How To Handle A Denied Insurance Claim (2024)

All types of personal injury accidents, be it car accidents, medical errors, slips, and falls, etc., share the same thing– an insurance claim to recover the damages of the victim. When you get injured due to someone else’s error, you expect the party to pay for your damages. However, they do not always do so. Sometimes, they may deny it completely or pay less.

If you have been in an accident in Crystal, there are high chances of you being in a situation like this one. It is important to have a Crystal personal injury lawyer on your side who knows what they are doing. For example, they can help you fight a denied insurance claim and gather evidence to support your case.

Why was your insurance claim denied?

Why was your insurance claim denied


The insurance process can be intricate and requires attention to detail. Even the most minute errors can trigger a denial and make you start over again. Here are some common reasons why claims are denied:

  • The insurance funds of the person at fault are not enough to cover your damages.
  • The deadline to file a claim, usually 30 days from the date of the accident, has expired.
  • You have not received proper medical diagnosis or treatment.
  • There is no police report or other evidence to prove that you were indeed involved in the accident.

What should you do if your insurance claim is denied?

what to do if insurance claim is denied


This may seem obvious, but one of the most important things to do after your claim has been denied is to carefully review the letter or notification sent by the insurance company. It is recommended to have your attorney go through it as well.

If the claim is partially paid or denied, there must be reasons listed for the same. You may be able to gather additional documents and resubmit the claim or file an appeal.

If the notification is not clear, you are free to call the carrier and ask your queries. They can explain to you the reasons why your claim was denied. You can further ask them if there is anything you can do to fix any errors so they can reconsider the claim.

However, the insurance adjuster will not be telling you your options. This is because they do not want to roll out compensation and will use this as an opportunity to deny you compensation and save money.

How can an attorney help in this situation?

Insurance Claim


Insurance companies are big and powerful, and that is why going against them can seem overwhelming and pointless. However, you do not have to feel defeated. Even after you have taken the necessary steps and the insurer rejects it, you may need a legal professional to fight on your behalf.

The skills of an attorney are very useful in the negotiation process. Simply having an attorney shows the insurance company that you are serious about getting compensation.

They are also less likely to play their dirty tactics on you. In addition, your attorney will carefully assess the reason to understand if it is valid and guide you on the next solution to get compensation.

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