7 Reasons to Choose Dental Implants Over Dentures

Before the arrival and use of dental implants, the only alternative for replacing missing teeth was dentures.

Traditional dentures were used for several decades as they provide a quick and affordable solution for missing teeth.

However, the advent of dental implants changed the game entirely. Although dentures can restore one’s appearance, they have limited functionalities.

Using a unique system, the process involved with dental implants entails anchoring natural and new-looking teeth into an open space left by a missing tooth.

Implants are durable, metal posts that are inserted into the jawbone. They eventually fuse and become the base for a custom-crafted dental crown that looks like a real tooth.

Whether you are missing one tooth, several teeth, or all your teeth, dental implants are preferred by dentists and patients alike

But dental implants can quickly reestablish beautiful aesthetics and optimal oral health as well as full functionalities.

Dentures can be partial, which means they replace only a few teeth or full, implying the entire arch of teeth’ replacement.

But despite the functions that dental implants bring to the table, some still argue that dentures are the best.

It is always best to discuss your options with professionals, such as Hawkins Family Dental in Midlothian, VA to go over your options and choose the best path forward for your specific situation.

Below are seven reasons to choose dental implants over dentures:

1. Better Jawbone Health

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The lower and upper jawbones are designed for one primary purpose only: to support teeth. And when teeth are missing, the jawbone starts to weaken and shrink.

However, dental implants conveniently trick the jawbone into believing teeth are present. This ends up stimulating the bone to stay strong and healthy.

In other words, dental implants help in preventing the loss or shrinking of jawbone over time. And this results in better jawbone health.

Dentures do not offer this unique function, and that is why most users end up with weakened jawbones.

2. Allows Users to Eat Regular Foods

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Having regular dentures makes it pretty difficult to eat some types of foods. And you may even be deprived of your favorite meal because you cannot chew as well as you would like to when wearing dentures.

This is because heavy bites may cause the denture to fall out unexpectedly. And that can be embarrassing if it happens at an event.

But dental implants allow you to enjoy your meals as if nothing happened to your natural set of teeth.

You can enjoy your regular meals as often as possible. And your natural chewing and biting ability will be restored or even enhanced, thanks to a nice set of dental implants.

3. Dental Implants are Long-lasting

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Dental implants generally last longer than any other tooth-replacement option. Dentures need to be replaced at least every 7-10 years.

But implants can last forever, as long as you take care of them properly as directed by your dentist.

4. Improved Appearance

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No one likes dealing with the anxiety that your dentures may fall out or shift out of place at ill-timed moments.

The first thing most people notice about your face is your smile. And that is a perfect way to make an excellent first impression.

But with dental implants, you do not have to deal with such anxiety. Your smile will exude confidence, and you will be pleased with the effect you have on others.

5. Better Function

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Dental implants gain strength from the jawbone. This is because dental implants are directly connected to the bone.

This makes them as strong, if not stronger in some cases, than natural teeth.

But dentures are removable, and the partial options can only rest on the remaining teeth and the gums. Full dentures usually rest and receive generous support exclusively from the gums.

This is why most people that use dentures usually complain of their inability to chew food as well as they would like.

And they even have to avoid some specific foods. This is not the case with dental implants, as you can eat and chew anything you want and at any time.

6. Comfort and Convenience

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Removable dentures are known to cause severe sore spots in the mouth. They are also inconvenient because you have to always remove them at night and for cleaning. And they also require adhesives that are usually messy.

But this is never the case with dental implants. Patients with dental implants will never experience these, as there is no need to use adhesives of any sort.

Dental implants are easy to take care of when compared to dentures. Rather than popping out dentures every night, with implants, you can brush, floss, and clean implants just as you do your natural teeth.

This is why most people prefer using dental implants over dentures, any day, any time.

7. Closest to Real Teeth

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Dental implants closely resemble and almost mimic a set of natural teeth in a manner that lends itself to a more seamless repair.

They replace the root and easily connect the artificial tooth to the jawbone. The new tooth does not require any form of support from neighboring natural teeth. And it is also not connected to them at all.

Implants look more natural and are considered healthier for neighboring teeth. There will be no need to prepare adjacent teeth when a dental implant is placed. And no teeth will suffer any damage whatsoever.

From an aesthetic perspective, dental implants can also be color-matched to the shade and tint of your other teeth making them look even more natural.

Implants are extremely durable and also resistant to tooth decay. Because they are permanently cemented to your jaw the same way natural teeth are, they are a perfect fit for your smile.


Dental implants remain an excellent investment in your oral health. They are better for jawbone health, do not restrict what you can eat, are durable and last as long as natural teeth, improve your appearance, function better than dentures, and are comfortable and convenient.

Investing in dental implants is a wise decision for improving and maintaining your oral health. It still remains a personal choice, but knowing the facts about dentures versus dental implants will help you make an informed decision.