4 Best VPN for PS4 in 2024

If you have gaming in your blood and you are kind of mad about it, then you know that a VPN for your PS4 can put your passion on another level. Thanks to VPN, you’ll be able to get the best out of your console, and this is what all of us strive for. We’ll use this article to discuss the best VPN for PS4 in 2024. The best part about VPN is that it can get you closer to your favorite games even before they’re available in your region. Let’s see which virtual private networks can prevent your PS4 from lagging while giving you faster in-game speed, and approach to games from the other areas.

1. NordVPN

img source: nordcdn.com

If you are seeking excellence, this is the network you need. Its main traits are consistent service and speed that’s measured as being above-average. Gamers who opt for this option receive access to almost 5.500 servers that are located in 62 countries. This network is spread across the world, which guarantees you unlimited gameplay and different digital content from all corners of our planet.

The company that provides this network is based in Panama. With close ties to the United States of America, it puts a lot of effort into security and safety, and thus you’ll find 256-bit AES encryption, followed by multiple protocols. Other additions include and are not limited to split tunneling, kill switch, and DNS leak protection. What NordVPN, in terms of security, should protect you from malicious attacks.

If you are not convinced of this, you should check their Double VPN technology. With this, your web traffic received double protection, which comes in handy while you’re browsing the net. Users who have experience with this network rarely switch as privacy is what NordVPN values. Furthermore, this company values the money of its customers. So, if you are not satisfied with their services, you can have your money back within thirty days as a part of their 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

2. ExpressVPN

img source: imgix.net

If you are looking for the best option for your PS4, this might just be it. The servers that support ExpressVPN are fast as sunbeams, which does wonders for your console. Besides, they put a lot of effort into privacy, which is something that all players are glad to hear. Furthermore, it’s easy to set up due to high compatibility with various types of routers.

If you are an owner of a PS4 console, this provider is going to please you. They pride in having fantastic customer service, fast servers, and above all, secure encryption. Same as the option above, they offer a thirty-day money-back guarantee. ExpressVPN has servers in almost one hundred countries, which enables you to connect to most of the foreign servers. By now, you must know that this way, you can buy games that are out in other countries but not in yours, avoid censorship, and unblocking geo-restricted services.

One of the best parts of this VPN is that you can buy it pre-installed on a router, which makes the installation super easy. Also, it’s not limited only to your PS4, but you can use it on an additional five devices. This provider will also gift you with a smart DNS service, free of charge.

3. CyberGhost

img source: vpnveteran.com

If you want for your Play Station 4 to be not only a gaming console but a multi-media outlet, then CyberGhost is for you. Its encryption is like something spec ops would use, as it offers you to stroll through the web unnoticed and under shadows. With this provider, all the traffic from your console is incoming, or outgoing will be masked. CyberGhost comes from Romania, and it gained popularity after showing the world that it can unblock streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Its number of servers is staggering, and it currently counts up to 6.400 servers. This gives you access to content from all over the world without limitations.

With this provider, you would never have issues throttle bandwidth when playing online games. What this means for passionate gamers is that there won’t be almost any lag, lowered ping time, and efficient hop from server to server. Another thing you’re going to love is that this provider’s interface is user-friendly. This is what makes it ideal for new users, but also convenient for those who used the VPN before. On their website, you can find various information regarding their product, which is another thing most users find helping and makes them love this provider. Their guarantee on refund is also 45 days, which puts them above the competition.

4. Private Internet Access

As the name suggests, this option is one of the most secure VPS’s to sue on PS4. It gained its reputation from being able to protect the privacy of its users. They’ve managed this by installing a strict no-logging policy, providing top-end speed, and continually adding fantastic security features. In this group, PIA is the only provider based in the US.

While there are fears that they do not protect privacy as they claim, this was proven as the fact that they do in the court, leaving all doubts in the past. Compared to some other providers on this list, they are a little slower but feature they have offer value for money. The one option we would love to single out is the possibility of 10 simultaneous connections.

Furthermore, they are equipped with great encryption, and ideal privacy features. This VPN is known for its ability to unblock highly sought content such as Netflix. In recent times PIA even increased the money-back day limit from seven days to thirty days, which was one of their most significant flaws. So, even in a case, you can’t get over the humps of their small drawback; you can always exit with your money intact.


This is our list of best VPN’s for PS4. If you are not satisfied with our selection, you can always look for another opinion, with one waiting if you click here. All in all, you are free to select whichever VPN you like for your PS4, these are just our suggestions.