Is it hard to get a Skilled Worker Visa in the UK?

The latest achievements in the tech field have really provided us with so many options, as today, even searching for a job is possible if you have a stable WiFi connection. On the other hand, the need for more workers is something most western countries are in need of, which can be a great opportunity for people all across the globe. The same thing is for the UK, and there are many Visas that this country offers to everyone who wants to move there, but understandably, certain requirements need to be met first. Namely, applying for a Skilled Worker Visa is not difficult, and what’s even more important, the waiting period is one of the shortest, and above all, by obtaining one, you will have the opportunity to stay for as long as five years without having to extend it. Of course, many people find it challenging to apply for such Visa, but there is no need to feel that way as all that’s needed is to follow instructions and guidelines, and that is something we will try to help you with as well.

Inform yourself


Okay, this is where everything starts from, as knowing at least the basics of requirements and what type of paperwork you need to provide is simply a must. Namely, some documents required are the same, regardless of what type of Visa you are applying for, but there are specific instructions about the paperwork needed for each type of Visa. In this case, a passport or some other form of official ID is needed, along with the occupation code, job title, and salary.

Now, even though these are just some of the basic documents, you will also need to provide two key pieces of information. The first is a certificate of sponsorship, and the second is knowledge of the English language. Both are a must, as you simply cannot apply for a Visa of any country this way without knowing the language, as it is considered something of a must. Overall, workers are needed for many positions worldwide, in the UK too, and there shouldn’t be any difficulties getting this type of Visa. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that just anyone can easily apply and be sure they will get one, as the job specifics and type of job you are equipped to do also play a huge role.

As for the process, it is far from a time-consuming one, but waiting for an answer on whether you got one or not might be a bit longer, as in some extreme cases, this waiting period can be more than six weeks. In general, one will get the answer in a matter of three weeks, but be prepared for any kind of extension, as just because someone waits for a bit more doesn’t mean their application will be denied, far from it.

Check the available job options at home


In order to get a skilled worker visa, we need to find a reliable job first and make sure that it is eligible, which can be pretty challenging sometimes, especially for people who are not familiar with this program. Because of that, it is a much better option to set aside enough time while still at home and search for open job positions before the final decision to apply. It will lessen the pressure of making a quick decision as you will have enough time to think about all the opportunities, choose the best possible one and learn more about the conditions of moving to a foreign country.

The best way to find a reliable job is to search for companies with sponsorship programs because their goal is to help skilled workers get their visas sooner, and they get great employees in return. Besides the great salary and guaranteed job, you will also get help with paperwork, so all you need to do is to relax and think about your job. If you decide to apply this way, it is important to find a reliable company that is able to help you, which requires proper research as there are too many of them, so if you do not have enough time and want to start a new life in the UK, visit

Check each instruction twice

When it comes to instructions for applying for a skilled worker visa, it is crucial to read them carefully, as one tiny mistake can result in being rejected. All the instructions are detailed, and every document needs to be provided in a certain format as it is stated, so make sure not to fill in the application in a hurry. Although it seems too harsh, there is a simple reason for that, and since there are too many people who want to move to the UK this way, incomplete or wrong application is the best way to sort them and choose the best ones.

The test


As already mentioned, everything starts with the knowledge of the English language. Namely, every applicant needs to complete the test containing several questions on the English language, which is why we have mentioned that lying will lead you nowhere as the score from this test will play the main role. As for what’s needed, basic knowledge is a must because applicants need to understand, write, and speak this language for their application to be eligible. Before applying, one should always check twice whether this type of Visa is the best one for them, as there are many other Visas available, and some of them might suit the purpose and your personal goals more. Besides that, make sure you have all the paperwork needed, as even one small mistake can mean your application will get refused. We are not trying to scare you, as there are many cases where applications were refused due to inaccurate information or because of some simple mistakes people made on their applications.

Opportunity to become the UK citizen


Once you get a skilled worker visa, you need to inform yourself about the conditions of extending it and all the opportunities it gives you. The great thing about it is that if someone does not change their job and works for the same employer, their visa is valid for five years, but it is not the only benefit. After the five-year period, they will be eligible to apply for another type of visa and become UK citizens. People who need to change their job also do not need to worry as it is possible, although it requires a little more paperwork because they need to extend their visas much more often.

Radulovic Jovica
Radulovic Jovica

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