Is World of Warcraft Still The Most Played MMORPG In India?

World of Warcraft is one of those games that wakes up nostalgia in all of us when we think about it. This game is popular literally for decades. From the moment the game is released, back in 2004, the game only experienced immersive growth in terms of popularity.

Therefore, if you are wondering whether or not WoW is still the most played MMORPG game in India, the answer is yes, it is! The game is widely played in all corners of the world, including India even nowadays. In fact, with so many different interesting extensions, updates, and innovative features, this game attracted through years a lot of new players. No matter if someone is a game player, or not, he will say that the game is incredibly popular in India.

We can freely say that WoW is considered a gaming cultural phenomenon that never lost its charm and attractive appeal. The game is still loved and played by millions of Indian people, therefore many are asking what is the secret of the WoW popularity? How is it possible that after all of this time, players in India are still thrilled when it comes to playing the WoW game? Let’s discover the World of Warcraft popularity secret and see where its magic comes from.

WoW is the game that Everyone Can Enjoy It

A WoW game is extremely welcoming for all new players, so if you never played this game before, you do not have to worry whether or not you will manage it, since the game is very beginner-friendly. In fact, you can find many tutorials that will guide you through the first couple of levels.

After that, you will understand the game and continue completing the quest on your own. The game is literally suitable for all ages, and with such rich gaming content, everyone immediately falls in love with the game. Best of all is the fact that you can choose the type of game you want to play in WoW according to your experience, game performance, and taste.

WoW game comes with Constant Updated

One of the reasons why the game is so popular in India refers to the fact that the game actually feels alive. Why is that? When a person starts to play and enjoy the game, he is realizing that exploring the game can never really ends, since new updates and expansions are constantly arriving. Therefore, this game is so played and attractive just because it can never become boring.

How many years you are playing it, you will come across something new, that you never had a chance to discover yer. People love the fun, thrilling, and unexpected features that this game brings. Even though there are constantly new additions you can explore, players that love the traditional and nostalgic aspect of the game can return to locations and captivating lore that they like to re-experience all over again.

Therefore, the game provides something for everyone. If you like changes, this game will bring it to you with constant modernizing of the content, and if you like the old and authentic appearance of the game, you can re-play it.

Remarkable Lore that WoW offers


The crucial thing that is separating the WoW game from any other multi-player game is the amount of lore that it provides as well as its uniqueness. Developers of the game put a huge effort into creating new zones in-game, innovative characters as well as the stories that seem so real. In fact, the virtual world that players can experience and enjoy in this game is incredibly exciting. With constant new gaming features, we can freely say that the game will experience even bigger growth in the future.

Therefore, a WoW game is truly a very powerful game that has the biggest community of passionate players compared to any other modern MMORPG. The game is not limited to any region or country in the world, which means that game is dedicated to different languages as well. This allows people from all around the world to enjoy the game and play it with their nationals.

Players Are Rewarded For How Long They are Playing

One more reason why people all around the world are sticking with the WoW game is that the system provides rewards to veteran players. This means that as long as you are playing the game, you can expect to get different rewards. The achievement system that we are talking about allows all players to gather their successful points and in that way boost their gameplay and level up.

The game is full of different obstacles and challenges that players need to overcome. Even though this sounds like a time-consuming task, it is very thrilling when you achieve passing some of the very hard obstacles. Additionally, many people love this game just because it requires strategy development and constant thinking. However, you need to prepare to invest a lot of effort in the game if you want to get achievements.

Unfortunately, some people are not able to invest so much time playing the game because of the daily responsibilities they have. Therefore, if you are facing a problem of this kind, you should know that this should not be the reason for you to quit the game. If you have trouble passing some level or overcoming the obstacle in the game, do not stress about it, you can consider WoW Boost.

WoW is one of the Games that is Offering Endless Personalization Options


One of the best features of the World of Warcraft game is that players can customize their characters and additionally create hundreds of them while playing the game. It is incredible how unique and attractive you can make your character. This means that game goes beyond selecting your name and class. Instead, you have the opportunity to choose your race, faction, transportation, gear that you are going to wear, and best of all overall appearance of your fantasy hero through your gaming character.

Radulovic Jovica
Radulovic Jovica

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