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23s campyoun
Normal Grade 9 St. Edmund Campion
campyoun So two certain dinosaurs found this on a certain learning space... why would Emman leave his perfect-scored paper wet outside the classroom will remain a mystery. #test #quiz #perfect 23s

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Normal Make The Button Go Green

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X-Pro II Kosuke Ino
5min mrgxxver
Amaro Vernier Margaux
5min __youbez
Video TellyTubbie

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Mayfair Alliyah Jhinan Banan
alliyahjhinan #UTA #upgrading #test #postpone...!
Still have time to #practice but maybe i can do my #test #tomorow not on 17
Im #ready..
#nervous #excited..
#welove #tkd #taekwondo

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7min primabudii
Normal primabudii
primabudii 󾓬󾓭󾓥󾓦󾓮󾓧󾓨󾓩󾓪󾓫#TEST 7min

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9min punsunam
Normal 푼수남
punsunam #연애 할 머리면 #서울대 를 갔었군..하핳...나란 남자..이런 남자


요기서 여러분의 연애배치고사를 칠수있음

적당히 이런글에 실려 #럽스타그램 태그써봄ㅋㅋㅋ #일상 #daily #exam #test #dailypic #데일리 #instalike #instagood #tagsforlikes #InstaSize

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Normal Yoshe
immanuel_yoshe Museum gajah jakarta #latepost #test 13min

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13min pinzlody
Normal Rafael Silvia
Normal Jason
jason_15_cocker Two years ago today I passed my driving test! That's two years and no points on my licence! #twoyears #two #years #passed #drivingtest #test #nopoints #points 16min

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x_honey_senpai_x Bassy: "My lord, today we have a have a guess, he/she is coming to discus some business with you." Ciel: "Is she/he coming around tea time?" Bassy: "well they might be a minute or two late so I'll just get the tea prepare when they get here." You: "I'm gonna be late" -Puts on clothes quickly-
A.) Anything that I can find!

B.) take my time to get dress nicely and arrive 15 minutes late

C.) whatever appeals to me
D.) to look nice in front of Ciel and make him fall in love wit me ( me: well ok 0-0 )
Me: You arrived and Basseh shows up in the front entrance waiting for you with a warm smile.
Bassy: "Welcome to the Phantomhive manor, I'm the butler of this fine estate"

A.) "wow it's bootyful"
( Basseh: "huh what was that?" )

B.) Grell: "oh Basseh I bribe this girl/guy so I can finally be with u again -giggles and blushes- ( me: really -.- )

C. "Oh my, how beautiful it is, the fine art works and the decorations." Me: Basseh would bring you to Ciel office so you guys can discus over some business you planed for him

Ciel: "what is it that you want that is so important?" You:

A.) "I wanted to see when's our wedding!!!" -u pull out a giant binder-
Ciel: "what is the meaning of this!" ( me: oh my 0-0 )

B.)" I was wondering if you would kindly let me stay here, I currently don't have a place to stay." C.) Grell: "well I want to see if your ok with me marrying your butler" -gets up all in Ciels face-
( Me: typical Grell... )

D. "Some business my family wanted"

Me: After your visit with the Phantomhive estate you left and went back home with everything you wanted to happen


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26min yauwlin11_
Valencia Lintang Santoso

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34min dhiyadread
Valencia Dhiya Fergie
dhiyadread #test selfie ckit#hp baru org pnye hehe 34min

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