6 Symptoms of Bad Motorcycle Battery – 2024 Guide

Although the demand for motorcycles has fallen by 7 million in the year 2024 due to the pandemic, yet they continue to be a modern-day necessity. And why not – they are far more compact and convenient than cars.

So, even if you have to run an errand late at night, you do not have to worry about whether you will be able to get a cab or not.

But, then again, all good things demand a little something in return. In the case of a motorcycle, that ‘little something’ is batteries. And if you are an ardent motorcyclist, then a bad motorcycle battery is the last thing you will want to witness. So, here’s presenting the 6 basic symptoms of a bad motorcycle battery:

1. Bad battery condition

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The first and the most apparent symptom! 99% of the time, you will be able to check if your motorcycle’s battery is bad or not by simply doing a visual assessment.

Check for any leakage, bulges, discoloration or bumps, and cracks. If you find any of these, do not hesitate to invest in a new battery for your motorcycle right away as it has gone bad already.

2. Your motorcycle fails to start appropriately

Yes, we know, gone are the days of kicking the bikes to ignite them – now that we have a power button at our disposal. But even after that, we very often have days when we fail to start our motorcycle on the first go.

Obviously, you and I are no mechanics who will be able to locate the exact issue behind this. But here’s spilling the beans – if this is a recurrent problem that you face with that bike of yours then the problem lies in your battery.

Hate to say this, but you should already consider buying a fresh one because yours has most certainly gone bad already.

3. Fluctuating readings on the multimeter

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First things first – a multimeter is a tester used to measure voltage and other values relating to an electrical device. The motorcyclists know it – we use it in our bikes to check the condition of its battery.

If the readings on your multimeter are irregular, then there is a great chance that your motorcycle battery has become faulty. And in case the readings are below 12V, then it is very much the symptom of a bad battery.

4. Aged battery

Every single thing on this earth has its life span. So does your motorcycle battery. The traditional saying may go like “Old is gold”, but that’s not the reality when it comes to motorcycle batteries.
As clear as it may sound, old and worn-out batteries are most likely to have gone bad. And if you continue using it after a point, it will definitely be dead. So, make sure you change your motorcycle battery every four years.

But, in case you already have started searching for a store to buy new batteries from, consider visiting the maestro in this arena, www.motobatt.us.

5. Reducing horn volumes and dimming headlights

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Again, a very clear symptom of a very, very bad motorcycle battery! You are in the middle of a detour on your lovely motorcycle, but all of a sudden, you notice the headlights dimming and the horn not honking loud enough?

Whether you like it or not, it is your deteriorating battery condition. To avoid landing in such a troublesome situation, make sure you test your battery’s condition right before leaving for a ride. If the readings are low, change the battery immediately.

6. Underused motorcycle

As much as over-using something is harmful, so is under-using it. The same goes for your motorcycle battery. A motorcycle is designed for somewhat heavy usage. So, the battery is also made in a way that if it remains unused for a long time period, it becomes obsolete and degrades in condition.

So, if you have a motorcycle that you haven’t used in ages, do yourself a favor and do not expect it to give you a smooth ride. The battery is sure shot to have gone bad. So, make sure to check it beforehand.

Tips to consider before buying a new motorcycle battery:

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Since the only way to overcome the issues related to a bad battery is to get a new one, here are some really essential tips to help you in making the best purchase:

1. Check the reviews – The most important factor to keep in mind before buying a motorcycle battery is checking its review. Read all the reviews and read all the comments online. Make sure you leave no stone unturned in gathering as much information about the product as possible.

2. Check the warranty – Looking for a warranty is essential, especially when you are going to buy something so crucial. You know how your motorcycle is nothing without the battery. And to make you aware, your battery is nothing without a warranty. Hence, ensure going for the one that comes with a warranty.

3. Go for the lower maintenance one – You do not want to invest in something that requires regular maintenance. Specifically, when you are buying an electronic device like a battery. So, insist the seller show you the varieties which require minimum maintenance.

4. Check for compatibility – Last but not least, before making the purchase, make sure the battery is compatible with your motorcycle. Not all batteries are universally compatible. So, check, check and check! This will not only gives you a sigh of relief but also good for the motorcycle.

Over to you…

A bad motorcycle battery is the worst nightmare any rider can come across. It does not just reduce the lifespan of your bike, but it also makes the ride very uncomfortable and inconsistent. Here, we cited the 6 symptoms of a bad motorcycle battery. Also, there is a list of tips to consider before buying a new one. Reach out to this guide, if you are unsure about the condition of your current motorcycle battery.