What Are the Qualities of the Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Istanbul?

With the rise in the popularity of cryptocurrencies, it has become vital to find the best ways to buy and sell digital assets. One of the ways to liquidate your crypto assets into cash is to use cryptocurrency exchanges.

However, all crypto exchanges are not the same; so, you need to understand how to select the best cryptocurrency exchange in Istanbul if you live in Turkey. Here are some of the qualities to look out for when selecting the best cryptocurrency exchange in Istanbul:


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There have been incidents of crypto exchange users losing their digital assets after hackers have penetrated the security of some exchanges. Also, some crypto exchanges put their users’ personal data at risk by not having proper data handling procedures and protection measures in place.

As you look for the best cryptocurrency exchange in Istanbul, you need to check the security of the platform. Although most exchanges post information about security on their websites, you need to go the extra mile and do your own due diligence. For example, find out if there has been a history of hacks and what security features the exchange has implemented, and so on.

Compliance with regulations

You need to ensure you are using a crypto exchange that adheres to the law of the territory it is operating in and is specifically allowed to operate in that country. One of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in Istanbul is NakitCoins. NakitCoins complies with all the legal requirements in Turkey, making it a safe place for you to trade without any worry. The exchange abides by all rules and regulations related to cryptocurrency and does not risk getting its users in trouble with the law.

Transaction fees

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Exchanges are in business to make money. Thus, they charge transaction fees. However, some crypto trading platforms have higher charges than others, and this means the users’ profits are lower. If you are serious about making profits with your crypto trading, you need to find an exchange with reasonable fees. Make sure the fee structure is explained in a way you can easily understand and know how they are charged.


Using crypto exchanges can be a tall order, especially for newbies to the crypto world. If you don’t want to struggle using a platform, you should look for an exchange that is user-friendly. This entails having a simple or friendly interface and other features. You should have an easy time navigating the interface and making transactions.

Customer support

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Because you may need help from time to time as you use a cryptocurrency exchange, it is vital to pick one with excellent customer service. You can test how fast an exchange responds to queries and if the team is ready to assist in various ways. In addition, choose an exchange that has different support channels: for example, phone, email, and online chat.

Variety of coins

Besides converting cryptocurrencies into cash and vice-versa, traders also swap one coin for another or buy various digital coins—especially if they are promising better returns. Therefore, it is vital as you pick the best cryptocurrency exchange in Istanbul to ensure that it offers various coins. This way, you can choose the coin you want at any time, and have the advantage of easily investing in coins that are having better prospects,


Choosing the best cryptocurrency exchange in Istanbul should be easy. You need to consider several factors including security, compliance, cost transaction fees, user-friendliness, customer support, and availability of the coins you wish to trade.

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