5-Minute Morning Workout You Can Perform At Home – 2024 Guide

Are you someone who loves to stay fit but has a hard time crawling out of bed to hit the gym in the morning? Do you guilt yourself into sticking to a routine but end of sipping black coffee in the nook of your room? Before you hop on that train to embark upon a guilt trip, grant the invite to join the club for you are not alone!

Morning routines can be particularly hard to follow if you are a nocturnal person and do not prefer hitting the bed at the first glance of moonlight. Especially when the goal of waking up in the morning is to hit the gym for hard-core physical training- a real deal-breaker! There are also people who cite their busy morning sched as a reason for laid-back workout patterns. Hence, walking on a tightrope here, we enumerate basic workouts which can be performed in the comfort of your bed. This 5-minute workout (lifespanfitness.com.au) routine can have you pave your way to a disciplined morning routine and maintain your fitness meanwhile.

1. Start from where you are

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What if we are to tell you that for a healthier and fitter body, you do not even need to get out of bed? With some 5-minute workout quickies, you will not even have to come out of your bed. Take baby steps and start with your bed itself. The following are few tips for the same-

  • Knees contractions- For this, simply clutch your kneecaps, bring it close to your chest and keep it in the same position for a while. Make sure you do not move your head up or down while doing this. Maintain the position while you take 4-5 relaxing breaths. Repeating this exercise for 5 minutes daily will not only help you breathe well but also relax your buttocks and stretch your lower back region.
  • Knee rolling- Additionally, knee rolling also forms part of a rejuvenating workout schedule which you can try while staying in your bed. For this, lie straight on your back. Fold your knees and roll them from one side to the other while not twitching your shoulders or back. Take deep breaths while stretching. With this exercise, you can stretch your back and release the stiffness from the sleep.

2. Stretches and rotations

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Stretching should be an absolute necessity in the morning workout. Especially when you are running out of time and do require something which brings your entire body in momentum, there is nothing easier than stretches. If you are someone who changes a thousand postures while sleeping, there are chances of you experiencing stiffness or soreness in your back, knees and joints. Stretching is a great way to set your entire body in motion and get your body in motion.

  • Chest- For chest stretching, keep your hands on your hips and push your chest out while rotating your shoulders in a circular motion. You will experience your chest muscles relaxing during the exercise.
  • Upper back- some people feel extreme stiffness in their upper back, especially the region where medulla oblongata ends and spinal cord begins. In order to avoid this rigidity, sit on your bed. Bring both your arms in line with your shoulders and lock them together. Look down and start rotating your neck and back.

3. Squat it up!

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If you are a workaholic and often find yourself in the dilemma to balance your work life and your fitness routine, then doing squats is your rescue. With just a 5-minute squat routine, you shall not only be able to stretch your legs and tone your calf muscle but also maintain a firm posture.

  • Hip squat- Stand on a solid platform and hold your hands together close to your chin. Now, lower your hip to bend down and maintain the position for a few seconds, after which you can stand back. The basic benefit of doing squats is that it allows your knee joint to flex and dorsiflex simultaneously.
  • Elevated split squat- for this, place one foot (right) on the edge of bed firmly while the other (left) takes position on the floor. Bend with the help of your right foot, bend slowly while lowering your pelvis. Make sure that your left foot stands far from the right foot so that at the time of bending, your knee must be positioned over your ankle.

4. Leg lifting

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Leg lifting is also another highly recommended exercise if you have less time in your hands and would want to maximise it. The routine helps you keep your posterior in shape and strengthens your back and core too. Lie on your back with your hips and calves touching the ground properly. Now, keep your hands under your head and look at the ceiling. With your posterior, slowly lift your legs and lower them down. Repeat this movement for a few minutes. For better results, try doing the set for at least 12-15 reps. Push-ups also enable you to lose arm fat since the entire weight of the body is carried by the arms during the push up. If you are facing problems with flabby arms, make sure to incorporate wall push-ups in your morning routine.

5. Wall push ups

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Push-ups are a tough nut to crack if you are a newbie. However, they are crucial for core muscle strength. Wall push-ups or what are also known as elevated push-ups are great for strengthening your back and ensure you do not tire out early. For this, choose a strong support like fall or a piece of furniture which is not light enough to topple with your weight from one end. Place your hands on the wall and try to lean in as much as you can. If you are a beginner, the angle between you and the wall can be steep. However, as you practice, you must push harder.


The bottom line here is to focus on including exercise as part of the daily routine rather than fretting about the duration of workout. With these basic yet effective workouts, you will not just crawl out of your bed but power through!