Can Еating Raw Garlic Be Harmful?

While a clove of garlic may not be your go-to meal before an important date, it can provide some incredible health benefits that shouldn’t be underestimated. This spicy vegetable has been used in medicine and as a flavoring from the dawn of time: from ancient civilizations to the world we know today.

It’s packed with vitamins and nutrients, such as Vitamin C and selenium. However, too much of anything can’t be good, right? Are there any cons to eating raw garlic daily? If so, should you stop consuming it altogether?

Well, in this article, we’ll go over all the possible advantages and disadvantages of eating raw garlic to explain if it can be harmful to you or not.

So, without any further ado, let’s get right into it!

The pros of eating raw garlic

1. It’s a blood pressure regulator

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High blood pressure is the main cause of heart disease. Garlic is one of the most popular natural remedies for this issue, but it only works when consumed in large quantities (think 4 cloves a day). The effect on your blood pressure stems from the antioxidants typically found in a clove of garlic. These nutrients help your blood flow through your body with ease.

Again, for this to have any effect, you’ll need to intensify the amount of garlic you consume on the daily basis. Make sure you’re not overdoing it, though, especially if you have a sensitive stomach. Besides, you do not have to eat it raw all the time: it’s almost as healthy when cooked or fried!

Of course, if you have serious blood pressure issues, do not try to replace your regular medication with natural remedies such as this one. It should only be used as an enhancement to your diet, not as a medicine.

2. It fights the cold and the flu

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Garlic has some incredible anti-flu properties that shouldn’t be overlooked this flu season. Many studies have shown a reduced length of cold and flu symptoms by increasing the amount of garlic consumed. So, if you’re someone who seems to catch colds and touches of flu more than your regular person, make sure to start chopping!

While eating it raw is the best way to go, you can still incorporate it into many different recipes if you dislike the strong taste. Many cultures (especially China) around the world use it as an everyday ingredient in various dishes, so why not explore it! Make sure to buy it from a trusted source such as, because not all farmers care about the quality of their products. When it comes to vegetables, you only want the best quality available!

3. It keeps your skin elastic and your bones strong

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Garlic has many healing properties (antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant) that can do wonders for your skin! Some dermatologists suggest rubbing it on your acne for instant relief, well, as long as your skin isn’t hypersensitive. Still, most benefits will come through eating the vegetable, so make some changes to your diet while you’re at it.

Besides just keeping you looking youthful, garlic can help you feel like it too! It can be extremely beneficial to bone health due to it having high concentrations of different vitamins and minerals. Combine it with other healthy foods such as fish, dairy, and nuts to enjoy those benefits to the max.

The cons of eating raw garlic

1. It can kill good bacteria

Too much of anything is never good: raw garlic is no exception. As we’ve mentioned before, the vegetable has some incredibly strong anti-bacterial properties, so using it to treat infections is perfectly logical. However, your body contains natural bacteria that keep everything in balance too. Overdoing any types of anti-bacterial remedies can lead you to “kill off” the good bacteria along with the infection.

Make sure to ask your doctor for advice before you try to treat your infection with any dietary changes. In some cases, it might be extremely effective, but it all depends on the type of infection in question.

2. The smell

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Everyone knows how garlic affects our breath. The strong, uncomfortable smell has to be the main reason why people avoid eating it raw. Still, apart from being inconvenient and a bit embarrassing, the smell is nothing to worry about. It doesn’t affect your health nor your body negatively at all! It’s just a small drawback for getting so many health benefits from a single veggie!

So, don’t worry! Make sure you don’t consume raw garlic before a social event, and you’ll be fine. Besides, brushing your teeth or chewing a piece of gum can help you deal with this small inconvenience in no time whatsoever!

3. Allergies

The only scenario in which eating raw garlic is harmful to you and your body is if you develop an allergy. Some people don’t notice they’re developing one until it’s too late and the symptoms evolve. Remember to get tested for allergies every time you decide to make any significant changes to your diet, no matter if it pertains to adding more garlic to it or something entirely different.

Again, some people develop allergies quite late in life, so be careful, especially if your body is not used to raw garlic. Besides that, make sure you’re not eating it on an upset stomach, as it can be quite “triggering” due to its strong flavor and smell.

The bottom line

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So, to answer your question: no, eating raw garlic isn’t harmful to your body, it’s quite the opposite! The vegetable (or a herb depending on how you look at it) is packed with useful nutrients that will keep you strong and healthy. The only time you should be worried about your garlic intake is if you notice any signs of an allergy. Make sure to some tests before incorporating the plant into your daily routine.

Research different recipes and cuisines until you’ve found your favorite dish containing your new favorite super plant! Remember to only buy it fresh and from reliable suppliers, and you’ll undoubtedly feel the benefits in no time whatsoever!