How To Very Easily Memorise Multiplication Tables? – 2021 Guide

No doubt sometimes learning the multiplication tables can be a daunting task especially at the time of taking a leaf from the concrete and simple operations to the abstract mathematical problems. The worst part is that finger counting is not possible beyond a limit in calculations. But there is no need to worry because whenever the children will move with proper planning and follow different kinds of tips and tricks in the whole process of learning multiplication tables will become very easy. The children should have good command over the multiplication tables if they seriously want to become smart in their life and solve different kinds of problems. With the help of multiplication, people can indulge in different kinds of calculations for example how much money is required, how to travel, what amount of food to be bought, and several other kinds of related activities.

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Following are some of the very basic tips of memorizing the multiplication tables so that people can become masters of this field:

  • Familiarising the children with multiplication tables is very much important at the very basic stage so that they learn the right things from the very beginning and become comfortable with them without any pressure of thoroughly learning them. Involving children and making them more focused on the activities a good idea on the behalf of teachers so that children can learn very easily. So, a very good idea for this particular area is to indulge in solving different kinds of puzzles related to mathematics and specifically multiplication.
  • Reciting the multiplication table forward and backward in loud ways is one of the best possible ways of making sure that children can memorize the table perfectly. This process should be done very slowly and carefully and children should be instructed to form pairs so that they can recite the multiplication table with their partner which will also help in encouraging each other.
  • Skip counting is also a very good idea for memorizing multiplication tables without simply repeating the numbers. The wonderful thing about multiplication is that it always comes with a specific pattern which the children can easily learn by skip counting. This will not only help in memorizing the table but will also be a very fun-based activity for children. Skip counting is the process of counting forward as well as backward by any of the numbers that are not one. For example skip counting by two will be two, four, six, eight, and ten, and so on. This is one of the best possible ways of making things fun and children can even memorize the tables through different kinds of song tunes.

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  • Training the memory of the children is also a good idea to learn multiplication and for this purpose, children can go with the option of playing through flashcards. Colour flashcards for learning multiplication are a very amazing way to ensure that children will be observing different kinds of patterns and other things and in this way, they will be able to establish stronger neuron connections with the numbers.
  • Choosing a flashcard that is related to the multiplication equations is a good idea so that children can learn things perfectly. Different kinds of patterns can even be followed in this particular process and repetitive action should be taken so that children can learn things very easily.
  • Playing speed quiz in small groups is also very good classroom activity for the children so that they can master any of the subject or topic including the multiplication tables. For this purpose, the teacher needs to divide the classroom into four or five groups depending upon the strength of the class and instructions have to be given because every group will be having five multiplication questions that the other members have to answer. Each student will get one point for every correct answer and first ranking students will be provided with some of the small prizes. This will be a very good motivation to make sure that children are going in the right way and learning the multiplication tables very easily.

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  • Learning through various kinds of workshops is also a very good idea and children can also depend upon the utilization of educational worksheets during the class so that they have the opportunity of improving multiplication skills and getting feedback on the progress with very little effort. Foundation facts and worksheets, puzzles can be easily used by the teachers to give students a very basic understanding of what is multiplication actually is.
  • Reinforcing the learning material is also a very good idea to memorize multiplication tables very fast and implementing passive learning techniques is also a good idea. The students should also be directed to utilize also techniques at home for maximizing their effectiveness associated with the multiplication tables so that they can make the right kind of decisions and can learn things very easily.
  • Learning different kinds of songs about multiplication is also a very good idea because listening to songs about multiplication in the background is a very effective way of memorizing multiplication tables passively. This will also be a very fun-based task for the children.
  • Memorizing the landmark numbers first is also a good idea and easy to see pattern process for multiplication. Identification of the pattern in the table is a good idea so that people can start things perfectly and learn without any kind of issue.

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Multiplication is not that much tedious or hard as it sounds but when the children and parents will move with proper planning and collaborative approaches by consulting the professionals so that there is no issue in the long run and every process has been extremely streamlined. Moving in a very fun-based manner is a good idea and all such cases so that learning table becomes very easy. Starting with smaller tables and then building up will always allow the children to learn number rules and ensure that the whole process is very easier, check out for more information. This particular company comes with a team of professionals that will be taking good care of the academic as well as skill development of the children and will make sure that they will be very ahead in terms of competencies possessed by them.

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