Ranking Every WoW Expansion Pack from Worst to Best – 2024 Guide

Every year, the Wow (World of Warcraft) announces its new expansion. Some people have a fantastic experience, and some people have a disappointing experience. It is essential to discuss all the previous expansions and know which ones are best and worst.

People with bad experiences like to continue the game in the future, but it will be a big failure for Wow. Their solution is to know the best ones and try them out. This website offers leveling, dungeons, boosts, characters, etc., of the expansions at a good price.

There is a huge competition, and it is better to cut it off for a better user experience. In the following write-up, we will rank every WoW expansion pack from worst to best to better understand the series. Every person wants to invest his time and money in a right and exciting game. Let us discuss this in detail.

1. The Burning Crusade

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It is the least recommendable version of Wow, but people with a massive interest in it can play it well. At the time of release, many people loved it, but it becomes worse when it started getting old. You will hate defeating 25 demons in it. If you are searching for a better option, then you can choose other expansions.

Many zones are there that are good by the standard. To know the wider story, you need to keep on digging the repetitive quests. You need to give at least 24 hours to beat all the levels of the game. It is highly advisable not to play it because it is boring and will waste your time.

2. Cataclysm

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Many things drag this version low. It is focused on expansion and making significant changes in all the zones in the region of Azeroth. There should be a level in the zones of the Eastside kingdoms and Kalimdor. You need to explore the zones, which is an exciting part of this version.

But zones are quite bad to explore, like Vashj’ir, in which you need to swim underwater, which can be quite disturbing and irritating. The beating time of this version is 20 hours, and you won’t explore new zones.

3. Wrath of the Lich King

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It is an old expansion, which is not considered as much exciting and fascinating. As an experienced game player, then you will consider its quest design quite old. There is no denying that Arthas is a fantastic villain, and Wrath found perfect ways to tease him. If you want to explore any outdated place, then Northrend is the one.

The major drawback of this expansion is that it takes around 10 hours to move out of all the levels of the expansion, and you can get bored with many quests. You can get a correct idea about the structure of modern versions. If you are looking for something unique and latest, then it is not for you.

4. Battle of Azeroth

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If we talk about the current version of Warcraft, then it contains many problems. The character leveling is possible when you play the Battle of Azeroth because there are separate stories for every fraction. You will get a historical jungle with dinosaurs, ziggurats, etc.

You will find this game quite fascinating and exciting. The beating time of this expansion is nearly 16 hours, which is too long for players. It does not ruin the experience of old versions with all the benefits, but it fell down some points.

5. Warlords of Draenor

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The story of this expansion has no meaning at all, but a player needs to travel back and give the Dark portal to orcs. Warcraft has its best version with the significant addition of introductions of main villains and a short questline. If you find the first version terrible, then you will feel great playing the second one.

You can find all the hidden treasures and have an exciting experience of the game. You need to spend many hours building every level of the game. It is possible to take the character to the next level by beating in almost 12 hours.

6. Legion

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It is a perfect comeback after the version of Warlords of Draenor, which is quite epic and exciting for the players. Many severe issues are fixed within the endgame, in which the damaged story of its five zones was corrected.

This version includes various twists and turns, which is perfect for people who love complicated games. It brings a big adventure in one’s mind. If you are considering any modern Wow expansion, then you can consider Legion as one.

All the quests are quite varied and colorful, and you won’t kill boars for their livers. Every zone is self-contained, and hence, there is a little jarring. The approximate time to beat the level is 14 hours.

7. Mists of Pandaria

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You need an approximate time of 16 hours to complete it. Many people are crazy about the Panda character along with the Chinese aesthetic. It sounds unique in all the expansions. If we come about the story of this expansion, then it is perfect, vibrant, and fascinating.

Many significant improvements were made in the quest design so that the users won’t be able to read the quest text during storytelling and objectives. Even after those changes, people consider it as a cool game.

If we talk about zones, then it is quite hard to focus even on one. It is easy to sweep up in the rice farms and jungles of Pandaria. Undoubtedly, this expansion is worth it as compared to others. It is perfect for beginners and experienced players.

The Bottom Line

Due to the release of various expansions, it is hard to determine the best ones. If you know which ones are good and bad, then you won’t waste your time exploring any version.

Therefore, it is necessary to check out the list of the expansion pack from worst to best. Explore in detail and choose the right expansion to involve yourself and play it with great joy and enthusiasm.