12 Best Console Video Games Of All Time: 2024 Guide

Video games are exciting and one of their kinds. Almost thousands of games are released every year, however, only a few make it to the charts of the best console video games of all time.

Besides the graphics, the sound, intensity, and the excitement that they bring along is excellent! You can get to know more about it at gamulator.com.

Combining and looking into all the different genres of video games, here are few most splendid picks.

1. Rovio Angry Birds

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Rovio’s first-ever mobile video game, Angry Birds, launched in 2009, is the most liked franchises. It is undeniably the earliest titles in an iPhone.
Here basically, players have to slingshot the angry birds and attack the bad pigs. It has many levels and upon scoring a certain score you can unlock the next level.

2. Call of Duty (COD)

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It has excellent features. It has everything that a person wants in his first shooter game experience. It has two modes: Single and multiplayer.
It becomes complex with each stage but still is loved by the maximum. Also, it gives you a realistic shootout feeling and came into existence in 2005. We can undoubtedly call it the favorite of all the players.

3. Wolfenstein 3D

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It is the godfather of every shooter game. Introduced by if Software and released before 1992, it is all about world war 2.

You simply need to escape from your Wolfenstein castle and shoot all the villains as your level increases throughout the game.

4. The Sims

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Introduced in 2000, it encompasses quite an American culture.
Many players do not understand the real story of the game, but they slowly get the hang of playing it. Here, the players are needed to achieve a particular goal, which is detailed quite minutely.
It has task management even, which is quite common in each game today!

5. Counter-Strike

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Counter strike is undeniably one of the most played games in the esports industry. It is a game of billion dollars! Designed in the year 1999, the counter strike is winning hearts as it is evolving day by day. The latest incarnations are phenomenal.
Here, the players are parted in two teams called the counter-terrorist and the terrorist. The terrorist needs to bomb any objective and kidnap people, and the counter-terrorists stops them from doing so.
However, watching It is even more beautiful than just playing it.

6. SimCity

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The 2000 version of SimCity has influenced a lot of public. Initially launched in 1994, it was just nearly perfect.
The graphics like the view of bridges, hills, roads, valleys, and buildings look realistic. The player basically needs to build a city and gain the local advisers’ constant feedback, making the players more engrossed in it.

7.  ESPN NFL 2K5

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Loyal football fans claim that this is the best game anyone could ever play.
Introduced in 2004, it can be played in Xbox as well as PlayStation2.

The graphics, sound, and features make it more attractive, and the games absolutely love to play It.

8. Super Mario Odyssey

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It is loved among the players. It portrays the story of Mario, and the gamer goes with his journey in the game, where he faces numerous hindrances by running continuously.

It has several parts. It was the first 3D game to be released in the whole world.
Super Mario 64, Super Mario sunshine are the parts of It that need to perform specific new actions.

9. Mass Effect 2

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The critics score this as 96 out of 100, and the users score it as 8.9 out of 10.

It is about an adventure of science fiction in a universe that consists of dangerous aliens and mysterious planets.

The human is in danger due to the aliens and is struggling to get out of it.
Saren’s army has been defeated, and now they need to make their way out.

10. Half-Life

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The critics score this at 96 out of 100, and the users score it as 9.0 out of 10.
The plot is all about storytelling about Stephen King.

It is filled with intense great action and great technology. It creates a remarkably realistic effect that forces the players to think more effectively and powerfully for survival. It ensures an amazing gaming experience.

It has won about more than 50 awards, which is why it is known as one of the best games ever made!

11. Portal 2

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The critics score this one 95 out of 100, and the users score it as 8.4 out of 100.
The game got a title with “game of the year” in 2007 in more than 30 publications worldwide.
More than 3 million copies were sold back in 2007. It focuses on creating more great strategies and impacts in order to expand the award-winning series. It has recently introduced a co-op gaming mode as well. It can be played on platforms like Linux, PC, Xbox, Mac, and PlayStation3.

12. Galaga

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No one really knows the plot of Galaga. You are equipped with a lot of quarters, and you need to blast the aliens. Released and introduced in 1981, it is quite similar to the arcade golden age.

The primary objective is to shoot the aliens and achieve high scores. With these scores, you can unlock numerous levels and enjoy the game even more
It is a kind of old school, but people still find it fun to play. And of course, with time, the cruelty level has increased over the years. All you need to do is cross the levels and achieve high scores.


Besides the above-listed games, many others have aced their primary objective and have proved themselves to be the favorites of many players.

With the days passing by, these video games have made a place for themselves in the hearts of the players. They swear by them and spend their recreational time playing these. If you have not tried any one of them till today, what are you waiting for?

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