7 Random Funny Facts to Share with Your Family and Friends

Funny facts are knowledge yet to be shared with people. There are a lot of funny facts that can make you laugh and learn new things simultaneously. Some may find it unbelievable, and some automatically believe in all facts that they have read. The facts stated below are fascinating, that you should know so you can share it with your friends and family.

1. The Breaking Bad Series Used Rock Candy as A Prop for Their Blue Meth During Their Shoot

img source: insider.com

There are funny fun facts out there about the series of Breaking Bad, but this specific fact is proven to be real. During the shoot of the Breaking Bad Series, they were using rock candy as their blue meth. It means that they were using crushed rock candies and sniffing or snorting them via their noses.

The entire scenes of Breaking Bad that include meth were plain candy. Even though people knew they were not using real drugs, they were unaware that they sniffed or used rock candies. Rock candies can be addictive, but in ways that it can provide energy to consumers.

Of course, actors should not engage in real-time drugs, especially when shooting a movie or tv series. The Breaking Bad makers made sure that a rock candy with cotton-flavor was used for the Crystal Sky meth. If you are familiar with the Breaking Bad series, their main business is to sell crystal meth, and in every crystal meth they take in or make, rock candies are placed.

The drugs may be fake, but the cast and all working crews of the Breaking Bad TV series ate the candies to keep them energized and alive during tiring shootings. People of the set enjoyed munching on the rock candies if they have leftovers after filming.

2. Octopuses Eat Their Tentacle When Stressed.

img source: medium.com

Everybody knows that an octopus is a living creature found in waters, but most of you might now know that they will become autophagy when they are experiencing stressful events or moods. Octopus can eat their flesh or tentacle, making it self-cannibalism. This fact is one unlikely, weird yet still exciting fun fact that adults should know.

Who would have thought octopuses can experience stress and would start eating out their tentacle? This fact can be hard to believe, but studies were conducted on monitoring animals’ behavior, and they followed the way octopuses consume their tentacle.

3. Joey Monica Of F.R.I.E.N.D.S Was Said to Be the Main Romance of The Series

img source: nbcnews.com

This show is popular, especially for the younger generations. The fans swoon over the parts wherein romance is added to the script. At the end of the series, couples’ pairing did not go as planned and made many people confused and mad. Supposedly, Joey and Monica were the couple that should end up together and were part of the original F.R.I.E.N.D.S plan.

Joey had scenes wherein he was hitting Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe, but the actor who plays Joey, Matt LeBlanc, suggests that Joey’s role should tone down to flirt girls out of the main girls of the series Friends. This suggestion made the character of Joey dreamy and likable and made paths to couples that developed through the F.R.I.E.N.D.S series.

4. The Royal British Family Are Not Allowed to Play Monopoly

img source: telegraph.co.uk

Monopoly is a game that involves money, investing, etc. that people find fun and challenging. This Monopoly game brings out great competitors, even if it is just a game. For the British Royal Family, this will be a game that will lead to great competition between the family. The Royal Prince Andrew claims that things will get vicious when they play the Monopoly Game.

5. In Puzzle cube, Rubik Took A Month of Solving It.

img source: wordpress.com

Many combinations are possible when solving Rubik’s cube, so it is tough for other people to solve it. Rubik had a hard time solving his cube took him one month to solve it. A cube with millions of combinations may be hard for him to solve in one sitting. There is a record that solving a Rubik’s cube was possible for an individual that can finish it in seconds.

Solving a Rubik’s cube is fun, especially for kids and young adults. This cube can be a way to enjoy leisure time for people, especially those who like fidgeting on things or solving hard puzzles. Ironically, the cube making took a month of solving compared to other users of the Rubik’s cube.

6. Eating Vegetables can Make Your Skin Tan.

img source: moneycrashers.com

We have heard that consuming vegetables can be very healthy and nutritious for us. But can you relate it with your skin color? It is found that people who eat veggies with yellow and red pigments have more yellow glow skin. There is a theory of carotenoid colorization, which makes this fact possible for readers. If you are also one of them, check your skin color and determine whether it is a fact or myth.

7. Spicy Food Can Burn Fat

img source: upenn.edu

Whenever a person is leading his life towards fitness, it is necessary to reduce spices’ consumption. But the strange fact is that spicy food can burn body fat or calories. According to Pennsylvania State University, some spices like cinnamon, black pepper, turmeric, etc., are quite healthy for our body.

We should add these ingredients in our daily food to improve the metabolism of our body. There is a presence of triglyceride in these spices, which helps in eliminating the bad fat. It keeps our heart healthy and fit. There is less risk of strokes and heart diseases. It is vital to add these ingredients in your daily food to see the effective results and determine the reality of this fact.


Knowing facts about different topics is fun and informational at the same time. If you want to know facts wherein you can learn even if they are hard to believe, this article showed you five random and funny fun facts that you should know and share with your friends.