What Makes a Good Video Maker for Small-to-Medium Businesses – 2024 Guide

If you’re a small-to-medium scale enterprise, you possess a minimal advertising budget. However, you cannot forgo releasing video ads as your marketing strategy. Failure to promote on social media equates to failure. Remember, your fiercest competitors are actively enticing your clients. Thus, you must rely on an online video maker to curate stunning content for your profiles. You can learn more about this tool here.

Keep in mind; technological innovations leveled the playing field. Now, you no longer have to rely on expensive traditional media for promotions. Instead, take matters into your own hands and use an online video editor to create compelling content. Hence, captivate your target audience on social media by showing them what your brand is all about. Continue reading this short primer to find out what an online video maker can do for your business.

The Perks of Using an Online Video Maker to Boost Your Brand

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Back in the day, small-to-medium scale enterprises found it difficult to compete with large conglomerates and companies. After all, they had more capital to spend on advertising. However, the advent of social media gives a platform for your voice without breaking the bank.

Today, over 5 billion people have access to a mobile device. Noteworthy, the device contains at least two social media apps that people check throughout the day. Leverage these outstanding figures to help sell your products and services. Thankfully, an online video maker helps you create stunning ads that convert. Here are its primary advantages:

1. Saving Resources

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The major benefit of an online video maker is saving your limited resources. You don’t have to hire expensive videographers for your projects. With an online editor, it’s as if you have a whole design team backing you up. Now, you can create many videos for social media without stress. Remember, you don’t need design expertise to create videos that wow your audience. With the right tools, you can make various videos to promote your businesses.

2. Free and Affordable Tiers

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Most of all, the majority of online video editors offer free versions. This means you can try them out to see which fits your needs. Should you need more features, you can pay the tiered rates for a Business or Professional level. Don’t worry as these rates are very affordable.

3. Works With Any Device

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Another advantage of an online video maker is it works with any device. You can use it on a cloud with your desktop, laptop, tablet, or cellphone. An online or cloud-based version is the best because it means you can work anytime, anywhere with internet access. There’s no need to worry about buying an expensive editing machine or paying for pricey software. Cloud saving also means you conserve your gadget memory.

4. Easy User Interface

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Finally, the best online video editors come with a very easy-to-use interface. You can use it even if you don’t have editing experience. The easy-to-navigate dashboard and toolbar assure you can create videos in a matter of minutes. Just pick your favorite template and add embellishments. With a click of your mouse, add effects, transitions, words, music, and more. Thus, the simplicity of this tool guarantees that anyone can create stunning video works of art.


Top 3 Online Video Making Apps to Try

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You will find many online video maker apps today, but they are not created the same. Though all video editors help you create videos, they come with various quirks. Usually, they possess different package rates. Some, you have to download instead of using via the cloud. They also offer varying features and specs.

Thus, to help you narrow down your list, take a look at the top 3 video editors today. They help you create stunning videos that generate leads, expand your brand’s reach, and boost sales. These three examples embody what makes a good online video maker.

1. Promo.com

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This editor holds the top position as it lives up to its brand name. Indeed, this is a great ally to promote your business. It lets you create various projects like video ads, narratives, how-tos, demos, MTVs, slide shows, and even simple picture collages. Hence, with this at your disposal, you can create videos and print ads.

Most importantly, you can enjoy a free version that doesn’t have any Promo watermarks. If you want access to more features, you can upgrade the account. They have a premium or business level that doesn’t cost a lot. If you need help using the tool, there’s 24/7 live chat and video tutorials. This video maker allows you to enjoy the following:

  • Stock photos to fill in gaps
  • Many premium video clips
  • Pre-designed themed templates
  • Extensive copyright-free music
  • Cool animations
  • Various fonts
  • Transitions and effects
  • Multiple-format accessibility

2. Ripl

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If you want your business to make Ripples on social media, the Ripl video maker is the perfect solution. You can leverage the ripple effect of communication and effectively spread your message to a wider base. The only caveat is its free use is limited. Afterward, you have to pay a steep price to keep using it. However, this video maker gives you access to thousands of templates.

Moreover, it permits customization. You can add your own brand logo, colors, and fonts to make your brand’s personality shine. Those who pay for features will also enjoy the following perks:

  • Access to analytics to see and evaluate how your content performs.
  • Provides a scheduler for easy posting and publishing during the best times.
  • Comes with an easy-user interface that paves the way for easy sharing across all platforms with a click.

3. Adobe Spark

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You can certainly spark joy among your followers and leads with this online video maker. Create stunning ads, graphics, and videos that make an impact. You can use this with your PC or mobile device.

Furthermore, it gives access to various clips, photos, fonts, templates, and effects. You can also add music, voice-overs, and sound effects. However, this tool comes with several disadvantages, which are:

  • Very pricey
  • Gadget requirements
  • Steep learning curve

Final Word

In summary, technology helps your small-to-medium scale business thrive in a cutthroat market. With an online video maker, there’s no reason why you cannot keep up with larger competitors. Use the easy drag and drop function to make stunning videos that boost brand awareness.