Benefits of Using Strip Lashes Over Eyelash Extensions

There are a variety of ways in which one can enhance their lashes. Sometimes it’s hard to decide the pros and cons over a decision especially when it comes to makeup and beauty magnifiers, with so many different ways of looking pretty and glamorous it’s hard to choose the best and safest decision for yourself.

Every girl nowadays wants to look like the famous Kim Kardashian who has got drop-dead gorgeous lashes and is forever trending in the fashion industry. Girls want to have long lashes but they still want to feel the lightest, like they are not wearing anything extra.

Girls who want to have long lashes should know that there are only two best possible ways to extend your eyelashes. One of them is by using strip lashes and the second one is to use eyelash extensions; both of these ways are extremely popular and the best solution to add volume to your lashes. Before making any decision, you need to look at what the process actually looks like and most importantly what are the benefits and drawbacks of both these procedures.

Strip Lashes


The very first question arises is what are strip lashes? The answer to this is that strip lashes are a pre-made band of lashes that are applied with removable glue. They are applied on the upper eyelashes. Strip lashes are used for the purpose of enhancing your overall look and giving more volume to your lashes. These lashes can be applied each day but they should be taken out at the end of the day.

Women usually wear these strip lashes to attend any sort of occasion and women who are highly obsessed over these strip lashes can get them permanently applied from beauty clinics and parlors. Temporary lashes are not something to be slept in, they have to be taken off by the end of the evening before going to bed.

These strip lashes can last as long as twelve hours after every application and they can be applied multiple times for up to 30 times per pair for some high quality lashes. That implies a lash pair could basically last for the entire month.

It all depends on usage and how you take care of it. Strip lashes are made of different materials like human hairs or synthetic fibers. The top-notch and good quality strip lashes can last longer and certainly gives you a more than satisfying look.

Different Types of Strip Lashes


You can find different types of strip lashes that can give you a normal or more voluminous look. The type of strip lashes that are available in the market include; Rounded Lashes, Flared Lashes, Voluminous Lashes, Stacking Lashes, 3-dimensional Lashes (3D), Faux Mink Lashes, Crisscross, Cluster, Natural, Dramatic, Glamourous and last but not the least Soft Glam Lashes.

All of these lash types are trending and clients can get them customized according to their preferences. The most trendy, luscious and value for money strip lashes are Ashley Kennedy Lashes. They are reliable and can be applied very easily. However, you need to take proper care of these lashes by removing them properly and storing them back in the case.

Can Strip Lashes affect your Natural Lashes


Yes, they can but it depends all on the type of the lashes you’re applying and how you’re applying it. As you all know, strip lashes are applied with the help of a glue that sometimes comes with the eyelashes or you can buy it separately.

It is the glue that can affect your natural eyelashes the most. The cheap strip eyelashes have a glue that contains a lot of chemicals that can harm your eyes. This is why we recommend you to use high-quality strip lashes if you don’t want to ruin your natural eyelashes.

Eyelash Extensions


On the other hand, the second option for thicker lashes is the extensions. These are used for the same purpose but they are attached to your natural eyelashes with the help of a semi-permanent glue which can only be done in a beauty salon or parlor. They are applied only by lash artists as it is technically impossible to apply them on your own.

Just like strip lashes, they are also made up of different materials like synthetic faux mink or silk fibers. Unlike the temporary strip lashes, these are semi-temporary and last longer if compared.

These lash extensions can last for a minimum of 6 weeks depending upon the quality of the extensions and the salon you have applied it from. These lashes will automatically shed after your natural lashes start to grow which takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks. It is advised that eyelash extensions should only be used if your eyelashes are thick and healthy enough to hold the burden of these fake lashes.


We can say that both these lashes are the best option for you if you’re looking to extend your eyelashes to add more volume to your eyelashes. However, there are many benefits of using strip lashes over eyelash extensions as they are much more convenient and can be applied easily on a daily basis.

Strip lashes are way cheaper and more affordable than extended lashes, even though we have to buy them again and again they are still less costly as compared to the expenses of beauty clinic appointments and then purchasing extra products such as lash conditioner, lash brushes, lash serums, and so many other products just to maintain the 6-week program.

Eyelash extensions are more time consuming to apply, no one wants to spend their free time in salons and not living their life, while strip lashes can easily be applied even at home in 2 minutes before going out to your event.

So, keeping all the factors in view it is clear that strip lashes are the best option available for you if you are looking to give your natural lashes a fuller, longer and luscious look.

Marina Livaja
Marina Livaja

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