What Attracts Tourists to Spain?

First of all, its originality. This is a country that lives by its own traditions and values, independent of most European countries. Due to the hot climate, the resort is actively working and accepting tourists throughout the year, and the long sandy beaches are recognized as one of the cleanest in the world. In addition, unlike many tourist countries, Spain is safe and you can even travel alone; all regions are open to tourists, because the resort business is the main industry in the economy.

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Where to start if you want to visit Spain

You can open a Spanish tourist visa at any Spanish embassy or visa centers – similar institutions can be found in a number of large cities.

Spain is a progressive country, and therefore payment by card is available in almost all densely populated areas, but a little cash will not hurt anyone. But even if you do not exchange money for euros, this can be done in one of the many exchange offices in the resort.

Where exactly to go?

There are several main areas most frequently visited by tourists:

1. Andalusia – the beach heart of Spain. All main swimming areas are equipped with everything you need and are completely safe for outdoor activities.

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The total area of Andalusia is 87.597 sq. km. 15 % of its territory is located at altitudes over 1000 m above sea level. Mountain ranges and their location have a direct impact on the climate, hydrography, composition and soil erosion in the region.

The landscape of the autonomous region is determined by 3 main elements:

  • Sierra Morena – the natural northern border separating Andalusia from Meseta – plateaus in the central part of the Iberian Peninsula.
  • Cordillera Betica (Upper Andalusia). In this mountain system are the main peaks of the Iberian Peninsula. The height of the peaks of Mulhacén and Veleta in the Sierra Nevada(province of Granada) – 3.478 m and 3.392 m, respectively.
  • Lowland Betika (Lower Andalusia) – a plain that lies almost at sea level. The longest ( 657 km) river of Andalusia, Guadalquivir, flows along it, which flows into the Atlantic Ocean. A feature of the Guadalquivir delta is the presence of numerous swamps. This area is part of the Doñana National Park .

2. Catalonia – in addition to the above-mentioned beaches, excursion activities are more developed here, because in this area is the most famous and visited city of Spain – Barcelona.

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Thanks to the amazing combination of climatic and natural factors, Catalonia is the undisputed tourist leader in Spain. In summer, people rush to the sea and the sun, in winter they go to the mountains, where ski centers operate. If we add to this geography the famous Catalan Art Nouveau, the symbols of which were the architect Gaudí and his world-famous Sagrada Familia(Sagrada Familia) in Barcelona; monuments of ancient civilizations of Greece (Empuries) and Rome (Tarragona); one National and 11 natural parks of regional significance; friendly atmosphere and delicious food; the largest in Spain and the second in Europe Amusement Park; transport accessibility and a well-developed road network, it will turn out to be a paradise for tourists.

3. The islands of Mallorca and Ibiza – the entertainment citadel of Spain is open to tourists all year round.

4. Canary Islands. In the above areas, the beach season lasts from May to September (sometimes dragging on until October), while in the Canary Islands you can sunbathe and swim without fear of hypothermia, even in winter, and mild climatic conditions will relieve acclimatization common among suspicious tourists.

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In September, the climate of the Canary Islands is considered the best for visiting beaches, the water warms up to 24 ° C and does not fall below 20 ° C. In the Canary Islands, you can find a variety of landscapes, when the mountainous terrain gradually turns into a plain, which significantly affects the climate, where weather changes are keenly felt on the islands of the archipelago, which have the highest altitude.

The Canary Islands are 450 km long across the Atlantic, and when the sun shines brightly in one part of the archipelago, warm tropical rain falls in the other. The peculiarity of the climate is that this area is constantly under the influence of high atmospheric pressure, which provides a relatively small amount of precipitation and many sunny days. The Canary Islands are located at the latitude of the Tropic of Cancer, which is the most beneficial for human health.

The islands of the archipelago have a dry and moderately hot climate, tropical trade winds, and its softness is determined by the ocean. Scientists from the Department of Meteorology of the American University Penn State University and specialists from the American Space Agency NASA, after conducting research around the planet for the best climatic conditions, determined that it is the Canary Islands that have the best climate on Earth.

Despite the mild climate compared to other southern neighbors, it should still be taken into account that the peak of heat falls in July and August – these months are intended for sunbathing on the beach, but not for excursions and long walks.

Spain is one of the friendliest countries for tourists to visit. Long, clean equipped beaches, developed infrastructure and a focus on tourist influx will allow everyone, if they have financial opportunities, to easily get everything they want from a vacation.

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