Is Hiring A Workers Comp Lawyer Worth The Money – 2024 Guide

Companies that employ workers are constantly faced with the problem of resolving rights within employment relationships. The same is with employees who are not familiar with laws and regulations – so sometimes they don’t know what their rights are. In case you can’t find your way in the sea of regulations, or you don’t know which regulations apply and what are the legal solutions for specific cases – you should hire a workers lawyer for legal assistance. Is it worth the money? In most cases YES, and here’s why.

Hiring A Workers Comp Lawyer: Formality Or Necessity

According to Chapman Riebeek LLP employers often use their dominant position to employees and endanger their rights. Therefore, a new trend in all modern societies and written acts of the state – is to increase the rights of workers and reduce the rights of employers. It’s about putting workers in a more favorable and more protected position. Unfortunately, this is often more of a declarative stance and marketing than reality. It is not what is written in the law – but how it is realized in practice. The best proof of such difficulties is the application of the law on mobbing – that is, prohibit harassment at work. Labour law is the name for a set of legal norms – that define the origin, duration, and termination of employment, etc. This set of regulations should provide legal protection for workers and help them to exercise their rights. Certainly, workers cannot do something like this on their own. Knowledge in this area is required – for the realization of such rights. Therefore, it means that you need a workers comp lawyer.

What Is The Job Of Workers Comp Lawyers?

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Lawyers who specialize in labor law and labor disputes deal with the protection of employees in the process of contracting all provisions of the employment contract – as well as from illegal violations of their rights by employers. When there is a disturbance in the relationship between the employee and the employer or the right of the worker has already been violated – the first step is to try to reach a peaceful solution. That solution should suit both – the worker and the employer. If this is not possible and if a labor dispute is impossible to avoid – then you definitely need a lawyer specialized in workers’ rights and labor disputes.

Personal Injury As The Most Common Thing You Need A Lawyer For

The labor law stipulates that employees have the right to safety – and protection of life and health at work. This is also one of the most common domains of labor regulations that are violated. When this situation happens – it is quite certain that you need a lawyer who will help you with the case and collect damages if you are entitled to it.

Is Hiring A Lawyer In Such A Case Worth Of Money?

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Definitely YES. According to, without the help of a workers comp lawyer, you will find it almost impossible to manage all the regulations that may be facing. Not to mention that sometimes proving responsibility for an injury at work is a difficult job – which requires the presentation of evidence. If an injury occurs at work, and the employee suffers damage – the employer is obliged to compensate the same. Still, how you will claim your right – depends on the specific situation. An agreement between the employer and the employee is certainly the best option. Namely, as it is an out-of-court agreement, there are no court costs – as well as waiting for the court to pass a verdict. However, it is certainly recommended to hire a lawyer in this case as well. If the employee and the employer cannot reach an agreement – the employee can claim his rights before the court, by filing a lawsuit.

Injury At Work And How To Collect Damages

It is logical that an employee has the right to be protected in the workplace – that is, to be safe, and to feel that way. The law clearly stipulates that employees, among other things, have the right to safety and protection at work – as well as the right to reimbursement of medical expenses if the injury occurred at work or as a result of work. As every right of an employee must be accompanied by an appropriate obligation of the employer – the law stipulates that the employer is obliged to provide the employee with working conditions. Therefore, employers must organize work in such a way – to ensure and preserve the safety and protection of life and health at work. In the event of an injury at work, a conscientious employer is obliged to immediately report this fact to the competent authority. Also, the employer is obliged to immediately fill in the report on the injury at work.

Types Of Injuries In Work Injuries

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The employee has the right to claim compensation for material and non-material damage – or both. Material damage is reflected in the reduction of assets or lost profits. Namely, if it turns out that the employee, due to an injury at work, is unable to perform his work tasks for a certain period of time – he loses his salary for that period, so it’s a lost profit. The amount of salary compensation is indisputable because it is defined in the law. Non-material damage, according to the law itself, occurs in several forms:

  • suffered physical pain
  • suffered mental pain due to reduced life activity, disability, as well as the death of a loved one
  • suffered fear

The amount of compensation for non-pecuniary damage depends on the circumstances of the case.

Liability For Damages

Concerning this obligation of the employer, the law is clear: The employer must pay the employee compensation for damage due to injury at work. The obligation to pay damages is also prescribed by other regulations – which stipulates that the said obligation is considered due from the moment the damage occurs.


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If you have been wondering if it is worth hiring a workers comp lawyer – now it is clear to you that it is a necessity. Due to the complexity and importance that labor law has for us, we must find a way to adequately respond to all the challenges that work is bringing in modern times. For this reason, labor law is a very important and dynamic branch of law – that aims to protect the weaker in the context of these relationships. However, it also serves to prevent the abuse of their rights at the expense of the employer.