4 Benefits Of Adding A Neon Sign To Your Gaming Room

One of the main trends that took over our generation is the usage of LED lights and that soon transitioned to the use of neon signs in personal spaces. Often customized on-demand, these signs are a unique way to decorate any room that you are in. This is of popular choice in clubs and other social areas that are frequent spots of the nightlife of any city.

Apart from this, entry signs to clubs, washrooms, supermarkets, and so on are always highlighted with the help of these neon LED signs. With the aesthetic feel that it adds, these neon lights give the ambiance a higher stage to display itself on. The most captivating part about these neon LED signs is that they are customizable, and serve as the perfect gift for any occasion. They can be used to decorate your room without the addition of any extra pieces. These signs alone add a very happy and positive vibe to any room.

The build of these signs is quite simple. They glow very brightly and are glass tubes that are filled with rarefied neon or other gases. This is what gives it the color. They can be filled with different gases to produce the color of choice. If they are filled with gas neon, the color that appears is orange. Similarly, hydrogen produces a red color, helium produces a bright yellow color, carbon dioxide produces an elegant white color and mercury produces a magnificent blue color. To see an amazing variety of neon signs, visit this site.

The tubes are later changed into the desired shapes (customization) and set for sale after filling these electrified tubes with the color of their choice. These were popular in the early 1910s to advertise places of interest much unlike now when it is used for the decoration of personal spaces. However, now these signs are often used in gaming rooms, the benefits of which we will now be looking at.

1. Uniqueness and Safety

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While gamers are playing their game, the one thing that can catch their eyes is the bright colors or the difference in the color around them. They prefer to use these neon LED lights on their laptop and keyboard screen to make the colors while they also play the games they enjoy.

The basic idea for this is to bring a pop of color. You have to keep track of your game by simply sitting in a dark room to avoid any kind of distractions that may bother you during the game. The bright colors and the changes available on the laptop allow you to customize the entire system.

This change in color is also beneficial for the overall vibe of the room. Apart from this, they can detect changes in the system. Gamers usually have these lights attached to their systems and they change color when the system starts to overheat giving the player a warning that it is time to take a break. The general color tone used to show this overheating phenomenon is blue for when the system is alright and red for when it overheats.

2. Different experience

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Not only do these lights and signs serve as a harmless distraction but also help to provide an innovative way to bring your gaming experience to a whole other level. The lights and signs make the room more vibrant and awake as opposed to the loud and otherwise violent sense that the video game might provide.

They can bring beauty out into the world without overdoing anything that they are placed in. Video games usually have a specific color palette in use, one that is less vibrant and bright usually consists of dull and light colors of green, brown, black, and so on.

The sudden pop of colors around your computer and signs around the room provide a proper splash of color that is bright but still not too much to hold them back. The color palette used in the computer is very dull and the sudden colors outside may bother you. However, these lights allow you to have a little dose of brightness every other minute to help keep your eyes on track.

3. High Visibility

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The popularity of neon lights can be attributed to the commendable range of visibility it imparts. It is able to do so because it is not a directional source of light, unlike the LED lights. Therefore, gamers have it as their favorite pick. It provides them with 360-degree illumination. In the darkroom that they prefer to indulge in the game, a single neon light is sufficient to provide them with enough visibility. It has been found out that a height of about an inch can impart visibility up to a range of 30 feet.

Neon signs can be made to many different specifications, for gaming rooms the options are almost endless – sports team logos, beer logos, motivational messages, and pretty much anything in-between – to see the kinds of signs that you could consider for your gaming room setup, visit VoodooNeon.com.

4. Energy-efficient and Cost-effective

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With sustainability becoming the call of the hour, we cannot forget to enlist this benefit of using a neon sign. Neon being abundant in the atmosphere, the operation costs of neon signs is fairly low. In addition to that, it is extremely energy-efficient and uses 50% less energy as compared to other lights. This happens primarily because it does not have a filament through which electricity gets wasted in the form of heat.

Besides, it has tremendous durability. If it is properly maintained and kept shielded from electrical charges and heat, it might last up to 15-20 years. However, it can serve perfectly for 5-10 years when subjected to rough use. To top it all, the components of a neon sign can be conveniently repaired and replaced when needed.

Having said this, it cannot be denied that neon signs will let you enjoy a sustainable, blast of color.


The gamers that use these lights really like them. They also have neon signs to complement the lights they are using. Their ‘gaming den’ or ‘gaming room’ is a class apart as they have these specific LED lights and the neon signs that are custom made to their liking. Neon signs not only enhance the complexity in the room but also add the pop of color it requires while the screen that one is staring into has a dull set of colors displayed.