Attraction Marketing – What is it, Formula, Definition, Strategies – 2024 Guide

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In order to build a successful business, you need a strong marketing strategy that will promote your service or product to the masses and get you on the map. A quality marketing strategy can be hard to achieve, which is why many new businesses turn to attraction marketing. To find out what it is and how it works, keep reading the article. In case you wish to learn more about building successful and profitable businesses, visit DRIP DIGITAL.

What is Attraction Marketing?

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Attraction marketing is a type of marketing that refers to the providing of valuable information about whatever you plan to sell, before trying to convince potential buyers to purchase it. It sounds easy to achieve, but there are some things you have to follow to utilize it to the best of its potential. This powerful marketing strategy is appreciated among the consumers, who often show loyalty to the brand that uses it. Of course, your product first has to be of higher quality, as no marketing can save a poor idea or a bad design.

A perfect example is the following distinction in marketing. Most messages try to sell their thing by saying something along the lines of “here is why you need this.” On the other hand, attraction marketing does it by saying “here is why I need this.” The technique of such an approach is to give the company a knowledgeable reputation and devotion to their customers before they move on to showcasing and selling the products.

Attraction marketing greatly helps with setting the brand apart from the rest of the competition by focusing on what makes your service of product the better, more attractive, and obvious choice among the many ones out there.


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So how can a business implement this useful marketing tactic and maximize on their reach and customer trust? To successfully do this, you need to share the story of your brand and explain what it is all about. By doing this, you as a company will connect with the customers on an emotional level and give them answers before they even think about asking questions. The most important aspects to mention are all the beneficial and helpful sides of your product. Once customers are familiarized with the complete image and the idea behind a brand, it is much easier to sell to them. Besides, sharing the story and making the buyers trust you will make you feel like you are actually doing something positive to promote a brand and not just serve them a random, generic advertisement most people dislike.

– Build an emotional connection

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In order to build a strong emotional connection with your future customers, you have to start by using the keywords and phrases about your product or service that will resonate with the masses. This will build an emotional connection with all those interested in the general field you are trying to squeeze in. Try not to just tell them that your thing “really, truly works,” but give them an example and mention how using it will make them feel empowered, better, or happier, sharing the reasons why immediately after.

– Name the product and its helpful features

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While you are developing what your marketing campaign is going to say about your product, think heavily about the message you wish to share and make sure to mention the product exactly by its name a few times. Depending on the kind of marketing, hyperlink the product page, connect what it is meant for to how it helps the customer, and tell them why you decided to make it like that. People like buying things that make their lives easier and happier, so utilize those as your selling point. However, try not to falsely advertise and lie to the audience.

– Emphasize future value

Another great selling point people like to hear and know about their next product or service is the longevity and peace of mind it can give them. You must mention how using your variety is a pleasurable experience, and how it will fit well with the everyday lifestyle of customers. When they immediately see how, when, and where to use it, they will be more ready to give it a shot.

Thanks to the formula that these three steps make, you will create a brand that is famous for obsessing with the satisfaction and happiness of customers. There is nothing they enjoy more than quality and trusty brand who cares about them, and everyone likes seeing this in the marketing. To help you better implement attraction marketing into the expansion of your business, here are three crucial tips to lift you over the edge.

1. Choose the right medium/platform

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Before you proceed with the implementation of attraction marketing, take some time to think about the right platform, medium, or channel. Not everything will work equally well for your product or service, so take a second and evaluate your options. If you have to show, go with video platforms like YouTube. If you need to tell a longer story, Twitter is not the right option because of the character limit. If you have a smart idea on how to achieve this with quality photographs and images, why not give Instagram a shot? In any case, the Internet is where you want to be, and to maximize your reach you should try to open an account on every major social media platform. This will help you cover all the different media types and increase your chance of reaching more potential customers.

2. Show personality

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Imagine your marketing strategy as talking to your customers. How would you do it? Well, it is smart to approach it as a person instead of just a marketer. Connect with your audience personally, give them something to think about, your brand history, ideas, and future plans. Try to appeal to their interests without knowing them, according to their potential knowledge of the market your product is in.

3. Focus on the facts

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When listening, reading, or watching advertisements, customers want to know the facts about the product. Although many commercials and marketing strategies have elaborate story elements, actors, and whatnot, most buyers do not care much about it all if they cannot learn about the product. Therefore, stay factual and give them statistics, data, and accurate information about what you are selling them.