Free Homework Help Websites for Students? – 2024 Guide

With the busy schedule everyday life imposes on them, parents tend to have less and less time to spend keeping track of their children’s school progress or help them develop strategic studying habits. Making sure the school progress in going in the right direction (grades they get, skills they gain) influences one’s chances of pursuing further education in the desired college and obtaining a university degree.

As a solution to this, tutoring was introduced to offer learning assistance with homework in needed subjects, and students could also turn to each other for peer to peer exchanging skills, knowledge, and learning strategies. This informal method of education has been known since ancient Greece. It mostly required meeting in person, and one of its perks was also the increase of the learning motivation.

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As technology started developing and advancing, the possibilities of getting help with your homework also started being offered online and nowadays are increasingly becoming popular.

Even before the pandemic of coronavirus started, most of the students chose to seek help with their homework online, even though tutoring in person is still very much offered. The reason for this might lie in the fact that every aspect of a person’s life today has been influenced by technology. Internet access on devices we use in everyday life (smartphone devices, tablets, laptops, PCs, smart TV’s, smartwatches, you name it) has increased and speeded up our access to information, so whatever answer you may need can be found in a matter of minutes, sometimes even seconds. Another reason is the flexibility it offers. You are no longer depending on the tutoring appointments or time limits or locations. The information is available whenever you need it, regardless of where you are. So, this gives you more control over your time planning. If you need an answer to something, it is very unlikely the internet will not be able to help you.

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Due to the pandemic the world has been facing since the beginning of the year, most of the school, college, and university lectures have moved online. Social distancing measures that have been introduced by governments have influenced the need for online communication. Now, more than ever, having quality information and assistance provided online is crucial for a successful education. The number of students seeking online assistance has drastically increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some researchers say that approximately 1.2 billion students in more than 186 countries are out of their classrooms, which means that staying on top of your studies has never been more challenging.

As mentioned earlier, the internet as a platform offers numerous websites for homework assistance, some can be used for free, some charge for their services. One of the highest-rated websites that provided homework assistance, school-related projects, and college-related projects was “Textsheet”. However, due to certain issues with copyrights, this website got shut down, leaving many students in search of a suitable free alternative. For similar sites like Textsheet visit here.

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Using homework help websites allows you to find help in different subjects, on more than one topic, because there are more than one tutors available. Website content is, of course, available 24/7, which enables you to be flexible with your time planning and get help when you need it. For most people, the most valuable fact is that this type of homework help comes free of charge. There is some evidence that shows online homework help and online learning is in general more effective, and that students can learn faster than in classrooms. Traditional education in schools requires students to keep up with the pace set by the teacher and in most cases depends also on other students’ receptivity of the subject. As it is scientifically proven that different people have different learning styles, multimedia, and interactive activities provided on different websites for homework support add up to students’ receptivity of the subject and increase chances of learning. Homework help websites, besides tutoring in different subjects, offer solutions for textbooks, so a student can crosscheck the accuracy of their homework without having assistance from another person, but also discuss certain dilemmas with other students via website forums. A great method of ensuring the understanding of the subject and learning retention is the follow-up questions. Many video lectures and notes are put to use, to make sure students can repeat certain subjects for better understanding. Homework assignments that require hard copywritten materials, such as books can be found by networking with others and arranging the delivery.

Using online tools can also motivate students to research further on the certain topics that awaken curiosity, and learn to seek help/answers themselves, which will show its value in later education and career life.

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As opposed to free homework help websites, there are of course those who charge for their services. However, one should always keep in mind that there are excellent, high-quality online homework help providers as well as low-quality providers that can waste your money and fail to deliver results you expect. In any case, considering other people’s experiences in this area can prove to be useful, for ensuring the best possible learning result and staying on top of your studies.

In this era of highly developed technology-free homework help websites are to be used and seen as a part of the enriched student’s academic environment, available to all who are eager to learn and improve regardless of their social status. They should be considered as an educational resource that can serve as a school outside of school, particularly for those students living in remote areas facing challenges reaching their classrooms to obtain a proper education. In countries where homeschooling is arranged, it is certainly a useful asset.

The fact widely familiar to anyone from their school years is that the amount of time spent on homework is not the most fun when you are a student. When the amount of time spent on homework is reduced by using homework help websites, the quality of work known as students’ favorite (fun) is increased.

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