Best Dog Treats for a Doggie Birthday – 2024 Tips

Hosting a doggie birthday is probably one of the most trending, unique and exciting ways of spoiling your pooch. It is quickly gaining popularity among pet owners and also getting quite a lot of mentions on social media.

For most pet parents, this is the day to gift your furry friend with its best treats and toys. If it’s the first time you’re thinking of hosting a doggie birthday, we recommend that you spare some time to read How to Celebrate a Doggie Birthday by Tail Bangers.

It covers everything you need to know on how to plan for a doggie birthday, where to host the party, and many other things, including exciting activities to engage in during a doggie birthday. We also have to acknowledge that even though dogs may not have a clear concept of seasons and times, sparing a special day to celebrate its birthday will undoubtedly remind how long it has been since it got such a special treat.

Here’s a quick roundup of some of the best treats for your doggie birthday;

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You can use homemade puppy cakes or order them online from a reputable dog bakery or store. Your dog will surely appreciate a cake on this special day because the taste is usually fantastic for most dogs.

It will also most probably link it to that special day because it breaks the monotony from usual dry treats. If you’re making yours from home, be sure to make it fluffy, soft with delicious icing. You may also coat it with plain organic yogurt, carob, or peanut butter to add more flavors.

If you’re buying them online, ensure they’re not made sweeter with artificial sweeteners. Insist on vegetable-based or organic sweeteners such as honey, molasses, or applesauce, among others.

If you’re going to make it from home too, don’t use artificial sweeteners. You may also need to keep off sweetened human foods such as yogurt or peanut butter.

While items like peanut butter and yogurt could be tempting to add because of that sweetness that your dog may also not be able to resist, they could be lethal to the dog. Chances are high; these foods were sweetened with Xylitol, a natural sweetener that is very poisonous to dogs.

  • Cooked Chicken

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Chicken is one of the many human foods that dogs eat. It is also very tasty, and that best explains why it’s a prominent ingredient in most dog foods.

It doesn’t end there, though. Chicken is also an abundant source of Omega 6 fatty acids, and proteins, meaning that it will also aid in some development in the dog’s body.

Word of caution; when giving your dog cooked chicken, ensure that it doesn’t have bones. The chicken bones tend to splinter with ease and can cause injuries to the dog. Serve it with lean breast meat with less fat and no skin.

Vets recommend lean breast meat with no skin because it has the least risk of causing stomach upsets. If you have ever used chicken before and it had allergic effects, consider using meat pies instead.

  • Fruit Salad

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Did you also know that dogs eat fruits? Well, from apples to watermelons and carrots, dogs eat a wide variety of fruits. The only exception, however, is grapes. Never use them.

Have your apples, watermelon, and bananas ready, chop them up, and serve your dog with this mouthwatering treat. Another thing, ensure that no apple seeds find their way in the salad. (They’re poisonous)

  • Peanut Butter

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You can lace your pet’s favorite toys with peanut butter on this special day. It might just go crazy licking its lips the entire day.

Most pet parents still struggle to understand why dogs love peanut butter. Experts in veterinary nutrition however, believe that the strong liking for this food is due to the unique taste and smell that comes with it.

Even though your dog will savor the salt and sugar in peanut butter, not all peanut butter is healthy. Before tossing a jar into your shopping bag, spare a few minutes to review the label.

Most manufacturers use Xylitol to sweeten their peanut butter. This ingredient is deadly and known to cause hepatic necrosis and hypoglycemia in dogs.

Any peanut butter without Xylitol is good for the dog. Organic unsweetened ones will still work for most dogs. If you wish to continue using it after the birthday party, ensure that it’s less than 10 percent of the pet’s daily calorie intake. This is important because of the high caloric nature of this treat.

  • Yogurt

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As in the case with human beings, dogs love yogurt because it tastes good for them too. Apart from that, it’s rich in proteins and good fats, which makes it a pretty good diet supplement for dogs.

Again, before grabbing a tin or jar of yogurt from your favorite store, spare a few minutes to review the label. Vet nutrition experts recommend plain yogurt that has no added sugar in them.

Ideally, the Greek yogurt should be just fine. It is recommendable because of its lesser lactose content, and since it is not sweetened, there are minimal risks of your pooch getting Xylitol poisoning. If you had used this treatment before and seen lactose intolerance symptoms, it would be better if you skipped the treat altogether.

  • Ready-Made Treats from Doggie Bakery

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If you don’t wish to go through the hassle of making these treats, you may also get them from dog bakeries near you. You can make the day more special and real using readymade doggie birthday cakes like this one and cute bandanas with the words ‘Happy Birthday’ printed on them.

It is all about making the day stand out from the rest. The cakes and related treats should not be made with any chemical additives or preservatives.

The Bottom Line

Birthdays are special occasions. Even if the dog may not recognize that that was the day it was born, it will still be a special day for the whole family. We hope this guide helps you identify some of the healthy treats you can give your dog on its birthday and those you should ignore.

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