Attraction Marketing – What is it, Formula, Definition, Strategies, Avoid Scam – 2024 Guide

The Attraction marketing formula is a strategy course developed by Ferny Ceballos to help out networkers to generate new leads or to convert old ones and new business contacts into customers. Having a website or social media page with interesting content that draws traffic is a great start for online business, but unfortunately, not enough to see some actual income out of it. Attraction marketing is based on a certain formula that generates hot leads and subsequently sales from your webpage. There are a few steps that can help you reach this goal and make a profitable online marketing company. Let’s start at the beginning and tackle each one.

What is Attraction Marketing?

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Traditional marketing refers to pushing your product onto your potential customers using catchy sales pitches and convincing them to invest in or to buy your product. Attraction marketing takes a different approach. You don’t sell a brand or a product, or services, but rather you sell yourself as a brand. In other words, you compel customers or business partners to come to you, buying products or services that you sell. By making a brand out of yourself you make customers come to you, asking you to sell them whatever it is that you’re marketing. Taking the role of a problem solver instead of a pushy salesman will attract people to learn more and potentially use the services that you provide. Building a large network, audience, customers, and business partners, and getting them to trust you and like you will make your sales skyrocket. This is the core of attraction marketing. The pure skill of connecting to the crowds, being an educator instead of acting like a used car salesman, listening to the audience, and offering creative solutions is the essence of attracting people to buy your products or services. For more details on how you can implement Attractive marketing into your own business visit DRIP DIGITAL.

Attraction Marketing Formula

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There are many points in this marketing formula that need to be addressed, but we’ll try to explain the basics that can be a good starting point.

Audience – This is going to be alpha and omega of your online business. The question you have to ask yourself is who would be the perfect target audience for your product or services? When writing content for your webpage always keep in mind who are you writing it for. Research the age group, ethnicity, education level, occupations, marital status, financial status, etc. Before you can sell anything, it would be good to know your customers. Really know them. Try to take a look at your website through their eyes, and figure out what would they like to find there. Some people will just come for a bit of advice, others are looking for a solution for their lifelong problems. Whether it’s a back pain that bothers them, or they want to learn more about trading on the stock exchange, they all have one thing in common. They are searching for the solution. Use that to your advantage and offer them a human approach that will be more appreciated than just a well-rehearsed sales commercial. No one wants to be sold.

Content – Grabbing the attention of the audience must be the hardest task in the marketing business. But not impossible. Your content will create a bond with your customers, so choose wisely what you’re going to put out there. Articles have to have catchy titles, something that people can relate to, and that can possibly give them an idea or a solution to whatever they are dealing with at the moment. Your creative side has to be top-notch in order to catch the customers’ eyes. You are free to make promises and make guarantees if you see fit. Leaving your customers hopeful or at least content with the fact that someone understands them will bring more visits and potential buyers. Again, getting into the minds of potential consumers is the key. Who wouldn’t want to get rid of wrinkles without breaking the bank at the plastic surgeon? Or travel the world on a dime? Putting statements or questions like this on your main page will get people intrigued even if they never thought about it before.

Choosing the right platform

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Once you have a product and marketing strategy in place it’s time to choose a way to channel this information to your potential business partners, customers, and hopefully, new sales lead. It can be a blog, or a social media platform and even email marketing. Let’s say that your product is a joint pain cream relief then your targeted audience would be mostly people over 65 years of age. With this in mind, maybe email offers would be the fertile soil for your product. If you’re selling something that youngsters need, want, or can relate to, some entertainment platforms might be a better choice. Different strategies suit different media platforms just like diverse audience requires various approaches.

Creating a strategy and taking action

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With these steps in mind, you should have at least a blueprint for your next business move. Coming up with the whole strategy takes a lot of time and experience. Some of it will come by the old-fashioned trial-and-error, and some you can learn from other online business owners. It would be wise to connect with them and build a network of business partners that might be a good source of inspiration or lessons. After all, you are all in the same boat, so sharing experiences could spare you from making some future mistakes. Lastly, take action. Don’t let the fear of failure to keep you back. Setbacks will happen for sure, but try to look at them as lessons instead. The trick is to move forward. Persistence is necessary for every business, and online marketing is no different.

Now that you’re acting as a coach and an adviser to your customers, you should see products moving faster from your website. Attraction marketing can give you some pointers, but remember, you’re selling your advice, experiences, and compassion to your audiences first, and once you have built a trustworthy relationship, they will quickly convert to being your customers.