What You Need to Know About CBD Oil For Horses in 2024

One of the most important animals that shaped our history is horses. They were our mode of transportation to locations where our feet cannot reach anymore. These animals are strong, agile, and faster than our legs could ever be. Yet, we have tamed them and used their species as a way to advance our own. In this modern world, they are now relegated to the ranches and fields where cars might have some trouble. They are also still preferred in many sporting events like polo and tourneys. Fate truly undeserved for these noble animals.

If you are a horse owner, then you know the struggle of being one. These animals might be tamed, but they are also rather intelligent. Some can even choose their preferred partners and would unseat anyone that they do not like on their backs. However, this is why they are still loved, even though some people think that they are a waste of space.

Despite what we said above, many horse owners are looking for ways to treat them better. Usually, food, water, shelter, and exercise are all they need to boost their lifespan. Whether you are just keeping them for personal reasons or your business, you still have a lot of work cut out for you. This is the reason why it can be so devastating if they become ill. As they are massive creatures, you cannot just take them to the vet. It would be best if you had them come to you.

You might already have an idea with the options that you have while waiting for the vet. It can also be debilitating to think about the costs of getting them there to you. You may have already done your research regarding the condition of your pet horse. One of the most popular options now is giving them cannabidiol or CBD oil. It can be quite perplexing to see a product that is supposed to be for human consumption can be used by an animal.

All About CBD

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There is potential in CBD as a way to treat your horse. Cannabidiol is just one of the many compounds that can be found in cannabis or hemp extract. It is the substance responsible for the relaxing feeling that you get when you take a huff of smoked cannabis. If you have already experienced the “high,” there is another substance responsible for that. However, cannabidiol amplifies the experience and helps you go to that state. Imagine if you could gift that sensation to your favorite animal, which is going through a tough time.

If you are looking for CBD, then you might find them in your local store. You can also go through the internet like the Holistapet website, among others. CBD has been separated from the primary extract; you can now have the benefits without falling into a psychedelic state. Horses’ bodies are usually so much heavier than the average human. Also, they are mammals like us, which means there is a high chance that it can work with their bodies as well. All that you’ll be going to need are larger amounts of the substance in question.

Why Is It Good?

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One of the main things that it can do to your beloved animal is to decrease inflammation in their system. Also, it can help relieve the pain and keep them going through their activity. They might be lethargic right after taking medicine, and they can also fall asleep. This will depend on your dosage, but do be careful with this. However, many horse owners have noticed that their pet’s conditions became better after taking CBD oil. They were more active and can easily follow the command of their respective owners.

It might sound too good to be true, but there are some things that you must know before searching for this “miracle cure.” For one, you need to give them pure CBD only. It should not have any psychedelic properties, so do not even think about giving them your stash. Second, the dosage should depend on its size.

When it comes to treating your pet, you will need to go to the vet before giving them anything. For the most part, there were no casualties regarding its use. However, there is still more knowledge that needs to be uncovered before we can be 100% sure about its effectiveness. It is a good supplement for your pet, though, and you can always try it out.

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Horses

So, as you read above, CBD has the same positive effect on horses that it has on homo sapiens. We are going to divulge it in more detail for you below. Without a doubt, it can be influential on overall health and well-being and regulate the endocannabinoid system. While this is the general explanation, it also affects specific conditions we are going to discuss below.

Stress and Anxiety

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If you didn’t know, horses are quite similar to us in this department. They can be under stress and deal with anxiety. In cases when a horse is used for horse racing, or it is displayed on shows, they can get nervous before the competition or during transportation. You can already guess that their condition can be calmed down using the CBD as it is known for its calming effects. Animals can be relaxed by it, and horses are no exception. While there’s still work to be done in determining how precisely it affects the horses, the first signs that it works are there.


Similar to us, horses are going to develop various health conditions as they get old. Inflammations are common in these mammals, and horses are known as animals that suffer from laminitis, desmitis, and arthritis. As you probably know, these are conditions that affect bones, joints, and ligaments. They hit horses the same way they do humans, and similarly, the consequences are going to be graver if horses were used for sports. Laminitis needs a separate explanation as it is an inflammation of hooves. Of course, this is a condition that affects only horses and can be calmed down by using CBD oil. It is all thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties that can be found in this substance. All three of these conditions are known for their association with pain, and this makes it clear why CBD is a great solution.

Gastric Ulcers

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One of the most significant health issues all horses encounter is gastric ulcers. Almost 90% of all racehorses that are considered thoroughbred have them, while more than 50% of regular horses experience them. This is a common issue that can be handled with the use of CBD oil, as it is known that the digestive system has many cannabinoid receptors. At the moment, there is no recorded research on the effect of CBD on gastric ulcers in horses. But, there were experiments done on rats that gave positive results. If they try it out on these large mammals, there’s no doubt it will provide results worth noting. But, before you jump to conclusions and premature treatment, you should wait for official confirmation.