Who Is Roshtein: Is He a Real Winning Player? – 2024 Guide

The advanced technology brought many opportunities to the lives of people. We can now connect with people around the world with a couple of clicks. Logically, for something like that, you will need to have a stable Wi-Fi connection. However, communication is not the key benefit that we got from the Internet. The best advantage of all is the opportunity to make money in several different ways.

Which method you will choose depends on your interests and expectations. Some people use freelance platforms to earn some additional money and gain experience. On the other hand, some people are big supporters of entrepreneurship. Because of that, many of them decide on running e-commerce or dropshipping businesses. Still, both options require a specific set of skills. That is one of the reasons why people mostly use the third option and that is online gambling.

How to Improve Your Gambling Skills

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Indeed, gambling online requires a certain set of skills as well. You will need to work hard on your skill improvement until you become a pro. Fortunately, you have several different options to upgrade your gambling skills.

The first option you should use is reading different blogs and e-books about online gambling. Improving your theoretical knowledge about different games and strategies would be a smart move. Yet, applying the knowledge you have in theory to real life is the more complex part. Because of that, finding a mentor after going through different blogs and books is the next step you should make.

Finding a mentor is easier than ever before. As you probably know, many people use video content to gain popularity. Because of that, you can find many professional gamblers that are willing to share their knowledge with their audience. One of the names that we need to highlight in the gambling industry is Roshtein. People that have heard about him know very well how passionate he is about this field. Yet, people that are hearing about him for the first time deserve to know more about him.

Is Rothstein a Genius Businessman?

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Rothstein gained popularity of people thanks to an exciting and risky field. He regularly streams his live games in different online casinos. Believe it or not, after years of hard work, he managed to become a multimillionaire. Despite that, he truly is one of the most popular influencers in the online gambling industry. You can find many passionate gamblers following his work regularly.

Yet, just like any other successful person, some people simply don’t like him. Because of that, they will tell you that all of his games are fake and try to reduce his credibility to a minimum. On the other hand, the number of people that admire his work is a lot bigger. Original style and interesting content are the two main characteristics of his videos.

More Information about Roshtein

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The famous gambler is running a Twitch account for only 5 years. However, for only 5 years, he managed to gain more than 20.000 followers. You can also follow his work on YouTube, but the popularity on that channel is a bit lower. It seems that more and more streamers in the online world are deciding on the Twitch platform lately. However, both channels do not say a lot about the life of a professional gambler. More information about his personal life you can easily see on his Instagram account.

Everyone who is following Roshtein actively doesn’t know a lot about his private life. The first thing we know about him is his real name – Ishmael Swartz. It seems that he is from Sweden or he lived in Swede for a couple of years. However, when you look closer, his names tells us that he probably has a Jewish origin. Despite online gambling, traveling is his major passion. While traveling, he is constantly streaming and communicating with his fans of Twitch and Instagram. Many of them will tell you that he has a good sense of humor.

Why Is He So Successful?

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Becoming viral in today’s online world is tough because everyone who has a decent camera and stable Wi-Fi connection can stream. Because of that, Roshtein decided to get out of the box. As we said, the first video that appeared on Twitch was in 2015. Believe it or not, he managed to make 5000+900 euros in less than a half of an hour. We also need to highlight that his average yearly income is around 680 thousand dollars. The question is – how he became so successful?

First of all, you can see his effort to share only cool and interesting content. He uses every opportunity to learn something new about different gambling games. However, he is also trying to improve his video editing skills and make his video content more engaging.

There are three good reasons why he became so successful in the industry like this. As you know, many gamblers are using math principles to improve the results of their betting. It seems that Roshtein always finds the best possible gaming strategies while spinning slots. Despite good quality skills and knowledge, we need to highlight his charisma. A charismatic person is full of confidence which allows him to risk even when most of us would give up. In the end, we need to highlight that dose of luck is also one of the reasons why he is successful. However, when you see his skills, charisma, and approach to gambling, you will easily realize that he truly deserved to be a bit lucky. That is probably the message that he wants to send to all of his gambling followers.


We could analyze Roshtein’s games and strategies for days. However, some people still want to find out is Roshetin Fake or not and you can also learn more about that on casinobrand.com. We attached one of the articles that analyzed everything around him. You will also manage to see some of his biggest wins as well.