Do Online Roulette Games Have Patterns and How to Notice Them

Gambling in some form has been around humankind since we have started recording history. In a nutshell, some players rely on luck, while others focus on figuring out what the specific game of chance is about, and they develop various strategies to make a profit at the end of the day. Unquestionably, roulette ranks high when gambling games are in question, and it has become even more popular once launched in the online world.

What concerns even the most devoted gambling enthusiasts are the patterns related to online roulette since knowing them would significantly increase their chances of winning. Thus, we invite you to go through the lines below and figure out whether some methods would improve your game and how to notice them.

Online Games Background


Any other game that comes to your mind is programmed either by an individual or a group of professionals. Thus, we can say that besides the visual part, an online game of chance is nothing much more than an algorithm. To make a long story short, knowing the entire script of a peculiar online gambling game would allow you to take advantage of others who know nothing about it.

Not only would the aforementioned imply cheating, but it is also a criminal act, so if you do not intend on breaking the law, we strongly advise you to forget about researching the approach. Crime never pays off, and it excludes the joy a game should deliver from the overall equation.

The Philosophy Behind His Royal Highness, the Roulette


A vast majority of gambling laics tend not to mess with roulette since it appears as if it were too complicated to master at first glance. Namely, picking the right spot where the ball would initially land among 36 standard numbers and the infamous zero seems like nuclear physics to many who try it for the first time.

Interestingly, those who do not give up that easily and keep their virtual seat at the online roulette table most commonly notice a sea of opportunities hiding behind a seemingly complicated structure. Reasonably, the recognition experience lures them to do their best and crack the game by guessing the winning combination.

For your consideration, you should know that a player’s only limit is their balance when the number of combinations they can try during a single game is in question. In a nutshell, the more bets you make, the higher the chances of beating the odds and winning the prize. Naturally, the point of noticing a pattern should give you an advantage over the house, so developing a strategy might do the trick.

Keep Track of Previously Drawn Numbers


Professional online roulette players consider playing their favorite game of chance in a virtual setting much easier than doing it traditionally. The reason is quite simple, since numerous online gambling places, such as Slothunter, present their clients with a list of previously drawn numbers and do the hard work on their behalf.

When you have a piece of information in front of you, the job of choosing your picks to bet on becomes automatically easier, since the chances of the same figures being repeatedly drawn are minor. Still, miracles happen, but only as many times as necessary to be considered a statistical error.

Not only does knowing the previously drawn numbers imply you should neglect them in the next game but it might also hint you to shift your focus to their neighbors, and assess the chances of your potential picks being drawn when the virtual ball starts rolling all over again.

People skilled with statistics simply adore playing roulette, which does not surprise much since they have the right toolset to crack the game. Unfortunately, their goals are usually set higher than that of the average players, so they tend to spend hours playing just to learn the game to the core.

Hot or Cold


If you play online roulette then you must have heard about hot and cold numbers, and what they mean in gambling language. Even though the aforementioned attributes are self-explanatory, we should do our job and introduce you to their meaning. Thus, the hot ones are numbers that the ball will most likely stop its spin on, while the cold ones represent the opposite.

Some players find playing on these numbers a valid strategy so they place at least some money once they draw their attention. We would not recommend betting on these since we believe a player has way more chances of winning if they focus on placing their money on more probable outcomes. On the other hand, hitting a single number can earn you a small fortune or even a big one if your stake is high enough.

The Progression

Even though the progression strategy does not rely on patterns, we should say that it can earn you some profit if you have a certain budget at your disposal and you remain consistent with forcing your pick. We suggest you pick the most probable variant such as black or red, or even or odd numbers, and start your venture small.

Namely, the point of progression is to start with a specific bet, let’s say, with as much as $1. If you win, you repeat your bet, and if you lose, you increase your bet to $2. Every next time, you should repeat the pattern, and double the amount you invest in case you lose, or return to the initial investment if you win.

Now, we mentioned you should have a budget in order to continue betting in the long run since nobody can guarantee you will win at some point. Losing streaks can be tough to handle, so starting small might ensure you have enough capital to continue playing until you finally win. We know that this strategy might be boring, but at least it can earn you some money, considering an online casino allows you to apply it on their roulette table.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information and suggestions will help you achieve your goals and have fun while you test your like in a virtual setting. We urge you not to forget that roulette is a game and should be played as such unless you want to make it an obsession. There is no universal key to winning, otherwise, playing games of chance would be pointless. Thus, keep up the good spirit, and may your numbers attract the ball!