What is Alkaline Water: Benefits and Risks – 2024 Guide

Do you know what alkaline water is and why it is good for your body?

Water is not only a large part of the body, it is recommended to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day to maintain adequate hydration and prevent the development of fatigue, headaches, and other diseases.

But many times this fluidity is not enough, and the body will need a little alkalinity to regulate the pH value in the body.

Before you read all about unique water, we will briefly explain the basics of the body’s pH value.

We will now talk about the essential data on pH values. pH values ​​are measured at level 0-14, this tells us that the optimal value is 7, and everything over is proven to be alkaline, and below this level acidic. The blood and other fluids in the body that surrounds the cells are slightly alkaline (pH 7.2 to 7.45). If the pH of the blood changed to 6.9, a coma would occur and then death.

Fortunately, our body has mechanisms that help it maintain balance and prevent large changes in pH. These are, in part, breathing, more precisely the lungs – than the systems that regulate body fluids and the selection of hydrogen ions in the kidneys.

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However, today’s way of life leads to the creation of a large amount of so-called acid waste in our body. About 97 percent of food as a product of metabolism produces acidic waste, and significant factors include alcohol, stress, and poor nutrition.

The resulting acids burden our body in the long run, which leads to many problems: obesity, reduced immunity, lack of energy, and some diseases related to acidities, such as diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, cancer, and others.

The alkaline water is specific in many ways, it has more negative 0H-ions, which leads to greater availability of oxygen in the blood. That means that if the blood is only slightly more alkaline, for example from 7.3 to 7.45, it will be about two-thirds more oxygen, which will be available to all cells.

Alkaline water hydrates the skin and body. That’s why it penetrates our cells quickly and thus hydrates our skin from the inside much faster. It also transmits nutrients and oxygen to cells much more efficiently and removes acidic cellular waste. You can read more about it on drinkheartwater.com

Help reduce weight and fat deposits.

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The best explanation of how this fluid affects weight loss when there is too much fatty acid in our body becomes a friend. Acid waste travels through the blood and the body, and due to the excessive amount of acidic foods and beverages we consume, it settles in fatty deposits instead of being eliminated through the kidneys and liver. In essence, it is the acid that makes us obese, not fat.

Now you are probably wondering how this type of fluid can help in weight loss. The answer is clear, this water penetrates the acid blocks much easier and faster, destroying them and expelling them from our muscles and joints, and even the head. Migraines or headaches are symptoms of excessive acid in the body. This water helps in expelling these acid blocks by allowing fat cells to be quickly and effectively eliminated from our bodies. By consuming this drink, the body gets rid of fat and leads to weight loss. It also reduces acidity in the body and stops the accumulation of fat. When fat cells are no longer needed, the body will eliminate them and the fat will melt.

Weight loss is guaranteed if you eat healthily and drink alkaline water. So make sure you drink and hydrate your body with this type of fluid.

Helps against aging!

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This liquid is negatively charged and is a natural antioxidant. One of the main benefits is antioxidant power. Our cells in the production of energy, make and free radicals that can cause damage and also accelerate aging. By consuming it, you can help neutralize acids and clean free radicals from the body. Daily intake stimulates the stomach to produce bicarbonates that are absorbed into the bloodstream and can neutralize acids.

Contributes to increasing the energy of the human body!

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Do you ever feel tired and weak? Do your muscles hurt, do you have poor memory and difficulty concentrating? There is a high possibility that the cause of your problems is a lack of oxygen. Then this is a very good solution for you. This water is rich in ions and has two to three times higher oxygen concentration compared to ordinary water. More oxygen means more energy, stronger immunity, and better concentration, it is also full of alkaline minerals that are necessary for our body.

Alkaline water risks

Keep in mind that it is not always a good idea to make the body too alkaline, as in everything the secret is in the golden mean. To people suffering from kidney disorders, minerals from alkaline water can begin to accumulate in the body.

Besides, drinking too much high-pH fluid can disrupt normal body pH. This can lead to a condition called metabolic alkalosis, which can cause confusion, nausea, vomiting, hand tremors, muscle twitching, and tingling in the face, arms, and legs.

Is this water good for your kidneys?

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If you have chronic kidney disease or are taking a medication that affects your kidney function, elements in alkaline water could have negative side effects on the kidneys. Consult with your doctor first.

It can Be Dangerous While on Medication!

Another danger of drinking this type of water is the potential for its reaction to medicine. Roughly 90 percent of Americans are either on prescribed medication or regularly use over-the-counter treatments.

Scientists have shown that alkaline water is highly reactive with most medications and can produce dangerous, toxic chemicals inside the body.

If you are taking any medication, drink only clean filtered water. Avoid alkaline water during your treatment.

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