Cryptocurrency Trading Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

The substantial rise in the price of several cryptocurrencies has significantly boosted the trading of these digital assets. More and more people, in fact, no longer want to miss out on significant potential gains, and attention has focused not only on the now famous Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin but also on numerous other digital currencies that show attractive investment characteristics.

What is striking is that more and more “newbies” are approaching the world of trading to make money with cryptocurrencies. News of individuals who have become billionaires only thanks to digital currencies resonates throughout the Internet, and it is common to meet small savers determined to seize the opportunity to make profits in a short time.

However, most beginners are unfamiliar with the trading world. This is why mistakes are frequent, based on wrong expectations and forecasts, which, unfortunately, risk causing huge losses of money literally in a few moments. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. You should familiarize yourself with various platforms and other tools to guarantee you an easy time trading cryptocurrency. Do click here for the best Satoshi to Bitcoin and other currencies converter.

The volatility in the crypto market has left many in a state of confusion in multiple instances. So is it better to let it go? Of course not. This article will serve as a short guide to understand the most common mistakes in trading and to know some practical tips to reduce the risks associated with entering an unfamiliar financial world.

Practical Advice: 4 Things to Keep in Mind


1. Learn what cryptocurrency trading is: Cryptocurrency trading is all about buying and reselling digital currency. The exchange generally occurs between a “traditional” currency (such as euros, dollars, or other) and a cryptocurrency. The investment time horizon is short, as the gain often derives from speculation activities on the hourly or daily fluctuations in the price of cryptocurrencies;

2. Take a course to learn the basics of cryptocurrency trading – trading cryptocurrencies is anything but simple. Many small investors are hoping to “get lucky” and ride higher, with the sole result of losing their money. Trading requires adequate knowledge about opportunities and risks. This is why it is worth taking a course seriously. Alternatively, you can subscribe to online platforms that offer 24/7 support for beginners. You will be able to start trading right away and receive constant assistance from experienced managers as you take your first steps in the world of cryptocurrency trading;

3. Consult forums and discussion spaces dedicated to cryptocurrencies: as an investor, you need to know the market sector you operate. This is why it is important to keep up to date on the news and compare yourself with other traders on specific topics or trends.

4. Learn about the taxation of proceeds from cryptocurrencies: Most tax authorities tax cryptocurrency trading as a form of investment. They have specific rates with a balance and when you have zero balance. If you decide to use an external broker, you are required to declare your income to the tax authorities, even in the event of losses. This is because most trading platforms do not act as a withholding agent, meaning you have to declare your income yourself through the set model.

Mistakes to Avoid: 8 Mistakes Not to Make


1. Investing the Money You Need to Live: The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. Therefore, invest only money that you can lose without consequences or regrets;

2. Buying a Genuine Scam: Know Before You Buy Any Digital Asset! Each cryptocurrency represents a medium of exchange or a fundraising tool for a project. Reading the white paper before spending a single penny will save you from unpleasant disappointments;

3. Communicating the private address of your wallet: your cryptocurrencies can be deposited in an online wallet, which has a public and a private key. The private one allows you to access the online wallet and withdraw the cryptocurrencies it contains! Communicating the private address of your wallet is therefore equivalent to being robbed.

The cryptocurrency sector is still poorly or not at all regulated. The fate and responsibility for what happens to cryptocurrencies rest entirely with the owner. “Not your keys, not your coins ” is a maxim in the cryptocurrency industry that everyone should keep in mind. Storing your cryptocurrencies at reputable platforms will solve this problem;

4. Failure to protect your wallets: the “Not your keys, not your coins” principle also applies at this point. Make sure you protect your wallets with double authentication and multiple recognition systems;

5. Making transfer errors (they are your responsibility!); it is possible to lose your hard-earned digital money following a wrong transfer! Again, the responsibility is entirely yours. Rely on reliable organizations and platforms to reduce these errors to a minimum;

6. Trading “emotionally” without thinking: this is a typical mistake in beginners. Trading requires balance and awareness that loss is part of the game. Investing in the wave of emotions can make your capital disappear in seconds. Therefore, trade with clarity and always keep your balance;


7. Not diversifying your cryptocurrency investments: Like any investment, cryptocurrencies also need to be diversified. This makes it possible to mitigate any risk of losing all the money invested in a single asset that has recorded a sharp decrease in its value;

8. Thinking that cryptocurrencies will continue to rise: to be honest, no one knows for sure what happens to cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology remains a mystery in some respects, and it would come as no surprise to a sudden loss in the value of these digital currencies given their extreme volatility. Therefore, catch the wave and start trading now! And remember from time to time to collect the capital gains and convert them into cash right in your pocket.

Each trader would go through their odds of highs and lows when trading with Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. As this is one of the latest forms of investing and trading systems, the chances and chances of making mistakes are greater.

Although there are several materials, books, articles, and technical documents related to blockchain technology, the complete model and trade secrets are still unknown. This is one of all things trading systems that are highly transparent and volatile at the same time. Therefore it is essential to be careful at all times and to avoid as many mistakes as possible.

Marina Livaja
Marina Livaja

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