9 Smart Pet Gadgets for Dog-Proof Your Home – 2024 Guide

When you own a dog, he or she can make messes in your home and cause you problems. However, you can purchase different smart pet gadgets to protect your home and prevent your dog from making a mess or getting hurt. Let’s look at some pet smart technology that can dog-proof your home. Some may be simpler than others, but each one can help you out.

1. GPS Dog Fence

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Not everyone has gates around their homes, so you may want to find a less expensive way to prevent your dog from running away. Many people purchase dog fences that prevent their dogs from running off. These wireless fences will give your dog a shock if he or she tries to leave the boundaries.

On top of this, you can purchase dog fences with GPS capabilities. These devices will maintain a stable connection, so you don’t have to worry about interference or the fence deactivating as often. You can also purchase some that include GPS trackers in case your dog does run away. There are few Dog Fences with GPS Trackers available on the market today so make sure to visit The Pampered Pup to make your final choice.

2. Dog Training Collar

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If you want to dog-proof your house, you need to start by training your dog. Some dogs will respond well to treats, but others may act out even if you use this type of training. If you find this to be the case, you can purchase a dog training collar to easily correct your dog when he or she does something wrong.

These dog collars allow you to use a remote to correct your dog when he or she does something wrong. This collar offers different types of correction so you can find the best one. This includes beep, vibration and shock options so you can choose an option that works for your dog and home.

3. Weather Resistant Pet Door

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You may want to let your dog go outside, but poor weather conditions could get into your home. For example, your dog could go out a dog door and the wind could blow in rain or snow, which would cause a big mess. However, you can get an airtight pet door to stop this from happening.

This dog door includes two flaps that can prevent different weather conditions from getting into your house. On top of this, you can also install a cover to stop your dog from going outside if it rains or gets really cold. This way, you can give your dog easy outside access during good weather conditions.

4. Door Scratch Protector

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Some dogs will scratch at your door to let you know when they want to enter or leave a room. While this works well and allows your dog to communicate with you, the scratching could damage your door. If your dog tends to scratch on specific doors, you can purchase a door scratch protector.

This protector is clear so your dog can still see the door and scratch on the protector. While it will allow your dog to make noise and alert you, he or she won’t damage your doors anymore. This makes the door scratch protector a solid option if you like to keep your doors closed without letting your dog damage them.

5. Magnetic Gate Latch

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When you let your dog outside, he or she may try to get pass your metal gate. Your dog could push the metal gate open and run out of the yard if he or she is big enough to do so. A magnetic gate latch will prevent your dog from pushing open any of your front or back gates so he or she can’t run away.

The device uses magnetism to keep your gate closed so a person can’t push it open without lifting the top latch. Since a dog can’t lift the latch, this device will prevent your dog from leaving your yard. This makes it great for people with gated front or backyards since they can let their dogs out without worrying about it.

6. Dog Cord Protector

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Some dogs, especially puppies, will bite on various objects in a home, especially when they go through the teething phase. If your dog starts to chew on different objects, he or she may even bite your cords. This is dangerous since it can harm your dog and damage your electronic devices.

If you want to add some smart technology to your home, you should look into cord protectors. They may be simple devices, but they work since your dog won’t chew your cords and damage them. If you use them, you can keep your dog and your devices safe from these issues.

7. Sensor Trash Can

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Some large dogs will attempt to knock over trash cans so they can rummage through them. This is because they can smell food and other interesting items in your trash can. You can purchase sensor trash can so it will only open when you wave your hand on top of it, so it won’t open if your dog tries to use it.

This trash can also has an odor control system, so your dog won’t smell the bits of food inside of it. If your dog can’t smell the trash, he or she may feel less inclined to knock over your trash can. If your dog loves the trash can, this might be the best option to keep him or her away from it.

8. Odor Proof Bag

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On the other hand, you may have some belongings you don’t want to throw away, but your dog still wants to get into them. This can include important pieces of paper, pens and anything else your dog might want to chew on or rip apart. Keeping these belongings away from your dog can be difficult, so an odor-proof bag might be a solid option.

Dogs react to situations, so they won’t actively look for trouble. Instead, they will get in trouble if they see something they like or want. If you place your important belongings in an odorless bag, your dog won’t know where you put those items.

9. Dog Door Strap

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Some dogs will try to get into a cat’s litter box or other things you don’t want him or her to use. If your dog likes to go into places where he or she makes a mess, you can purchase a dog door strap. These straps will allow you to leave doors open without letting your dog squeeze through.

While these straps are designed for cats to access their litter box without a dog getting into it, you can use it for other purposes. This includes allowing your bathroom to remain open without letting your dog get to the toilet. In short, you can leave a door cracked for your cat or any other reason without letting your dog in.

Dog-proofing your home can be difficult, but you can make it easier by using this technology. Each of these smart home technology products will allow you to protect your dog while keeping him or her away from certain areas of your home. Each of these products can help you out, so make sure you look them over.