5 Best Places To Buy Real Estate Overseas In 2024

People find it useful for many reasons to invest in real estate in mountainous and coastal areas, but also in the large cities. Many of them combine the pleasant with the useful – they use the property on the location for family vacations and enjoyment, and when they are not there, they rent it out to tourists, filling their budget with an additional source of income. And while some are looking for a property in the suburbs, others are opting for a faster, hectic pace of the city. Of course, the price of the property itself also plays a big role.

What you should always look out for when buying a property is whether it is in a good location, have a nice approach, privacy, and many other factors that vary from buyer to buyer.

Some of the places that are worth visiting and buying a property are the following:

1. Greece

img source: greeka.com

Greece is a country with beautiful islands and beaches. Many people go to this country on vacation without wanting to come back and continue exploring the beautiful sandy beaches, taverns along the promenade, and to visit Meteora (floating stones), the famous Greek monasteries known for their specific position on the rocks – pillars. In addition to the Holy Mountain, this building is considered one of the symbols of Greece. We believe that it is not necessary to mention the mountain of the Greek Gods, Olympus because no person in the world has no heard about it. Real estate is affordable, but the price varies from one island to another. For true hedonists, there is no mistake with Halkidiki, Sithonia, and Hanioti. Another advantage of this beautiful country is that it is located on the shores of as many as three seas: the Aegean, the Ionian, and the Mediterranean. In general, this country offers a lot and is not expensive.

2. South America

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South America has long been a favorite destination for many. What especially delights tourists is their openness and cheerfulness. Of course, the girls are incredibly beautiful. This is a country that does not sleep, and good time is guaranteed. Just remember the famous carnival in Rio. Samba lovers will enjoy the rhythm of the music, and with good reason, this carnival is considered the most lavish and cheerful in the world. Brazil abounds in beautiful beaches and we suggest that even the most discerning will be satisfied. And how could they not be when the BrazilOasis is there to help. Brazil meets all your expectations, whether you are looking for the ideal place to dive and explore water beauties, paragliding, and surfing, or more privately, small beaches where you can relax with the sound of the sea and read your favorite book. Although there are several types of climate in this country, the average temperature during the year is around 25oC. For those adventurous ones, who love to explore and see something new, going to the Amazon rainforest is inevitable, but for those who love urban city life, there is no better place than Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, and Sao Paolo. Sao Paolo has many theatres, most of which play in Portuguese, and the two most important city concert and opera houses are Theatro Municipal and Sao Paolo Hall. You will also be able to visit many urban parks reminiscent of Central Park in New York.

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3. Montenegro

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The problems that Montenegro currently has with the neighboring country (Serbia), regarding the ban on the entry of Serbian citizens into this country, do not diminish its beauty. Moreover, it is said that now is the right time to invest in this small country, because real estate prices are falling. For the more discerning and wealthier, there is the famous small island, Sveti Stefan, as well as the city of Budva, which is always full of visitors, and the nightlife is something you have to experience by yourself. The advantage is that there is also an airport in the city of Tivat, which is a mitigating circumstance for those who do not like to spend a lot of time in a car or bus.

4. Italy

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Italy is a country that never goes out of fashion. Women especially love this country because of its refined taste for fashion, but also because it is said that Italians are real gentlemen. This country is known for its wines and we believe that the beauty of their vineyards and wineries will dazzle you. Also, this country abounds in many ski resorts and beaches, and the architecture is something that will not leave any visitor indifferent. If you are an art lover, this country will surely delight you, as there are many museums worth seeing. Also, you will have the opportunity to see the place where the most famous loving couple declared their love for each other. Verona will surely make you remember Romeo and Juliet and their tragic love. The only disadvantage is Italians are not willing to speak any other language than Italian.

5. New Zealand

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Another interesting destination is New Zealand. This is the country where bungee jumping comes from. In this country a tribal dinner was made in a Hangi way, there is a small town on a glacier that moves 2m a day, and you can eat boiled eggs from the geyser. This amazing country abounds with beautiful beaches, mountainous landscapes, lakes, cliffs, and volcanoes. Although Wellington is the capital city, Auckland is the most popular. It is a multicultural center, and the number of inhabitants constantly grows. The climate with warm summers and soft winters is very tempting, and it also confirms a large number of tourists. It is estimated that 1.000.000 tourist land at the airport in this city. It is interesting to mention the beaches with hot water (up to 64oC). It is interesting to mention the beaches with hot water (up to 75oć), but also many other locations where many films were shot, as well as Tamaki Maori Village, where you will meet real natives.