What are the Benefits of Using Javascript in a Web Development

JavaScript is a special programming language, the peculiarity of which is that it is executed directly in the browser window. Programs created with JS are called scripts from javascript web development.

They are not independent but are integrated into the ready-made HTML code of the page. When such a script program runs, visible changes are made to the page that you can see.

In some other and more rare cases, the changes are invisible, if such is previously provided by the developer.

It is important not to confuse JavaScript with another programming language – Java. These are completely different tools in their functions, and we will talk about the similarity of their names below.

To better understand what JavaScript is, let’s take a look at its features with an example. Surely you have opened the same site at least once on different devices – on a computer, smartphone, tablet. By the way, we recommend hiring world-class Java developers from WeAssemble.

Have you noticed that the website is displayed differently depending on the screen size of the device? Modern websites adjust to screen resolution so that they are easy to view on all devices. Keep on reading and understand all there is to it.

This opportunity is provided by JavaScript.

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Also, scripts help to customize the user experience. Any “response” of the site to the actions of the visitor can be programmed in JavaScript. With its help, sites become interactive and easier to manage.

A new memory management principle has been applied in Cmm. Manual creation of buffers and type conversion has been replaced by automation. By the way, later the creators of Cmm renamed it to ScriptEase since the old name “scared off” the developers due to negative associations. Apparently, everyone believed that the “minus” in the title emphasizes its shortcomings.

The principles laid down in ScriptEase greatly influenced the creation of the JavaScript programming language in 1995. Its creator was the developer Brendan Eich, an employee of the IT company Netscape. He was given the task of introducing one of the available programming languages ​​into the browser of the same name by Netscape.

The basic principle of this programming language is to create an event each time in response to user actions on the page. It happens like this:

The user clicked something on the site or simply hovered the mouse cursor over the desired element.

The browser recorded this action and signaled its completion.

After that, a special script is launched for this event.

The script makes changes on the page – opens a new window, highlights the desired element, starts the animation, and so on.

Scripting programs written in JS according to https://fireart.studio/enterprise-web-application-development/ are just text. Therefore, you can create them in any text editor, even in your simplest Notepad. Such scripts are executed in the “interpretation” way. This means that the source code of the script is transferred in its original form to another tool – the interpreter. And he is already running the program.

What is it used for?

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The possibilities of JavaScript in web development are almost unlimited. Anything you can imagine on the site can be implemented using JS. And in conjunction with the AJAX technology, it can generally work and do wonders.

AJAX, in simple terms, is a technology that allows you to update a piece of information on a page without reloading the entire page. Thanks to this, traffic is significantly saved and, consequently, the speed of sites increases.

By analogy, HTML creates the markup on the site, CSS is responsible for its design, and JavaScript is responsible for “animating” all the elements.
These are just basic features, which are by no means limited to JavaScript. In general, you can create any site with JS, with the most intricate and complex functionality.


  • you can create programs in any text editor, including Microsoft Word and even Notepad;
  • not very complex syntax that even beginners can learn (provided enough effort is made);
  • sample opportunities when creating a wide variety of sites;
  • JavaScript is “readable” by any modern browser – both desktop and mobile;
  • he is constantly improving;
  • scripts are easily integrated into HTML code;
  • there are many specialists in the labor market who know JS, and there are also many vacancies for such developers.

What are some advantages of JavaScript? Top 7 to take into consideration

1. Its speed – you can enjoy it and find it reliable, as well as safe to use immediately within your favorite browser. It is conveninet for anyone.

2. Simple – easy to understand and set up. You can learn it in the shorter time frame possible since it is easy to learn compared to other popular languages like C++.

3. Interoperability – you can insert it on your own and into any page. You will enjoy its use on different applications.

4. Great interface – you can use its several different features like sliders.

5. Extended functional options – enjoy its writing snippets and different functions of your web page.

6. It is versatile – you can develop an app from front to back with it and its Node.js servers.

7. New updates – constant updates & scripting specifications are some other perks & pros. You will probably see ES7 being supported in the future.

What are the disadvantages of JavaScript?

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Although there are loads of pros & perks when it comes to JS, there are some cons that you can always experience, and that can make you question your purchase. Those are:

Client-side security: some people often disable it for good and without even giving it a second thought.

Browser support: sometimes you can encounter an issue since JS can interpret a code differently and in its own way. Try to stick to main & crucial browsers.

In conclusion

We hope now you understand what are the pros & cons when it comes to JavaScript, as well as why we believe that it is still useful and has its share of advantages. Feel free to use it however you like, and let us know about your experience.