Why I Didn’t Know About This Graphing Calculator Page Before

In the process of learning mathematics, it is inevitable that you will have to learn something related to graphs. But everyone is good at different parts of it. Some people are good at understanding words, while others are good at imagining and applying graphs. This causes some students to have a biased understanding of mathematical knowledge and are only good at word problems but not graphical ones. CameraMath Calculators can be used to help students who are not good at graphing to understand graphs in a deeper way because it has both textual descriptions and graphs of related knowledge and a calculator to help you calculate and use to solve difficult problems or check answers.

What are CameraMath and CameraMath Calculators?

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CameraMath is an app that uses artificial intelligence and professional math tutors to help students solve math problems. Using the app you can just take a picture of the problem and get the answer in one click, or seek help from 24/7 math tutors to get detailed steps and results of the solution.

CameraMath Calculators is a math calculator that is built into the CameraMath website and is designed to help computer users solve graphing problems.

In the process of using CameraMath Calculators, you will find that each module is very clear and you can easily find the one that you want to solve. And under each graphing calculator, there are detailed instructions and examples to introduce that knowledge, so after reading it you will surely be able to understand the point deeply! In addition, it has a special section for trigonometric formulas, so you can collect them for use in the future.

Types of graphical and arithmetic problems that can be solved.

  • Geometry: Perimeter & Area, The Pythagorean Theorem, Power of a Point Theorem
  • Statistic & Probability: Standard Deviation, Mean & Median & Mode & Range
  • Algebra: Ratio, Slope
  • Trigonometric: Trigonometric 
  • Arithmetic: Greatest Common Divisor & Least Common Multiple, Percent & Decimal & Fraction, Scientific Notation, Length Conversion, Area Conversion


  • Each type has detailed notes and examples explaining the knowledge points to help to learn
  • Easy to use, just select the template and enter the necessary values to get the answer
  • Completely free and can use it anytime
  • Covers common mathematical graphs and unit conversions
  • The relevant knowledge points involved are also explained in detail



Overall CameraMath Calculators can help most students to solve difficult problems. Although it may not be able to solve graphing problems for some of the higher-level students, its advantages are still enough to cover its disadvantages. As a completely free and easy-to-use calculator with detailed notes and examples to help students understand and use it, it is already a very powerful calculator. I hope that in the future it will cover many types of graphs so that it will be even better and help more students.

Radulovic Jovica
Radulovic Jovica

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