowering a heavy garage door.

4. Maintenance is a Breeze

Many people opt for tilt panel garage doors because maintenance with these doors is so easy. Since there are fewer moving parts than on other door types, there’s also less to when you do check it.

That said, it’s important to note that less maintenance doesn’t mean zero maintenance. With tilt panel garage doors, the most crucial factor to keep an eye out for will be corrosion or normal wear and tear on the springs. This can cause significant damage if not maintained correctly.

5. Streamlined Look for Modern Homes

modern house tilt panel garage door

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Since tilt doors are designed using a single, uninterrupted piece of quality material, they don’t have any of the horizontal lines you often see on traditional garage doors. This means that you can look forward to a sleek and streamlined aesthetic, perfect for any modern style home.

6. Ideal for Smaller Garage Spaces

If you have a smaller garage space, the good news is that a tilt panel option is perfect for narrow openings. Typically, it’s a popular option for garage doors less than 200mm, but it really depends on your preference.

7. Different Styles On Offer

Another big attraction to tilt panel garage doors is the fact that you can incorporate a wide range of styles and features. This includes the following:

  • Smaller windows are ideal for a garage space that’s used as a living area or workshop.
  • Unique finishes to complement your outside décor—this can be styled to match the fittings and textures of your house.
  • Cladding options to prevent the garage door from the elements.
  • A pedestrian door installed (a smaller door can be added within the actual door, meaning the whole door doesn’t have to open when an individual needs to enter or exit.)

In addition to the various styles, these garage doors can also be customised by powder-coating that result in stunning colours and textures.

8. Manual or Remote Choices

As with most modern garage doors, the tilt panels can either be operated manually or remotely. Wireless automation is becoming a popular option as it allows users to open and close their doors from an app on their smart devices.

9. Safety Features

Many homeowners are also choosing to incorporate their doors into their smart security technology setups. This is an ideal option for homes where the garage leads into the home and can potentially pose the risk of someone entering your home via the garage.

Final Thought

With the factors discussed in this article, it’s easy to see why tilt panel garage doors are becoming a popular sight across the country. Since they’re easy to customise, require low maintenance and create a stylish, modern aesthetic, they’re well worth your consideration for your Aussie home!

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