6 Reasons To go Abroad for a Hair Transplant – 2024 Guide

Considering the importance of lush and well-groomed hair for physical appearance and self-confidence, we can definitely consider hair loss as quite a stressful situation. A large number of people face this issue nowadays, including numerous celebrities, many of whom opted for surgery to regain their old volume and shine.

Thanks to that, transplantation is gaining even greater popularity among people, which is considered to be one of the best ways to permanently solve this problem. This type of operation doesn’t require long recovery or complicated maintenance – and it leads to a significant improvement. Regardless of the reasons for having this surgery, the dilemma arises when choosing a reliable transplant clinic. Patients who suffer from this disease mostly decide to go to a clinic abroad. The benefits of such a choice are numerous – and we point out some of them below.

1. Lower costs

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The main reason why patients tend to go abroad is the lower transplantation. While it may sound impossible if we take into account travel costs, it can often be a more cost-effective option. Most clinics are aware of the costs you may face when setting off to another country for treatment, which is why they have created all-inclusive treatment packages such as those on monoplanthairclinic.com. These services include accommodation, all transfers, as well as personal 24/7 medical assistance during your stay. Basically, all you need to do is book your airline ticket.

On the other hand, some Asian countries provide cheaper treatment services compared to European ones – for example, Thailand. Yet, there’s also a significant price difference in the services provided by different European countries, which is why patients will opt for treatment in Turkey or Lithuania rather than somewhere in the United Kingdom.

2. A larger selection of clinics

Foreign countries often have a large number of clinics that provide hair transplant services. This leaves potential patients with a greater choice compared to the one they have in their home country, where they mostly have one or two clinics. You don’t have to subject yourself to unprofessional medical staff and poor hospital conditions if you think there’s a better place for you – after all, when it comes to health, it’s fundamental to provide only the best for yourself.

You’ll find a lot of hospitals abroad, some of which will surely offer the conditions you want for yourself. This includes professional staff, excellent hygienic and medical conditions and dedicated care.

3. Reputable doctors

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Scalp surgery in most cases doesn’t have a risky outcome, but there’s still the possibility of complications if you entrust yourself to the hands of unprofessional surgeons. Unfortunately, people who can’t afford to go abroad often face the consequences of medical mistakes. So, if your financial possibilities allow it, we advise you to schedule your examination and surgery with some of the world’s most prominent medical experts.

In most cases, these doctors aren’t difficult to reach. They’re usually widely represented in the media or you can easily get recommendations from those who have been there before you. Activate search engines and find forums where this topic is discussed. You may wait a while to get your turn, but a reputable doctor will justify it later with a great experience.

4. Anonymity

People who suffer from hair loss at times simply don’t want to discuss this painful experience. The loss of self-confidence is disturbing enough, and the compassionate looks of other people additionally contribute to the overall bad feeling. Because of that, patients prefer to stay at home and avoid socialization, and the practice has shown that they prefer the anonymity and peace they have abroad, far from the curious eyes

Observed from this angle, treatment abroad is now becoming even more attractive. That anonymity provides a discreet experience about which only those with whom the patient themselves wants to share will know.

5. High standards in terms of quality of conditions

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The high quality of healthcare and the high level of hygienic conditions are what sets foreign clinics apart from domestic ones. When you’re forced to stay in the hospital for several days, the last thing you want is to be surrounded by cockroaches, to sleep on stained bedding, or use a toilet that doesn’t meet basic hygiene standards. This is another reason why most patients will decide to go to a foreign hospital.

You may not be able to have a complete insight into all the conditions before you get there. But there’s always a way to find out more about that by visiting the gallery on the website or by phone call.

6. Medical tourism – a combination of travel and treatment

Medical tourism is becoming a widespread branch, and hair transplantation in foreign countries gives you the opportunity to experience it. If you have never been to Lithuania or Turkey before and visited fascinating Istanbul, maybe scalp surgery will be a good reason for that – no matter how weird it may sound.

Don’t allow yourself to simply board the first next flight after recovery and miss all the beauties of the country you’re staying in. It could be as interesting as any other trip you have been on, and,  in addition to your new hair,  you can take home many other beautiful memories.

Extra tips when choosing a reliable clinic abroad

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Aftercare service

Before making a final decision about which country and which private hospital suits your needs, it would be a good idea to consider some more factors. At times, certain private hospitals think that they have finished dealing with you after the surgery, which may result in complications. Every patient requires certain check-ups and advice after recovery, so make sure you choose the clinic that also offers after-care as part of its service package.

The reputation of a private hospital

Pay attention to reputation. The best way to gain insight into this is to read the comments and reviews of previous patients on forums and websites. This will make you realize who you can trust. Consider previous experiences of their medical workers and their work achievements – it can help a lot when making a decision.

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