Why Modern Casinos Won’t Cheat Gamblers?

Back when casinos were operating illegally, the casino owners had little to worry about cheating gamblers. After several cases of cheating incidents, such as rigged online slots, fake decks of cards, and scams from gamblers, both the casinos and players now rely on heavy regulation for fair play.

Even the RTPs, variances, odds, and wagering requirements must be logical and favourable for the gamblers if the casino wants to be deemed legal. Otherwise, the casino business may soon become a subject of mockery, ridicule, and even bankruptcy.

So, why modern casinos won’t cheat gamblers? Let’s have a quick rundown of the reasons below!

1. They are Heavily Regulated

The rigorous licensing processes the online casinos have to go through these days ensure maximum security and fairness for the gamblers. Among all the firm rules that the casinos have to follow, third-party testing is one of them where the odds and RTP of the games must satisfy player values.

Even false advertising can penalize an online casino heavily since the licensing bodies have become stricter over the years. Some of the legitimate licensing bodies in the USA are:

  • British Columbia Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch
  • Kahnawake Gaming Commission
  • Nova Scotia Alcohol and Gaming Authority
  • Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
  • Québec Régie des Alcools des Courses et des Jeux

2. Online Casinos are Different from Land-Based Casinos

Needless to say, it is easier to cheat in land-based casinos by switching cards, coding the slot machine, with fake chips, and bribing the dealer. However, all of these are not possible against online slots in the USA and other gaming software.

In online casinos, you can’t use tiny cameras to take pictures of your opponent’s cards or make a secret alliance with the live dealer for favourable wins. All your wins, bonuses and wagering requirements are calculated according to automated algorithms. Hence, all the numbers and cards generated are random and unpredictable.

All the free online casino slots use the algorithm known as Random Number Generator (RNG), a technology that makes sure that the slots aren’t rigged to remember certain outcomes. Wildtornado.casino use RNGs to ensure fair play 24/7.

3. Third-Party Testing is Rigorous

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To ensure that all online casinos promote fair play, error-free house edges, and effective RNG algorithm, third-party labs come into play. The most notable ones are:

  • iTech Labs
  • Gaming Labs Certified
  • eCOGRA
  • BMM Testlabs

These labs test the gaming software providers, online slots, and online casinos for signs of rigging, tweaking, and coding of unethical nature. After they are done inspecting and checking them, the labs provide certifications to the gaming providers and casinos, which you will often see posted at the bottom of their web pages and games.

However, not all online casinos let third-party labs inspect their games and technology. Gamblers should avoid these types of casinos at all costs!

4. Casinos Already Have the Advantage

If the odds are in the casino’s favour, there is simply no reason for them to cheat the players. If you have heard of the term house edge, it signifies the advantage the casino has over the profit it makes from games and bets.

Let’s have a look at the house edges for each casino game offered:

Casino Games House Edge
Keno 20 – 40%
Sic Bo 2.78 – 33.33%
Craps 0 – 16.67%
Baccarat 1.01% – 15.75%
Free Slots Online 2 – 15%
American Roulette 5.26%
Caribbean Stud 5.22%
Hold’em Poker 2.36%

Games with a higher percentage of house edge benefits the casinos more than the gamblers. On the other hand, the games with a lower percentage of house edge are more beneficial for the players. Therefore, this table should help you decide where to bet your last dollar if you are stuck between different options!

Furthermore, the booming online gambling market, easy access to international online casinos, and quick and globalized payment procedures have put online casinos at the top of market demand.

Besides, attractive promotional offers keep bringing new players in. So, modern online casinos have quite the advantage!

5. Severe Penalty for Cheating Gamblers

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Firstly, setting up the online casino, collaborating with reputable gaming providers, getting approval from appropriate licensing bodies, setting up the right payment methods, and then building a customer base was hard enough as it is for a casino.

On top of that, if casinos cheat and get caught, they will lose everything they took so long to build! Starting from the licensing, gaming providers, and gamblers, they will all boycott them. Also, the scandal will spread through different social channels like wildfire!

More so, any gaming provider seeking to hold a prestigious position in the market will never sign a business contract with casinos like that. With that being said, it is impossible for an online casino to survive for long after incidents of such malpractice.

6. Demotivated Gamblers Will Stop Playing

Gamblers need to enjoy the games offered by the online casinos. If they lose more than win, they will eventually lose interest. Let’s be honest, there are hundreds of other casinos out there waiting to acquire more new players!

With the competition being so intense in the gambling industry, a casino can’t even think about falling short. Besides, gamblers who have had bad losses in one casino, will unlikely ever visit the place again! For games that involve luck, they will just assume the casino is bad luck for them!

For a casino to look established and legit, the wins and losses must be balanced. After all, that is part of fair play, where everybody gets something out of it! If it is only the casino winning and making money, the exchange is unequal.

So, Is It Worth It For Modern Casinos To Cheat Gamblers?

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Modern licensing rules and monitoring methods have made it very difficult for online casinos to cheat their players. Even one single mistake can create a series of disruptions that may eventually result in the demise of the company!

Furthermore, third-party audit authorities exist to ensure that the gaming providers are not collaborating with the casinos to scam players with rigged slot games! Once again, slots take careful steps to ensure gamblers are safe from underhanded tactics.

If you still have doubts, you can visit the websites of the third-party testing labs to get a clear idea of how the inspections are conducted. That’s all for now, folks!

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