6 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Contractor To Reroof Your House

Reroofing is an important decision to make as it is quite expensive to change the complete roof or even some part of it. You must make sure you get the best services from a reliable contractor so your roof can last longer without many repairs. You should do deep research on different companies that offer roofing services.

Looking for a reputable, reliable and trustworthy contractor to reroof your house can be overwhelming if you want the best services.

1. How much experience do you have in the roofing business?

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This is the most important question you must ask when hiring a contractor to reroof your house. The cost of reroofing can be quite expensive. If you are planning to reroof your house then you must ensure that the roof stays strong for years. You don’t have to spend additional money fixing the roof anytime soon.

For this, you must hire an experienced contractor who has years of experience in building good quality roofs and perform their task skillfully. It is your responsibility to do a complete background check and read reviews about the company before hiring them. Ask the contractor to show some of their best and recent projects.

You can ask the contractor for client details if it is not against their privacy policy. A reliable, trustworthy contractor will always brag about their satisfied clients. Make sure that the company is reputable and provides the best services. Make sure the contractor is providing a warranty period for their services.

2. Do you have a license and what is your licence status?

Knowing about their licence and their current license status is very crucial. According to hawaii-roofing.com, a reputable and trustworthy contractor will have a roofing licence and certificates that make them highly experienced. Also, you must follow rules and guidelines as per law while building a roof for your house.

If you are hiring a contractor with a proper licence and in case there is any problem with the roof then the contractor will be held liable. You can sue them if you have to face some serious damage due to their negligence. You can claim for damages if any part of your house is damaged while reroofing.

You don’t get all these options if the contractor doesn’t hold any roofing licence and any damage caused due to negligence will not be the responsibility of the contractor. It’s your duty to hire a contractor that has a valid updated licence and perform their work without any negligence.

3. Does your company have insurance against workers?

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Insurance against workers refers to workmen’s compensation. As per the law, employees must be protected by the workmen’s compensation policy which makes the employee liable to compensate for any damage or injury to employees.

Many contractors to avoid paying compensation to the employees will put the fault on you in case of an accident. Since the accident occurred on your property you will be held liable to compensate for the expenses on the injury of the employee.

Many contractors also have general liability insurance which protects your house against any damage caused while building the roof. Any accidental damage that you personally didn’t cause to your house that can create problems in future will be your liability.

If the contractor says he has general liability insurance for your house then better ask them to show proof of the insurance certificate. Also, keep a photocopy of the documents to avoid future disagreements.

4. Do you use roofing subcontractors?

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Some contractors hire subcontractors to get the actual work done. It’s recommended to avoid such contractors because this creates a disorganised chain of command. Moreover, you are not aware of the quality of services they provide.

You would have to research the subcontractors as well for insurance, licencing, documentation and other paperwork. It makes the process more chaotic. You have to go through the complete process of background checks about the subcontractor’s company to test their efficiency.

Getting the work done by a single company is less hectic, saves time and you are assured about quality services from skilled workers.

5. Do you provide a photocopy of the invoice?

Don’t forget to obtain a photocopy of the invoice from the contractor. A reputable and trustworthy company will provide you with all the documents that you should receive without even asking. Many contractors often charge high prices for the materials used for construction and get away with it.

You have complete rights to ask for a copy of the total estimate of the expenses as you will be paying for it. Sometimes getting an invoice copy can lead to charging extra money but at least you will have a detailed record of all the expenses.

Moreover, you must avoid contractors who hesitate to provide the invoice. Consider this as a red flag because asking for an invoice means they can’t overcharge you and make extra profits.

6. How long will the work take to complete?

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This is another most crucial question you must ask your contractor before hiring them because based on that you have to arrange for alternative accommodation. The contractor will provide you with an estimated time needed by the workers for reroofing.

There might be a situation where the contractor has too many projects in his hands and it will take time to lay hands on your project. In such cases if you need immediate services you must hire a different contractor who can provide quick services without compromising on the quality of work.

The Bottom-line

You will find multiple companies offering roofing services and the easy way to know if they are reliable and trustworthy is by asking them questions about their services.

Once you narrow down your list, get an appointment and enquire about every detail before hiring them. These are a few important questions that you must ask the contractor without fail before hiring them to reroof your house.

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