How to Write an Interesting Essay in a Hurry? 9 Best Tips in 2024

An essay is a common thing we get in schools and colleges. Sometimes, in an exam, we need to write on any topic quickly. We do not have any source to think about and get details about that specific topic. It is necessary to practice writing an essay in a hurry not to face any difficulty while writing in your exam. You need to set a specific time for everything given in the question paper. Similarly, it goes with it.

In the following write-up, you will go through specific tips to write an essay in a hurry. If you follow the techniques, then you will successfully write the content without any difficulty. It will take around 5 minutes and you are done with your exam. You can get more information about these strategies on EduJungles and other following ways.

1. Disconnect Yourself with Mobiles and Social Platforms


Nowadays, our youth is involved in various social networks like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, etc. When you are writing any paragraph, you have to keep your phone away and disconnect with all the social media platforms. In this way, you will focus more on specific points and write elaborately.

With the distraction, it is hard to write more words in a specific time interval. If you want to maintain some time and complete your work within it, you need to focus on it. You should concentrate intensely and take out some essential points that you can cover. Take one by one and elaborate it with fluency.

2. Go Through the Question Carefully in Your Exam

When your exam starts, you need to read the question paper carefully. Go through every section and take your time. Consider the topic and try to recollect all the things you know about it. You should know what you can include in your essay.

When you start writing, then start with small paragraphs and write or type fluently. You can also make small points to remember later for the elaboration. In this way, you will write all the points without leaving anyone. Cover all the relevant things and get high scores.

3. Start Exploring Books


If you know the topic, then you must explore detailed information about it in those books. You must turn your pages on and explore the context. When you hunt your books, you will be able to grasp more knowledge about the topic, and later, you will write more precisely and score more marks. But it can only be done when you know that you will get the same topic in your exam. But the general information will help you in writing an essay effectively.

4. Make Notes

Notes mean small points of a specific topic. You must write notes to determine every aspect of the question. It is possible to elaborate on the points and make it an essay. Many people prefer making notes and use them whenever required.

If you do the same things, then you are on the right track. It is possible to organize your notes by writing small paragraphs. You can also include bullet points to make some statements clear.

5. Write the Introduction and Conclusion in the End


You must need to save a few lines in the introduction and conclusion to write it in the end. In the middle, you have to include all the necessary details on the topic. It will help you understand the concept clearly, and in the end, you can write the beginning and end of the essay.

Indeed, the introduction and conclusion must be engaging so that it catches the attention of the reader. Sometimes, you can get high scores with an impressive beginning and ending of the essay.

6. Proofread Your Content

When you complete writing your essay, you need to read the whole at once. If you have made any mistakes, then you can quickly correct them. The proofreading process is quite essential to make your essay more defined.

Most of the time, we make mistakes whenever we write in a hurry, but submitting the bad-quality content is unacceptable. If you want to full marks, then make sure you proofread your essay very well.

7. Be Unique


You should avoid copying and pasting of information on any topic. If you understand the concept, then you should write in your words. It is necessary to be unique because everyone appreciates different things that are not available on different books or online platforms.

Plagiarized content can leave a terrible impression on the reader’s mind because he is getting the same things everywhere. He will ignore your essay and move to another topic. You should avoid this mistake for better reviews.

8. Do not Repeat Same Sentences

No one likes to read the same thing repeatedly. Try to avoid writing fluff sentences to increase the word limit. Instead, you can add more facts and examples to diverting the interest of people towards your essay. You need to manage your words effectively so that everyone likes your writing style.

Make sure that you do not copy anyone because it will degrade the quality of your content. Similarly, avoid long quotes because no one has that much time to understand what you are explaining. You should write straight to the point and cover the necessary points.

9. Take Small Breaks to Relax and Recollect More Information


You need to take small breaks after writing one essay and switching to the other one. Grab a big cup of coffee and think of more points. Meanwhile, make notes to elaborate on in your essay. When you relax, you will get more ideas, and therefore, you will write better. Therefore, you should not miss such breaks and take your time to recollect the information.

The Bottom Line

It can be challenging to write an essay in a hurry. But if you want to do so, then you must follow all the tips mentioned earlier. It will help you in thinking deeply about the topic and recollecting all the information. If you are facing any difficulties, then try out these tips and attempt again.