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5min rhadashin
Normal Herson Lee Varona Rhada
Normal 係馬會出糧
bet_football 歡迎歡迎!

冇1.7以上都唔會比 想唔想連勝?

要你地每個都正數😎 #快錢#贏錢#馬會#足球#tips#足球tips#心水#足球心水

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glennhigginsfitness The sun is out again...that means it's perfect weather to get your burn on anywhere you can! Turn this simple swing into your own full body gym!! - suspended press up - 15reps
- L sit pull up - 15reps
- Core roll out - 15reps
- Knee Tucks- 15reps - Rounds 6-8

Wether your with the kids or just down the park kicking a ball around, try this out.

And have a great day
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sifuenteswraps Can you say DELICIOUS?! Salmon with veggies. Mm!! I'm drooling! Thanks for the amazing picture and the now cravings! @meal @FlavorGod @healthyjulez follow these accounts for awesome recipes and tips to eating happy and healthy :) 9min

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10min sacckuwait
Normal مركز صباح الأحمد للقلب
sacckuwait ما هو دور الدعامة في عملية القسطرة؟

يلجأ الطبيب في بعض الأحيان إلى استخدام الدعامة (وهي شبكة معدنية غير قابلة للصدأ) توضع فوق البالون. وعندما ينتفخ البالون لإزالة الإنسداد تتوسع الدعامة وتبقي الشريان مفتوحاً من بعد إزالة الإنسداد.

وهذا الإجراء ليس إلزامي فهو يعتمد على حالة المريض ومدى حاجته للدعامة!

الصورة توضح شكل الدعامة قبيل إدخالها للشريان المسدود.

What is the role of the Stent in the Coronary Angioplasty procedure?
The doctor may resort to use a stent
(a non-corrosion metal mesh) that is applied on a balloon catheter. And when the balloon is inflated the stent expands and locks in place to help keep the diseased artery open and reduce the chance of a clot formation. *The stent application is not mandatory! As it depends on the patient's condition. And whether he needs a stent to be applied or not.

The picture demonstrates a stent.

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hervieduenasfitness This how it should be.

Let your nutrition take care of your fat loss.
Weight train to stimulate muscle growth.
And maintain as much muscle as possible.
Use cardio in a proper way.
Just to strengthen your cardiovascular system.

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hervieduenasfitness PINK DUMBELL MYTH

This is another myth, what I call 'The Pink Dumbbell Myth'
that is often perpetuated by magazines and infomercials, convincing us that we should use lighter weights (e.g., pink dumbbells) for "higher reps" to tone our bodies. There's also a belief that this
approach somehow burns more fat and that women should lift weights this way to avoid getting big and bulky.

The truth is that this type of strength training doesn't burn more fat and the only way it will 'tone' your body is if you've created a "calorie deficit"
that allows you to lose body fat.
Using lighter weights for higher reps will help you increase muscular endurance and it does have a place in training routines, but that lean, defined look comes from losing body fat.

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hervieduenasfitness For the first 6-8 months of your weight training. You see a lot of improvement and changes on the body.
After your body adopted,
It stop growing.

Include STRENGTH TRAINING in your schedule.
3-5 reps. 85-95% of your 1RM.

Use the major lifts. e.g.

And see how your body will put strength and mass.


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hervieduenasfitness Build stamina, edurance and strength of your body. Push to the limit. As i conduct Bootcamp. @fitbahrain 4mon

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hervieduenasfitness Mike mentzer was one of the best bodybuilders in history.
He is a flexible dieter. (Iifym)
But hes one of the most defined competitor in the contest.
You can eat ice cream, cakes, or whatever you want even in your
pre-contest as long as it fits your macros.

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hervieduenasfitness Some stupid BODYBUILDING MYTH that never die!!! 1. Eat clean for you to shred fat.
No. Count your calories for deficit for you to shred fat.

2. Eat 6 small meals to speed your metabolism. Its about calories not frequency.

3. Dont eat carbs after 6. As long as you hit your certain amount of carb in a day. it will not affect anything on your body.

4. Train to failure. Training to failure will not assure you to build more muscles. You should train progressively.

5. Lifting heavy weight will make woman bulky. Women body cant build muscle like men. Because of the amount of testosterone on their body.

6. Drink your protein after 30mins of your workout.
You dont need to do it because of the thinking you will be in a catabolic state. Theres no such thing as 30mins anabolic window.
Hit your macronutrient in a day.

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hervieduenasfitness This is very true.
In the field of fitness and bodybuilding.
A lot of people goes in to the gym.
Several months after you already see them teaching other trainees.

And dont even have clue what and why they are doing that to their trainees.

Thats why stupidity in the gym easily spread.
Broscience here and their.
Become wise, do your reaserch.
"Dont just build muscle.
Build your brain".
Challenge them with WHY, WHAT, HOW.
Dont be fool by others who called them selves personal trainers!

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hervieduenasfitness Most trainees are like this.
They spend big amount of money on supplements believing and thinking their body will change.
Becauae they see this models who been use my supplement company and the marketing they used.
Remember its not the supplements why their body became like that.
Its about the gear they are using.

Supplements will not do anything on your body as long as your nutrition is totally wrong. Dont get cought by this supplement company.
Fix properly your nutrition.
And you will see. You dont need 80% of the supplement in the market.

Learn and be wise.

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