Escape From Tarkov: Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Despite the fact that Escape From Tarkov is in its fourth year, it is still in open beta. This means that errors, glitches, and other problems will occur from time to time. However, in 2024, the game is in much better shape than it was in the first few months after the beta was released. Players should be aware that the game they are purchasing is not yet finished, and that changes will be made before the official launch.

Tarkov continues to attract new players every quarter, and once an official launch date is announced, the community will grow even more. Inexperienced players will have a lot to learn before they can complete a wipe successfully. This guide will provide a few pointers for those who are new to the game, as well as those who are debating whether or not to buy it.

1. Only Use One Map

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One of the most common mistakes newcomers make in Tarkov is jumping around to different maps without actually learning any of them. In Tarkov, map knowledge is your most powerful weapon. The best approach to improve your odds of survival in EFT is to know a map’s PMC and scav spawning, extracts, loot spots, stashes, and so on.

2. Getting Familiar With The Controls

This technique, especially for novices, appears to be really helpful. You should be familiar with the WASD control system and how to use hotkeys with it. Focus on developing a distinct sense while shooting, as this is not a game for beginners. You should learn how to use the controls and catch the ammo that is presented on the screen.

You should also understand how to use a crouch if you want to master the game. Apart from that, look for shortcut keys to save time, such as R for reloading, ALT+T for checking ammo, TAB for inventory, and hold C for crouching. Always remember that the more at ease you are with the controls, the better your chances of winning are.

3. Getting Ready For A PMC Raid

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After attending a few raids and retrieving some of their loot, gamers will want to start better preparing for raids. People require a weapon, armor, ammunition, and medical supplies. Having a handful of these materials ready from early on in a wipe will be beneficial. PMCs can get everything they require from a dealer or at the Flea Market.
Players will learn all the numerous sorts of stems, heals, ammunition, and associated objects as they proceed. The key to having a fighting chance early in a wipe is to have enough inventory.
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4. Play in Offline Mode

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Isn’t playing in offline mode for novices a no-brainer? The offline mode has a lot of advantages and makes a huge impact on how you play Escape from Tarkov. A majority of players are unaware of the benefit of using the offline features, which allows new players to try out new weaponry.

You’ll learn how to aim at scavs because nothing is recorded when you play offline. When you return to the main menu, the game will not be lost, and you will have the opportunity to fire as many times as you like. There’s no disputing that playing Escape from Tarkov in offline mode will teach you a lot about the game.

5. Don’t Let Your Quests Go Unnoticed

Escape from Tarkov is unlike many other multiplayer shooting games on the market today. The game features several quests that, once accomplished, unlock new equipment and traders. Completing these missions is crucial if you want to advance in the game and improve your relationship with the traders so you can buy high-level goods.

If you’re worried that it’ll be too much for you to manage, don’t worry; there are instructions accessible online that will walk you through how to complete various missions.

6. In The Beginning, Only Run Scab Raids

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The goal of the game is evident from the title: you must Escape from Tarkov without losing your life, which simply means you must survive a raid in one of the several maps accessible in Escape from Tarkov. You have already picked a faction if you have begun playing Escape from Tarkov.

Still, if you want to jump into this magnificent multiplayer shooting game, you’ll be asked to choose between BEAR and USEC as your clan as soon as you restart your game. You can join any clan since it doesn’t necessarily affect your gameplay. However, you can choose to play as a PMC or a Scav Raider once you’ve made your choice.
Beginners should begin by playing at least a handful of Scav Raids. You won’t have to worry about the other players unless you attack them first if you play Scav Raids. Another big advantage of Scav Raids is that if you manage to escape at the end of the round, you get to retain all the items you gathered.

7. On A Raid, Bring Only The Essentials

If you die in Tarkov, you will lose all the gear you brought for the raid unless it has been insured, and even then, it could be picked up by other players. As a result, it is common sense to bring only what is absolutely necessary to a raid, and even then, only what you can afford to lose.


You can’t deny that Escape from Tarkov is a little challenging, especially for those who are new to it. However, this does not imply that you cannot win by playing well and improving your game style. Since playing a game over and over again is never a good idea, consider playing it like a pro. W
When you adjust the way you play, you can simply improve your odds of winning. Organizing your game will undoubtedly benefit you and enable you to get the most out of your efforts. Using the recommendations mentioned above appears to be an excellent strategy for all newcomers to increase their chances of success.