Stylish Wedding Jewelry Trends For 2024

Wearing jewelry is not always required, but there are people who absolutely enjoy it. Some of them prefer wearing only earrings or combining them with a necklace, others will choose rings and bracelets because they love how elegant their hands look with them. You can choose between a lot of designs and models and find the right one for you.

When it comes to weddings, many people think that the bride should wear only golden jewelry or pearls, but 2024 trends say that this year’s brides can wear absolutely every piece they want. The biggest trend is untraditional jewelry, that keeps popping up every few years. If you want to play safe you can always choose some traditional pieces that will look stylish and elegant. But if you are a bride who is willing to experiment and want to try new things, 2024 is the right year for you.

Sadly, this unpleasant coronavirus situation made so many couples cancel or postpone their weddings, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a chance to wear your exceptional piece of jewelry next year (hopefully) when everything will be back to normal.

These are some of the most common trends that would’ve been really big if the coronavirus didn’t cancel all the weddings:

Oversized pieces


If you choose to wear a simple white dress for your event, you can put oversized pieces of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, to make it look trendy and stylish. You can even choose simple designs, but in a bigger format, to look magnificent on your best day.

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Combination of metals and textile

Probably you’ve already seen oversized necklaces combined with a thin satin label, which makes every jewelry piece look more stylish and elegant for every occasion.

Combinations of different types of gold

If you don’t like the plain gold jewelry, you can always choose the different combinations that include yellow gold, white gold, and/or rose gold. These pieces are pretty popular in recent years, especially after the rose gold became a great trend for almost every fashionable accessory.

Necklace with a natural stone pendant

Silver or white gold necklace is always a classic choice. You can put a natural stone pendant, that fits your personality, such as amethyst, white quartz, rose quartz, opal, turquoise, ruby, and so on. You can also choose matching earrings with the same gemstone.

Elegant jewelry sets


Everyone loves matching pieces of jewelry, no matter what are they made of. If you are brave enough and it fits your style, go for it, take that set and wear it on your best day with great confidence.
Jewelry with your name on it

Probably many of you think that custom name necklaces are for teenagers and young girls. But, you can’t deny that you wanted some of those beautiful pieces just for you. When it comes to your wedding, you can choose some great design from, that will match your personality. Also, you can choose to use your partner’s name, or combine your first letters in a beautiful and stylish pendant.

Colorful jewelry

Even at your wedding, you can choose cheaper pieces, if you think that’s the right choice. When you wear a white dress, you can use every color combination that comes to your mind. Don’t hesitate to wear whatever you want if that makes you more comfortable in your skin. Even though it’s an official event, you don’t need to wear expensive golden things if you don’t feel like doing that.

Not wearing jewelry at all

If you never wear it, you don’t need to do that just because it’s your wedding. Many couples choose not to wear any rings, and they have another thing that reminds them of their vows. So, if you don’t feel like you can wear a necklace, earrings, and bracelets all night, you shouldn’t do that. You will look beautiful just like that.

Guests etiquette


When it comes to clothes, gowns, and dresses, we all know that it’s rude to wear white if you are not the bride. But with the jewelry is different. We can say that there is no strict etiquette for the accessories the guests can wear for this occasion.

Anti-allergic jewelry

There are many people who can’t wear gold, silver, or any other traditional metal used to manufacture these fashionable pieces. Many brands offer anti-allergic options for those with sensitive skin types.

Custom made filigree

This is a jewelry made of thin pieces of silver, looking very elegant. You can order them to be made just for you, and the designer can recommend putting some gemstones, so it will look more stylish on you.

The history of wedding rings


We can track back the proofs to ancient times. It’s believed that the bride and groom wear the rings on their fourth finger on the left hand, because there is a so-called love vein (vena amoris), that begins in this finger, and goes directly to the heart. Another legend is that if you hold your hands together, and if you try to separate your fourth fingers, you will hardly do that. People usually relate it to eternal love. Wedding rings were also used in Rome and ancient Greece, where the bride and groom exchanged them through the ceremony.

It’s believed that this tradition has pagan origins, but the churches accepted it because the symbolic meaning is amazing. During recent decades, these rings lost their pagan meaning, and they are now a symbol of eternal love.

We hope this article will help you choose your jewelry when you reschedule your wedding date after the coronavirus pandemic ends, and everything is back to normal. Also, you need to remember that jewelry pieces are not the most important thing at your wedding and you can look great without even wearing them if you don’t like that option. Or, on the other hand, if you are selling jewelry, make sure you present your offer in the proper way! In modern times, good photography of your product is important as much as the quality of the product you sell, according to

Anyway, you have plenty of options and choices, and you don’t need to stick to traditional designs and materials. It’s always a nice choice to see something different on a bride, that looks gorgeous.

Bogdan Radicanin
Bogdan Radicanin

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