Essentials for Gambling Sites in 2024

The online gaming market has grown in popularity at an unprecedented rate this millennium and is expected to be worth $79 billion by 2025.

This growth has been aided by the advancements in technology, as in mobile phones, apps and the ability to access them from almost anywhere, provided you have internet access.
Mobile gaming occupied at 34% share of the market in 2019, and this is expected to grow over the next 5 years as well.

Likewise, people’s habits have changed over the years. Fewer people are attending brick-and-mortar casinos and bingo halls compared to 20 years ago, and are playing on their mobile devices, computers and laptops instead.

And while the weekly poker night is still a big source of socialization, more and more people are shifting to hosting private games online.

In short, the gambling industry is as much online as it is offline, and there are significant opportunities for punters interested in experiencing casinos and online gambling to get started easily.

There are numerous online casinos and gambling websites for you to join and that can be overwhelming for a newcomer. So, this guide is here to help you. Here are some essentials to look for before you sign up:

Promotional Offers

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Most casinos will offer to sign up bonuses whilst others will offer promotional offers throughout, and loyalty bonuses on top of that. To increase your chances of winning and reduce losses, the more promotional offers your provider has, the better for you.

One promotional offer we currently have our sights on is the 400% bonus bundle from Wink Bingo that gives new players up to £100 per bonus.

Players can also be rewarded for time spent on the site, hands played and money deposited. All of these are important in picking your casino and sticking with them, so you might as well do a little research at the start.

Payment Systems

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Most casinos these days allow a variety of payment methods so check to make sure they accept your card, or Paypal, whichever you plan to use.

On top of that, you may be eager to have your withdrawals paid quickly. Many sites usually pay within 24 hours these days so be sure to check out the terms and conditions before signing up.
Security and anonymity can be a major concern when spending money online. As such, most operators will allow you to pay through alternative payment methods such as virtual credit cards, BitCoin, Skrill and other online payment methods.

You also have the option to use VPNs for protecting your personal identity – ExpressVPN is a great place to start, but there many secure and effective VPNs available online.


Most online casinos are regulated like physical ones. You should strongly consider joining one that isn’t. After all, you want to receive all of your winnings. By law, they have to follow certain and strict rules in order to operate, so much sure they are regulated before joining.

Furthermore, legitimate sites will have full contact details, an address and be a registered business. A quick Google search should help you find all you need to know about them.
Similarly, website security is important and not just the https:// in the domain. We have previously published a list of important cybersecurity tips for websites and we recommend that you review it.

Live Dealers

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In recent years it is becoming common for a casino to offer live dealers. Not only is this a good way to win over the trust with the provider, but it creates an even more realistic and enjoyable experience.

Although these rooms only allow a handful of players to sit at the table at a time, such as if you were in a brick-and-mortar casino, often you’ll find plenty of tables that you won’t have a problem finding a spare seat at your favorite game.

Positive Reviews

Read reviews of the casino in question on third-party sites. Most have Google reviews when searching for their brand name, which themselves are worth reading to make sure they look legitimate or at least read some of the negative reviews were to see if it’s just an angry punter who lost a bet, or whether the criticism is of concern.

There are plenty more established review websites on the internet other than Google reviews that have an unbiased score based on users’ ratings.

Slot games with 97% RTP

Whilst online gambling is mostly played for entertainment, there’s no doubting the enjoyment of winning money. If you’re a particular fan of slot machines, then you’re probably aware of how the Return to Player (RTP) works.

Most games have an RTP from 92-97%, so unless a slot game with an RTP on the lower end of that scale is particularly enjoyable or has a mega jackpot, most players will prefer playing those with the highest return possible.

For those who haven’t come across this term before, a 97% RTP means that £97 is returned to the player for every £100 deposited.

Free Games

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Before playing a new game you may wish to trial the game without risking money, to get used to the rules and practice your strategy for example. Most casinos offer a free version of all their games to do just this.

You’ll still need to be registered and have access to your account before you can play the free games still, but just knowing you have that option before you hand over credit card details is important.

These games are played against the AI. If you’re wanting to play with your friend’s many casinos allow for real money private games.


As you’ve read, it’s important to protect your identity, use secure websites that you have researched and make sure you are playing games that offer you the best possible returns.
For games of skill, make sure you also learn how to play online – live poker is different from online poker even if the real money is involved.

And as will all things gambling-related, make sure you set a spending limit for the day/week/month, as well as a cashout limit (i.e. getting out once you’ve won a set amount). Gamble responsibly.