What Are the Uses of Electroplating in Day-To-Day Life? – 2024 Guide

The industry is constantly improving by implementing the most recent discoveries related to technology. The 3D printers are especially beneficial since they can create various products with much better precision. On the other side, the process called electroplating is one of the most important discoveries for almost every industry. We can find examples of electroplating in every product that has some metal parts.

In the process of electroplating, the machine is using electricity to apply metal to another surface. If you need a service from a company experienced in electroplating and electroforming, visit Custom Microwave. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some examples of common products that were produced with the process of electroplating.


With the expansion of manufactures during the 20th century, people started to develop various types of machines and molds for different objects. The electroplating allowed them to produce all sorts of products, which brought an increased number of interesting shapes and sizes. Today, we can find all sorts of decorations for our homes or lawns. For example, metal frames for pictures, wall clocks, garnish for your backyard, and much more.


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Besides the decoration, this process allowed jewelers to create unique pieces of jewelry. Also, they can combine various metals and gems to improve the appearance of it. Moreover, electroplating is a cheaper solution for these products and the main reason why we can find a wide selection of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other products for an affordable price.

Protective Barriers

This process represents the only way to apply iron or stainless steel to other surfaces. Also, producers are using chromium or nickel as protection against corrosion. It is essential for the manufacture of various parts in the airplane industry, automotive industry, production of watches, or parts that we can find in our homes, like vents, pipes, and more. Also, the nickel is excellent for the reduction of friction and it can help these parts to last for much longer.

Production of Modern Devices

Electroplating is an essential part of modern industries that are manufacturing digital technologies like smartphones, TVs, speakers, and other devices. The microchips that are attached to metal surfaces are plated with gold or silver, and the only way to combine them with cheaper metal is with this process. It allows products to create cheaper products since gold is very expensive.

Increased Quality

Another benefit is related to the quality of different metal products made with this process. For example, you can protect various parts from corrosion and expand their lifespan. When it comes to decoration, you can make it appear more elegant and shiny for a longer time. Even the cutlery that was made with electroplating appears luxurious and can last for decades. Moreover, it is harder to damage or scratch these objects.

Improved Thickness

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As we already mentioned, this method is great for improving the quality of metal products. Also, you can increase their thickness as well, without affecting the quality. That is especially important in the construction of large structures like buildings, bridges, or airplanes, and many other objects.

Protection from Radiation

You can use this method to apply various metals on surfaces to improve their features. For example, electroplating is very important for the structures like nuclear plants since we can use it to apply High-Z steel, stainless steel, or gold. Manufacturers are using these materials in the production of satellites and spacecraft as well since they provide these objects with the ability to survive the pressure of the atmosphere while taking off.

Car Industry

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As you can see, there are all sorts of products related to the automotive industry that can be produced only with electroplating. The customization of vehicles is very popular today, and we can find various products like rims, spoilers, and other parts with high-quality materials like aluminum or carbon, and these materials are applied with this method.

Main Advantages

Besides the improved appearance and better protection against corrosion, you can provide various surfaces with improved resistance against heat as well. That is very important for engines and parts of machines where the temperatures are very high. Therefore, it helps people to save more money by having high-quality products that can serve for a long time. The most common metals used in this process are silver, gold, and nickel. Silver is a great conductor of electricity, but the main issue is its high price, which is the reason why we are using copper for the electro installations. On the other hand, the main feature of gold is its high resistance to corrosion and oxidation.

Benefits of Electroplating Services

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There are many reasons to choose this method for various parts of your home and backyard. For example, the fence will be much stable with it. Also, you can hire a professional to make a garage aside from your house or to repair some metal object. High-quality metal pillars can be a much better base for some objects than concrete. However, be sure to choose a well-known and reliable service with experts who have a lot of experience in metal plating. That is especially important for finishing parts where they will have to abrade and remove visible signs of plating.

Last Words

As you can see, almost every device that you own is made with this method, and the great thing about that is that it can serve you for a longer time with fewer chances of malfunction or any sort of damage. Another great thing is that you can buy a machine for electroplating and create some objects by yourself. However, be sure to learn more about the process and get some experience from experts since it can be dangerous for people who don’t know how to operate with electroplating devices and electrodes. The interesting thing about this method is that even artists are using it today since they could create unique metal objects with it. That is especially popular in modern art since they can experiment more and create extraordinary installations.