4 Ways to Get Paid to Play Video Games in 2024

Do you have a passion for playing video games? If the answer is yes, you may be interested to learn that there are now a number of ways that you can start making money playing video games. Forget what your parents and disparaging school teachers may have told you when you were younger – gaming is now big business, and if you know how you can start bringing in some good cash doing the thing that you love right away.

People enjoy playing video games for many reasons, but if you have a that competitive spirit, use it smartly and enter gaming tournaments and competitions via websites such as Unikrn. After all, time is money and those who are passionate about video games tend to spend a lot of it on playing. Monetizing your gaming hobby is becoming easier and easier, you just need a bit of a strategy to keep you moving in the right direction. In this article, we will show you a few avenues that you can explore to begin earning money while you play.

1. Twitch

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Twitch is a platform which is specially designed to help gamers to broadcast their gameplay to a wide audience. The point is to engage as many people as possible in your activity, via doing the Livestream, organizing chats, or replying to the follower’s comments on a regular basis. You create your image by deciding on what you want your image to be, a serious gamer providing useful tips and tricks about the game, so others can level-up faster, or a comedian. In a similar way to YouTube, Twitch is based on a monetization structure that rewards users for gaining a dedicated following. Your base of dedicated followers then helps you grow in popularity by sharing your broadcasted content with others, which results in even more people following you. So, in the end if you manage to become hot stuff at the most popular first-person shooter games or RPG, members from across the gaming universe will tune in to watch you play. You will then receive monetary rewards for the number of views that your videos get.

2. YouTube

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Some of the most successful gamers today have set up their own YouTube channel to discuss the gaming world and upload videos or live streams so that others can check out their skills. Like most people these days will already be aware, a popular YouTube channel can bring in some serious money. So, you might want to consider connecting Twitch with your YouTube, to allow your video material to be available on both. This could be a smart move because it could encourage more people to join either of the platforms, it will definitely increase your viewers rate and the possibility to earn more. Having some kind of strategic approach always helps, so do what you can to spread the word about your channel. It can be tricky to make a name for yourself amid the many other talented gamers out there, but with enough gaming skill, knowledge and dedication, you can potentially earn enough from YouTube content creation to quit your day job and take up gaming full time.

3. Ads

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Once you have built your monetized streaming channel, the next step is to start getting some cash in through selling ad space on your channel. In a similar way to how Google Adsense works, Twitch allows you the opportunity to receive monetary compensation for ads placed on your page. You will receive $3 for every 1,000 visitors you attract. This might not sound like a lot of money, but your aim is to monetize your account in any way possible. It’s not time-consuming, it goes automatically when you turn this option on, so why not have it as an earning option.

4. Affiliate Links

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In short, this means that by advertising certain products or brands, you will earn something in return when people who follow you decide to buy this product. Twitch also allows content creators the chance to capitalize on Amazon affiliate links. And Amazon is big. It’s been on the market since 1994, so being a part of such a huge network of sellers and buyers already puts you in advantage. When you gain enough of a following, you are free to set up an affiliate deal with whichever company you choose. During your broadcasts, you will of course be using different gaming equipment (headsets, mouse, keyboards and whatnot), and this opens an opportunity for different companies to sponsor you. Since you’re going live, commenting on good quality computer components from different brands that can increase the game performance will serve as an ideal commercial. You can also give advices as you play on which equipment is the most suitable for different players, advices on what they should avoid. While you’re broadcasting, people are joining your live chat, this also allows you to have Q&A sessions with your viewers and use it to advertise some brand or company. You can then publicize their products and invite your followers to visit the company’s site via an affiliate link. Whenever someone makes a purchase using this link, you will earn a set fee or a percentage of what they spend. Affiliate links really are a good way to make money and also put yourself out there for all the brands needing a good quality to advertise.

Earning some money from your hobby simply feels rewarding. If you’re single and unemployed, or employed but have enough time for games, then why not give it shot. Even if it’s only enough to cover the expenses of the new computer components or gaming equipment, it’s worthwhile.

The gaming world has evolved beyond recognition from where it was just a few years ago, the internet and the possibility of streaming your gameplay means that it is no longer a black hole of ambition, but a viable way of earning extra income. Why not set up your own Twitch or YouTube channel today to see where it leads you?