How to Find Out a Woman Wants to Have Sex With You?

How to find out that a girl wants to have sex with you? Many men are dying to know the answer to this question!

However, many males often do not understand even apparent hints. All because they are mistaking them for something else. And sometimes, on the contrary, they repel a woman with their persistence, believing that they are just flirting with her. So why does she twirl her hair around in her finger, blush, and touch her neck as she talks? Is it nerves or a demonstration of desire? In this article, we will analyze all the female hints of lust together with the experts of the website,

Okay, above all, sexual desire indications by a lady’s side are often subtle. You can hardly find a girl who will instantly start talking about her inner passions. Most likely, she will only slightly allude to sexual interest towards you. Men find it difficult to understand such indications, though. After all, they are used to talking about sex directly. Fortunately, you can find out about a woman’s intentions through certain verbal and non-verbal signs. Let’s consider some of them in more detail.

We want to start with the behavior. If a man appears handsome to a lady – then she will flirt with him, smile, and show her interest through communication. But when a girl realizes she wants to get physical with him, to these signs are added the follows:

  • The craving for tactile sensations. The woman will not miss the chance to feel the hair, arms, shoulders of the conversationalist. Also, during the chat, she will try to shorten the space between them as much as possible.
  • Fast and deep breathing, pupil dilation.
  • Various manifestations of tension. Psychologists have found out – when communicating with the males they like, females more often indicate signals of mild nervousness.
  • Markedly playful attitude, such as playing with her locks.


More open-minded women are not afraid to express their intentions through direct words. Each of them then unconsciously starts to mirror the guy’s manner of communication, gestures. And in addition, she:

  • Says many compliments: notes an excellent body shape and rich inner world of a man.
  • Offers to spend time together, in a quiet place away from other people.
  • She speaks openly about her desires. This behavior is demonstrated by the most bold ladies who keep up with the times and are confident in their attractiveness.

But don’t forget about the outfits! On a date with a handsome guy, any lady will dress as seductively as possible. Depending on the parameters of her body, she will surely highlight a narrow waist, round hips, or firm, high breasts. Furthermore, the girl will continually draw the man’s attention to the winning parts of her appearance, as if slowly tidying her clothes.

During communication, such a woman will definitely briefly go through the topic of sex, laugh at even the most pathetic jokes, and take the initiative to chat herself.

Right after the matter is clear – a woman wants to have sex with you, the main thing you – is not to fade away. If intimacy is not a part of your plans, then – you need to delicately refuse, mentioning exact reasons. If the desire is mutual, then it is worth demonstrating your interest. But how to do this? To be self-confident, above all. Every female likes a charismatic, active, intelligent man. The more these qualities are manifested, the stronger the interest by her side will be. Also, try to create sexual tension through tactile contact. Let it be rather friendly at first, and then move into a more intimate format of kisses on the neck or passionate hugs.

Tips to attract women sexually toward you


No doubt that looks play an important role in attracting women to you, but it is not the sole factor you should focus on. There are many other things that you need to keep in mind to ensure the woman wants you sexually. Let us have a look at these fantastic tips one by one:

  • Listen to women patiently:

Communication is the best way of expressing your feelings to someone. Women adore men who listen to their conversations politely. If a male tries to be over-talkative in front of a female, the conversation becomes a competition. This will not let you understand each other’s thoughts. Also, make sure that whatever you try to express, it must make sense. We are not telling you to be a philosopher but try to pick your words intelligently if you want to get attention from the woman next to you.

  • Tell her that you find her sexually appealing:

Whenever you meet a woman and find her sexually attractive, do not hesitate to convey this to her. Most women feel that they are not good enough. That is why when a man tells her that she is sexy in his eyes, then the woman feels accepted by him the way she is. She feels that she can open up with you and be her true self. If she doesn’t feel secure around you, she will not want to have sex with you.

  • Create sexual tension:

When you go on a first date with a pretty lady, your aim must not only be to get to know her. You should try to build a strong emotional and sexual connection between you two. Building sexual tension will make her want you more, which is an excellent way to bring you to the second date. If you are unable to create sexual tension between you both, she will likely not have any desire to have sex with you.

  • Try to make strong eye contact:


Maintaining eye contact is essential whenever you communicate with a woman you want. If you fail at this, she will feel that she is not your priority or you are not interested in having a conversation with her. However, this does not mean that you have to keep staring at them the entire date because this can make her feel uncomfortable with you. Look her in the eyes to convey the message that you want to know more about her.

  • Turning her on with your touch:

If you meet your crush for the first time, introduce yourself with a charming handshake and try to hold her hand firmly but softly for about five seconds. Do not forget to maintain eye contact while doing this. This will make her feel that you are relaxed and confident. Women love men that have confidence in them while interacting with them.

To Sum Up

There are many ways to identify if a woman wants to have sex with you. The most common is when she starts expressing her inner passions and fantasies to you. We have also shared some tips that can help you come close to the lady you desire.

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